Anatole France

Anatole France was born in Wood Dragon - Chia Chen Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Anatole France or Jacques Anatole Thibault born in 1844 and died in 1924 received his education at the College Stanislas in Paris. He held many different positions but always wrote. As an assistant librarian at the senate in 1876 to 1890 France wrote many short stories and worked on novels. France wrote in the French classicism style and was known for its urbane skepticism and hedonism. His feelings about life appears in his work Le jardin d?€™Epicure (1985). In 1881 France gained success with Le Crime de Sylvestre Bonnard and received a prize from the Academie Francaise. In 1885 France published Le Lilvre de mon ami or My Friend?€™s Book which is almost autobiographical. He was the literary critic of the Le Temps (newspaper) and his reviews were collected in four volumes. He wrote historical fiction that reads of past civilizations and the period of transition from paganism into Christianity is one of his favorite themes. France went on to write novels that answered his opinion on social questions. His later awesome works include a biography of Joan of Arc in 1908, The Gods are Athirst in 1928 and The Revolt of the Angels in 1914. Most of his works can be found in twenty-five volumes published between 1924 and 1935. He was married to Emma Laprevotte from 1920 to 1924 and Valerie Guerin de Sauville from 1877 until 1983.
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