Jean Paul Belmondo

Jean Paul Belmondo was born in Water Rooster - Kuei Yu Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Born April, 9, 1933 to French Sculptor Paul Belmondo, in Neuilly-du-Siene, Haut-de-Siene, France Jean-Paul Belmondo is a well-known as an actor, boxer, director and producer. His first role was Breathless in 1960 and he became a major figure in the French New Wave. He acted in Leon Morin, Priest in 1961 and The Hangman in 1963. Belmondo acted in comedies and action films. Critics claim his greatest performance was in Stravinsky in 1975. Belmondo suffered a stroke in 2001 and did not appear on the screen or stage until 2009 in Un Homme et son chien (A Man and His Dog. He was made Knight of the Ordre National de Merite in 1986 and was promoted to Commandeer in 1994. In 2010 the Los Angeles Film Critics Association awarded Belmond with a career achievement award. Belmondo is co-owner of Stressa, an Italian restaurant on the rue Chambiges behind the Plaza Athena Hotel in Paris. He was a business partner of French mogul Rene Chateau. Belmondo married Elodie Constantin in 1953 and they had three children. Jean-Paul?€™s son, Paul Belmondo is a Formula One driver. In 1966 Belmondo and Elodie divorced due to Belmondo?€™s affair with Ursula Andress. In 2002 Belmondo, at the age of 69 married Nathalie Tardivel. They had one child and divorced in 2008. In 1989 Jean-Paul Belmondo won the Best Actor (Cesar) award for Itnerire d?€™un enfant gate. He is known for his inimitable smile, performs all his own stunts and combines action with comedy. He was chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Start in film history in 1995.
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