Francoise Sagan

Francoise Sagan was born in Wood Pig - Yi Hai Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

When Francoise Sagan was only a teenager she wrote her first novel Bonjour Tristesse (1954). She writes with strong romantic themes that always involve wealthy and disillusioned characters. She was born on June 21, 1935 under the name Francoise Quoirez. She gained her fame as a playwright, screenwriter and novelist. Sagan spent most of her early childhood surrounded by animals. She always had this passion. He father was a company director and her mother a wealthy landowner. Sagan did not like school and consequently did not graduate. Sagan?Äôs novels feature characters similar to J.D. Salinger and his Catcher in the Rye novel. Sagan wrote dozens of writings and many of these have been turned into film. She concentrated on play writing in the 1960s but they were not well received. She moved to writing novels. Sagan married Guy Schoeller in 1958. Her husband was 20 years older and they divorced in 1960. She married Bob Westhof in 1962. Westhof was an American playboy and ceramicist. They divorced in 1963 right after the son Denis was born. She had a lesbian relationship with Peggy Roche and Annick Geille. Sagan traveled in the U.S. with Ava Gardner and Truman Capote. Sagan was embroiled in an accident caused a coma for a long time. Her Aston-Martin was totaled. In the 1990s Sagan was convicted of cocaine possession. She was addicted to a number of different drugs during her life. He used prescription pills, amphetamines, morphine, alcohol and cocaine. She had poor health in the 2002 and was unable to attend her tax fraud trial. She died of a pulmonary embolism in Calvados on September 24, 2004. She was 69. Sagan was hailed as a brilliant and sensitive writer.
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