Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg was born in Metal Pig - Hsin Hai Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Known for his rap and pop music to his acting and film career, Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg born on June 5, 1971 is also a model and producer. In his early years he was known as Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. He moved into acting and his portfolio includes Boogie Nights in 1997, Three Kings in 1999, The Perfect Storm in 2000, Planet of the Apes in 2001, Rock Star in 2001, The Italian Job in 2003, The Departed in 2006, The Fighter in 2012 and Lone Survivor in 2013. He has been nominated one time for an Oscar. As a producer Wahlberg has produced Entourage, Boardwalk Empire and How to Make It in America. Wahlberg was born in Boston and went to Copley Square High School; he never graduated. Wahlberg earned his high school diploma in 2013. By the time Wahlberg was 13 he was addicted to cocaine and he had troubles with the Boson police at least 20 times. He was charged with attempted murder after beating two Vietnamese men with a large stick and was sentenced to two years in the state prison. Prison turned Wahlberg around and he began his music career with Good Vibrations. Wildside peaked at number 5 on the hot singles chart and You Gotta Believe was not successful, but Life in the Streets did better. He moved into advertising and was an underwear model for Calvin Klein. He went on to make a fitness video The Marky Mark Workout: Form?€¦Focus?€¦Fitness. 2012 was the launch for Marked his line of sports nutrition supplements. His film career came in The Substitute in 1993. He then worked with Danny DeVito in Renaissance Man. He was in The Basketball Diaries in 1995 and in the 1996 thriller Fear. He has earned acclaim for I Heart Huckabees and the American football drama Invincible. He learned to shoot accurately for his role in Shooter. He was in The Lovely Bones and in 2007 he starred with Joaquin Phoenix in We Own the Night. Wahlberg is set to be in the fourth installment of the Transformers. Wahlberg established the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation in 2001 and is active with The Good Shepherd Center for Homeless Women and Children. He is married Rhea Durham (2009). They have four children.
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