Ginger Rogers

Ginger Rogers was born in Metal Pig - Hsin Hai Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Originally born as Virginia Katherine McMath, ?Ä?Feathers?Ä? or Ginger Rogers was born on July 16, 1911 in Independence, Missouri. At the age of 14 (1925) Ginger entered a Charleston contest and a contract to work. She performed in vaudeville acts until she was 17 and then discovered acting. Ginger was in the Broadway production of Top Speed in 1929 and her fist film was in A Night in a Dormitory in 1930. Later in 1930 Ginger appeared in A Day of a Man of Affairs in 1929 and Campus Sweethearts in 1930. In 1931 she was featured in Office Blues and The Tip-Off in 1931. The public began to love Ginger when she played in Gold Diggers of 1933 in 1933. She popularized the song We?Äôre in the Money. Dick Powell and Ginger Rogers starred in Twenty Million Sweethearts in 1934. Ginger finally paired up with Fred Astaire in 1933?Äôs Flying Down to Rio, in Roberta and Top Hat in 1935. She appeared in Bachelor Mother in 1939 and 5th Ave Girl in 1939. Ginger won an Oscar for her portrayal in Kitty Foyle (1940). Ginger?Äôs last film was in Harlow in 1965. She did continue to appear on Broadway. In 1984 she retired from dancing and acting and wrote an autobiography called Ginger, My Story. She died on April 25, 1995 in California. She was 83. Ginger was married to Jack Pepper from 1929 until 1931, Lew Ayres from 1934 to 1940, and Jack Briggs from 1943 to 1949. She married Jacques Bergerac in 1953 and divorced him in 1947. Ginger then married William Marshall in 1961 but divorced him in 1969.
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