George S Patton

George S Patton was born in Wood Rooster - Yi Yu Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Born on November 11, 11885, George Smith Patton Jr. was best known for his commanded of the Seventh United States Army and the Third United States Army in the European Theater of WWII. He was born to a wealthy family with all-embracing military history. He attended the Virginia Military Institute and the U.S. Military Academy at West Pont. He was in the 1912 Olympic Modern Pentathlon and designed the M1919 ?€?Patton Saber.?€? He saw combat during the Poncho Villa Expedition in 1916 which was America?€™s first military action using vehicles. Patton joined the Tank Corps and saw action in WWI. He was wounded near the end of the war and remained a central figure in the development of armored warfare. He commanded the U.S. 2nd Armored Division when the U.S. entered WWII. Patton invaded Casablanca during Operation Torch in 1942 and commanded the Seventh Army during the invasion of Sicily. He was censored for slapping two shell-shocked soldiers and was removed from battlefield command. He returned to command the Third Army following Normandy in 1944 and he led a successful armored drive across France. He led the relief of U.S. troops at Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge and moved his army into Nazi Germany. He was the military governor of Bavaria but was relieved due to statements on denazification. He was a hard commander and drove his troops to the limit of their endurance. His greatness as a commander was overshadows by his pubic statements which were against the Soviet Union. He knew how to inspire his troops with vulgarity ad he had stern emphasis on aggressive offensive action. The Hollywood film Patton, transformed him into a hero. Patton died in a car accident near Mannheim Germany and died in the hospital on December 21, 1945. His memoirs War as I Knew It was released in 1947. He married Beatrice Ayer in 1910.
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