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Aquarius - Pig
The Vivacious Aquarian Pig Personality

Anyone born at the time of the Chinese Year of the Pig is believed to gain the possession of a well rounded personality. Ancient astrology describes the Pig as a very good natured, extremely loveable and most generous personality. Aquarians whose births occur in these years acquire the Pig's unavoidably genial character. This is a real asset for them as it brings a little more light heartedness and a tad less seriousness to their natures. The Aquarian Pig character is generally patient, kind, thoughtful and trustworthy but also lots of fun. Aquarian Pig's thrive on giving but sometimes may forget about themselves. These personalities much prefer to be givers rather than receivers.

The Aquarian Pig will have an easygoing attitude in all areas of life but it tends to be a sensible one too. When Aquarian intelligence and originality mix with the high spirited characteristics of this animal it produces calm but fun loving people. The Aquarian Pig personality makes a great friend and lover as they are highly supportive and really appreciate and respect others. The Pig influence often creates people who love their home environments and family. This dampens a little of the usual Aquarian feeling of needing to be free of restrictions. Aquarian Pig's are usually known for settling down in a close relationship quite early in life.

As the Aquarian Pig is a naturally hard working and helpful person they are ideal people to have in the work place. They tend to be sometimes seen as too soft but their kindness and understanding and are the reason others turn to for them for honest advice. When the Aquarian Pig personality makes friends they intend it to be a lifelong friendship. They are now and again hugely disappointed by others who are not as committed as them to 100%loyalty. The combination of Aquarius and the Pig brings about characters that are optimistic in life so they soon bounce back from emotional set backs.

The Aquarius Pig persona is a bit of a dreamer when involved in romantic relationships and provides a passionate and considerate partner. They adore talking and consider it very important to communicate well in close friendships. Where money and possessions are concerned these personalities are happy with just enough. If they find themselves with more than they need their generous streak will kick in. Their expressive and big hearted nature and quick wit bestow them the best of parenting and nurturing skills. So family life with the Aquarian Pig should be a pleasure.

In Chinese Astrology the Pig is listed to be the last animal chosen for the 60 year horoscope cycle. This may have been because he or she wanted to finish their meal first. Pigs are well known for being extremely fond of their food and this can be a little blemish on their characters. The Western Aquarian inclusion in this personality type is believed to quell this rumored weakness so it is not usually seen in these people. However their superstubbornnes sometimes may hold them back.

jade 2016-01-31 05:55:06
I think most of that is true but I think I don't have confidence

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Ka't 2015-06-03 12:44:09
I guess that's where the term 'pig out' comes from  :)

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Suzanne 2015-02-13 21:36:47
My husband is an Aquarius Pig. He does tend to be a giver, but he's not social. He will eat anything, but he doesn't eat often. He's loyal and tender with a sometimes raunchy sense of humor.

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Mike 2016-06-01 07:30:14
I am a Pig Aquarius and I am the same way :P

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Rach 2016-09-16 06:42:13
Me too.

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RAS 2015-01-21 17:20:12
my ex-partner is an aquarian pig and very few statements are true here.......he was very very selfish and self absorbed, greedy and likes food and not a very good communicater, but boy did he love food!!

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Sand 2016-01-08 18:16:16
I totally agreed wi what u write!

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UFo 2014-12-26 08:20:26
I like to think of myself as a typical aquarius pig. But friends and relatives may disagree.

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Shante 2014-10-19 07:36:49
My mother is an aquarius pig. Some of the statements are true but, she isn't generous nor lovable. She's quite selfish. And man... can she eat!!

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