Mike Myers

Mike Myers was born in Water Rabbit - Kuei Mao Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Michael Stanley Myers was born in Arlington Heights, Illinois on June 26, 1969. Myers is a left handed Major League Baseball pitcher. He also played in the minor leagues for six seasons and was used as a starting pitcher for the Charlotte Knights and Toledo Mud Hens. Originally Myers was tagged by the San Francisco Giants in the 1990 major league baseball draft. He never played for the Giants and was drafted by the Florida Marlins in 1992. He pitched his first game on April 25, 1995 and it was a scoreless game. His next team was the Florida Marlins, but the Detroit Tigers took him in trade. He was traded by the Tigers to the Milwaukee Brewers and in 1999 the Brewers traded him to the Colorado Rockies. In the 2002 the Colorado Rockies forged a trade with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Myers next signed as a free agent with the Seattle Mariners. This was supposed to be for the 2004 season but he was released. He signed with the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2004-05 season but was traded to the Red Sox before the 2005 season. He signed with the New York Yankees and then with the Chicago White Sox. With all these trades and little playing time, Myers was hired as an assistant to the head of Major League Baseball Players Association Donald Fehr. Myers is a submarine pitcher and throws the ball with his arm below his shoulder. He throws sidearm and learned to pitch different breaking balls with deceptive movements. He has appeared in 60 games during every year and is a primary left-handed relief specialist.
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