Michael Caine

Michael Caine was born in Water Rooster - Kuei Yu Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Maurice Micklewhite was born in London on March 14, 1933. He was the progeny of a charlady and a fish market porter. At 15 he left school, joined the British army and served in Korea. After the Korean War he worked as an assistant stage manager. Maurice adopted the name of Caine and changed his name from Maurice to Michael. Caine worked in more than 100 television dramas and repertory companies in England. He finally hit the stage in The Long and the Short and the Tall. Caine found international success in Zulu (1964). He played the role of Harry Palmer in The Ipcress File in 1965 and the title role in Alfie in 1966. Michael Cane starred in Gambit in 1966, Play Dirty in 1969, Battle of Britain in 1969 and Get Carter in 1971. He was awesome in The Man Who Would Be King in 1975 and as a German colonel in The Eagle Has Landed in 1976. He won an Oscar for Hannah and Her Sisters in 1986. His second Oscar came from The Cider House Rules in 1999. Recently Caine has starred in The Dark Knight Rises, 2012, The Dark Knight in 2008 and Batman Begins in 2005. You can Michael in Interstellar (November, 2014) and The Secret Service (2014). Caine was married to Patricia Haines form 1955 to 1958. They have one child. He is currently married to Shakira Caine (1973) and they have one child. His trademarks include his spectacles, cockney accent and his height (6?€™2?€?). You will often see Caine in mentor and father figure parts.
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