Stephane Audran

Stephane Audran was born in Water Monkey - Jen Shen Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Stephane Audran aka Colette Suzanne Dacheville born on November 8, 1932. Born in France Audran began acting in film at an early age. The actress was high recognized for her performances in Le charme discret de la bourgeoisie in 1972 plus Babette?€™s Feast in 1987. Her first major film role was in her husband?€™s Claude Chabrol?€™s film Les Cousins in 1959. She appears in most of Chabrol?€™s films. Audran won the Silver Bear for Best Actress at the 18th Berlin International Film Festival for her part in Les Biches. Audran?€™s childhood was filled with renal colic pain and colibaillosis. He mother continually hovered over her with hot water packs and thermal baths. Acting was not the profession embraced by her mother. Audran?€™s efforts in the acting field were not applauded by her mother. Audran appeared in Eric Rohmer?€™s Signe du Lion and Jean Delannoy?€™s La Peau e Torpedo. Audran acted in American films, The Black Bird in 1975 and was in the TV serial Brideshead Revisited in 1981, Mistral?€™s Daughter in 1984 and The Sun Also Rises in 1984. She was in the 1974 film And Then There Were None. In 1978 Audran won the French Cesar Award for Best Supporting Actress for Violette Noziere. She also won the British Film Academy award for Just Before Nightfall in 1975. In 1992 Audran filmed her last movie with her husband Claude Chabrol, Betty. Her character was killed in the movie and Audran believed this was an omen for her life with Chabrol. They divorced shortly after this movie was made. Audran has an icy unemotional acting style and often plays adulterous women. She is known by the mole on her cheek and is often cast as characters with the name Helene. Audran has been married two times. One to actor Jean-Louis Trintignant, who had an affair with Brigit Bardo. Her second marriage was to Claude Chabrol. They have one child and divorced in 1980.
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