Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot was born in Wood Dog - Chia Hsu Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Born on September 28, 1934 in Paris, France, Brigitte Bardot was the daughter of an engineer and a mother who encouraged her to take up dancing and music. When Brigitte was 15 she was modeling and was featured in Elle. Brigitte had incredible beauty and was inspired to try acting. In1952 Brigitte appeared in Crazy for Love as Javotte Lemoine. She had two more films and then married Roger Vadim. Unfortunately they divorced five years later. Brigitte moved to American films and was in Act of Love in 1953 with Kirk Douglas. She took the U.S. by storm and it was awesome. Brigitte?€™s films drove men into theaters. In 1965 she appeared as herself in Dear Brigitte with James Stewart. At the age of 39 Brigitte made The Edifying and Joyous Story of Colinot (1973) and then retired from films. She did not like fans entering her house or paparazzi hounding her with cameras. She became a leading spokesperson for animal rights and started Foundation Brigitte Bardot for Animals. It is little known that Brigitte is a breast cancer survivor, a vegetarian and once castrated a donkey. She was also charged with racial hatred by publishing her book A Cry in Silence or Un cri dans le silence that expressed worries about French infiltration by extremists from Islamic countries. She was fined EUR 5,000 rather than a prison sentence (2004). Brigitte was married to Roger Vadim from 1952 until their divorce in 1957. She married Jacques Charrier in 1959 and they divorced in 1962. They had one child. She married Gunter Sachs in 1966 and they divorced in 1969. She is currently married to Bernard d?€™Ormale (1992).
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