Cary Grant

Cary Grant was born in Water Rabbit - Kuei Mao Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Archibald Alexander Leach was born on January 18, 1904 in the UK and became an American citizen in 1942. He is known for his debonair demeanor and awesome good looks. He is one of Hollywood?s classic leading men. He has been named the second greatest male star of all time by the American Film Institute. He played dramatic and comedic roles and was loved in The Awful Truth in 1937, Bringing up Baby in 1938, Gunga Din in 1939, The Philadelphia Story in 1940 and Charade in 1963 plus many more films. He was nominated for an academy award two times but never received the honor for his acting. However in 1970 he was presented with an Honorary Oscar by Frank Sinatra for his mastery of the art of acting. Young Grant appeared in musicals on Broadway under the name Archie Leach. He moved to Hollywood in 1931 and was told to change his name. He chose Cary Grant since the initial s C and G seemed to bring luck for Clark Gable and Gary Cooper. Mae West chose Grant for her leading man in She Done Him Wrong and I?m No Angel in 1933. In 1937 he starred in The Awful Truth. He began being cast as a romantic light comedy lead and for almost 30 years Cary Grant was one of Hollywood?s top box?office draws. Alfred Hitchcock loved Grant and cast him in Notorious, To Catch a Thief and North by Northwest (1959). Grant?s production company Granart Productions produced in 1964. His last feature film was Walk, Don?t Run in 1966. Operation Petticoat, Indiscreet, That Touch of Mink and Father Goose Grant was married five times. Grant was married to Virginia Cherrill in 1934, Barbara Hutton until 1945 (one of the richest women in the world), Betsy Drake on December 25, 1949 and ended in 1962 and Dyan Cannon in 1965 until 1968. They had one daughter. Grant married Barbara Harris in1981 and they remained married until his death. Grant was working on his one-man show A Conversation with Cary Grant when he underwent a cerebral hemorrhage. Cary Grant died at the age of 82 on November 29, 1986.
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