Jean Harlow

Jean Harlow was born in Metal Pig - Hsin Hai Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

One of the biggest sex symbols of the 1930s was Harlean Harlow Carpenter, born March 3, 1911 in Kansas City, Missouri. Jean Harlow was signed by Howard Hughes in Hell?€™s Angels in 1930 followed by a grouping of unsuccessful films. She signed with MGM in 1932 and became the star in Red Dust 1932, Dinner at Eight in 1933, Reckless in 1935 and Suzy in 1936. Harlow became one of the best known movie stars in the world by the end of the 1930s and was nicknamed the Blonde Bombshell. Harlow starred in Platinum Blonde in 1931, Three Wise Girls in 1932 and The Beast of the City in 1932. Her acting was highly criticized but she was a favorite of movie goers. Harlow worked for MGM and her screen roles improved due to her looks and comedic acting. She starred in Red-Headed Woman in 1932 and with Clark Gable in Red Dust. Harlow went on to work with Gable in six more films including Hold Your Man in 1933. Also in 1933 Harlow played in Diner at Eight and Bombshell. Harlow ranked fourth at the box office in 1933 and continued to watcher star rise. In 1936 Harlow starred in Suzy with Cary Grant, Riffraff in 1936 with Spencer Tracy and Libeled Lady in 1936 again with Spencer Tracy. Her final fully completed film was Personal Property with Robert Taylor and on the publicity tour Harlow contracted influenza. Harlow?€™s final film Saratoga with Clark Gable started filming in 1937, but she developed septicemia after a wisdom tooth extraction. She went seriously downhill after this and was terribly ill. On June 6 Harlow was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital and she slipped into a coma. She died on July 7, 1937. She was only 26. Jean Harlow was married three times. Charles Fremont McGrew and Harlow married in 1927 until they were divorced in 1930. She married Pal Bern in 1932 until his death in 1932. She married Harold Rosson on September 13, 1933 and they split up on March 11, 1934.
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