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The Unpretentious Aquarian Dog Personality. Free Personality Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Aquarius made with combination of the Chinese Astrology for Aquarius born during the Dog Year: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030

One of the main advantages of knowing an Aquarian Dog personality is their mastery of the art of listening. They acquire this ability in varying degrees from the Chinese astrological representation of the Dog in the 12-year ancient horoscopes. The affectionate and considerate character of these animals greatly compliments the friendly Aquarius personality. Ancient astrology in China depicted Dogs as being honest, very faithful, attentive and excellent companions. A person whose birthday lies in the Year of the Dog benefits from all these sought-out qualities in their character composition.

The Aquarian Dog's charisma and playful spirit are plentiful, but he or she does have a serious and very responsible side to them. They are hard workers who take life a little too seriously at times, and need to be coaxed into having some fun from time to time. Although they enjoy company they are at their most relaxed when among close family or friends. An Aquarian Dog is not generally a showy person, so social events often prompt shyness. They do not really enjoy being in the spotlight, and are considered the quietest and least demanding of Aquarians.

The sensible, down to earth Chinese Dog imprint on the Aquarian independent, rebellious nature molds into a balanced individual. These people born in 5-year durations are unpretentious in all their contacts with others. They find it extremely hard to lie, as they consider not telling the truth as ethically wrong. The Aquarian Dog person has high moral standards that he will defend rigorously. Although they dislike confrontations, they are willing to argue their case if they know they are right. They always feel better after getting their point across. This trait and their frequent over-honesty can make them appear argumentative, but they do not strive to be so. The Aquarian Dog is a wonderful listener who will always be prepared to listen to all sides of any debate.

Relationships with the Aquarian Dog personality will be harmonious if those around them share their love of cleanliness. These Dog-guided individuals can be quite obsessive about having their surroundings just as they like them. They like to know where things are and prefer spacious, clean and mostly functional habitats. Anyone thinking about an intimate relationship with an Aquarian Dog should ideally share their need for an organized home. This similar viewpoint will help these personalities feel settled and at ease, evoking their most favorable characteristics.

If you treat an Aquarian Dog unfairly you will provoke their emotive temper, revealing one of their weaknesses. They can be greatly hurt and may slip into depression if those they trust let them down. Although not usually outwardly emotional, they take betrayals of loyalty really badly. Once they have experienced such an exhibition of disloyalty, they often take a long time to recover. Like their animal in Chinese astrology, these affectionate, conscientious, and very open and honest people expect to be treated the same as they treat others. The Aquarian in them reinforces the hate of any sort of injustice.

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Comments: Aquarius Dog Horoscope

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Aquarius Metal Dog 2023-11-30 23:20:42
It's amazing how these horoscopes seem tailor made to fit me. It's almost scary accurate. It is incredibly difficult to find someone who can match my level of honestly and loyalty. I managed and 18 year run with a Capricorn but it was like she held back the lies and betrayals until she just couldn't any more. When the dam broke the relationship was wiped away in an instant. I can never wrap my mind around why people cannot be honest and true to their word. It just seems so natural to me. I've been looking for an even more compatible partner and I think I'll let these horoscopes play a part in my next choice and hope for the best.
Libra horse 2021-08-08 22:19:21
Get yourself an Aquarius dog....... Met one 13 years ago. I was attracted to him and we found each other doing things together. Together for 3 years - don't remember how we broke up, me being scared of commitment, I felt like maybe I shouldn't introduce him to my parents....because they are strict. I was selfish and immature, too. Within 10 years, dating other signs, Aries whatever, taurus I don't care, toxic gemini rooster blah blah - these relationships were bad - my last relationship I felt actually like a mad-women and was completely broken.... One day, I ran into aqua dog again, I remembered all the things I didn't like about him that where things I was so proud of him always. I showed him that not to be desperate, but I genuinely wanted him to know that. I left. He was still loyal towards me, things felt the same, felt a little different, like he needed something from me....I am not a selfish women, able to commit, show a lot of care and love towards people...I am not emotional but for the seek of the post, I am in my feelings, I wanted to cry. DAMN, being with him, the healing from my bad relationship, I could feel it. I actually feel committed for once. He is intense and kind, and says things that make me think and feel like he is so smart and caring... omg compatibly is attraction is HIGH. I dislike him for a few things and love him for everything.
(PS, I can't believe people are posting about their dogs as pet here. You people are not that stupid, right🤔.
Blaine 2018-11-02 12:39:48
My dog is so much fun, I love her and her hororscope is spot on. She listens to everything I say and she never interupts me!
Mistic meg 2018-01-23 19:30:27
What is wrong here - this is for people not DOGs
or have I lost the plot -
Z 2017-05-17 05:07:24
Literally the only horoscope that's ever been accurate. So glad it's western and Chinese elements combined, the MOST accurate you can get, without making things fantastical or a vague hit-or-miss.
Zaber 2015-08-13 06:16:27
I like the comments more than the scope
Jen 2015-06-11 17:38:26
I have to believe all those who think this is referring to their pet dog - must be joking..
carol 2015-03-11 05:05:40
My dog Oliver is so sweet, very loyal, very quiet except if someone comes towards his owner! Very loving. Very alpha male. Licks his pee pee after he goes, and licks his
Feet before he goes to sleep. Loves to listen. Very smart. Supposedly yorkie/poodle mix.I am a Libra and so in love.smiling...
Prkrome 2015-02-18 19:39:09
This isn't for literal dogs people. It's for people born in the year of the dog and are Aquarius. I was born in late January 1982 and this isn't very accurate nonetheless.
Eric Shun 2016-06-05 07:32:46
I think it is for dogs because no one is silly enough to beleive that all people born in late January 1982 are the same.
DOGGY 2014-11-17 13:34:41
hahah you are re.... this is not your dogs horoscope its of a human xD of an aquarius who was born in the year of the dog like myself xD I can't believe this haha
Banjo 2014-11-05 03:05:48
My dog Trooper was born on February and like your article says he is a dog, but everything else is wrong. He is very friendly outgoing and he licks his weenie after he pees. Does that seem serious to you? He also digs holes and chews my shoes. Is that cool?
Stephanie 2014-10-17 04:51:11
Thank you for the western and eastern astrology mix!!! I'm dying over the actual "dogs " born under the Aquarius sign comments!!!!
dora hejt 2014-12-20 12:18:12
everything is me from the core 🙂 those who say this is not them, they need change. i was completely opposite before but now i'm awakened and i've met myself just like my horoscope describes me, no matter what horoscope 😄 i'm typical aquarius dog

Rudi 2014-10-08 07:43:11
I don't know yet. I just made the acquaintance of a dog GC. It is still too early to know more now, but what I read here seems to be right. Very interesting. I don't know what the future will bring, because I am a Dragon, and Dog is the only sign I have to be aware of. But I love that woman deeply. We'll see what future brings.
nalini 2014-07-15 13:03:44
Very useful information! My dog was born on 5Th February,2005 and I love him to death!
vivienne brimson 2014-06-30 17:22:30
Exactly like my Aquarian border collie Badger I so enjoyed reading this.

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