Graham Greene

Graham Greene was born in Wood Dragon - Chia Chen Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Henry Graham Green used his writing talents to explore the political and moral issues of his generation. He was noted for the ability to combine solemn issues with popularity. Born on October 2, 1904 in Berkhamsted England, Green uses many Catholic themes in his writings. Brighton Rock, The Power and the Glory, The Heart of the Matter and the End of the Affair are religious in orientation. His international politics and espionage novels include The Quiet American, Our Man in Havana, The Confidential Agent, The Third Man and The Human Factor. Green was diagnosed with bipolar disorder which effected his writings and personal life. He was an awesome writer and kept his determination to write for entertainment and knowledge. His correspondence with Vivien Dayrell-Browning to correct with his Catholic ideas brought him to Catholicism and marriage to Vivien in 1927. They had two children, but in 1948 separated amicably. Greene wrote short stories and play sand his first play The Living Room in 1953 was followed by The Heart of the Matter that was awarded the 1948 James Tait Black Memorial Prize. Many of his plays and short stories were adapted into film and television. Brighton Rock in 1947 and 2011, The End of the Affair in 1955, and 1999 and The Quiet American in 1958 and 2002 were some of his adaptations. A Gun for Sale was filmed five times under different titles. He received an Academy Award nomination for The Fallen Idol in 1948. Greene was widely traveled and in 1935 he produced Journey Without Maps from Liberia. A 1938 trip to Mexico produce The Lawless Roads and The Power and the Glory. Green left Britain in 1966 and moved to Antibes to be close to Yvonne Celletta. One of his final works The Dark Side of Nice in 1982 was about judicial and police corruption in Nice, France. He was indicted for libel but was vindicated in 1994 after his burial when the earlier mayor of Nice, Jacques Medecin was jailed for corruption. His last years were spend in Vevey in Switzerland. He died at the age of 86 of leukemia.
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