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The Sophisticated Aquarius Rabbit Personality. Free Personality Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Aquarius made with combination of the Chinese Astrology for Aquarius born during the Rabbit Year: 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023

Those Aquarians that are born throughout the Chinese astrological Year of the Rabbit gain many qualities of sophistication. A person with the Aquarius Rabbit personality is usually brimming with style in all areas of their character. Everything they say and do will be conducted with a certain degree of stylish manner. The Chinese astrology concepts regard the Rabbit as wise and keen, so when this is coupled with typical Aquarian traits it generally produces these highly fashionable personas. At their best, the Aquarian Rabbit will be calm and collected, but at their worst they can be sneaky or a little obsessive in their nature.

The Aquarian water-bearers strengths of friendship are often intensified when paired with the Rabbit. Their natural creativity and love of knowledge-seeking are also heightened when these two astrology character indicators combine. Although this personality welcomes companionship of all kinds, they also like quiet moments to themselves occasionally too. These characters are excellent listeners, like the Rabbit they are wise and cautious, treading carefully when confronted with life's usual ups and downs. The Aquarian Rabbit rarely loses his temper, avoiding confrontations of any kind. In Chinese astrology, this specific animal is portrayed as the peacemaker among any group of individuals having a disagreement.

A special ability to calm situations with their charm and common sense blesses the Aquarian Rabbit. These are good personalities to include in any work or personal relationships requiring a calming, good organizational influence. These people will not want to lead or follow, but are very efficient at being a valuable part of any team effort. These stabilizing and peace-keeping skills they possess can be initiated in any circumstances that demand it, and work especially well in family life. Despite typically taking their time to start long-term relationships, the Aquarian Rabbit will take it very seriously when he or she does commit.

Probably the most redeeming characteristic of someone arriving in the Year of the Rabbit is their refinement. The Aquarian Rabbit is very elegant and graceful, as their original Aquarian disposition emphasizes their attraction. These classy personalities will often stand out in a crowd, for they seem to naturally choose the right outfit for the occasion. Their adoration of the arts, culture and anything beautiful inspires them to experiment with new and different styles. They are also fantastic advisers on color schemes and home decor.

Both Aquarians and Rabbits value their independence rather highly and this similarity can be a weak spot in these particular personality types. There is nothing wrong with valuing your independence in most areas of life. However, in close relationships the Aquarian Rabbit may feel trapped into conformity. These strong, self-reliant people may have to work hard at intense personal unions and realize that sometimes it is best to trust others’ judgments and opinions, too. As the Aquarian Rabbit character matures, it learns to curb its freedom-seeking and prepare to compromise a little more. Once settled, their independent tendencies may decline somewhat, but do not disappear entirely.

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Kurt 2018-07-05 22:39:10
I've met two Aquarius rabbit women in the past and both were bitchy, stuck-up jerks. There was hardly anything "sophisticated" about them. This will sound pompous but both were judgmental, condescending, emotionless robots with basic tastes. Very politically correct too. I know two people don't represent the entire sign, but man did those two make a really bad impression of this combo.
Feo 2019-06-17 11:29:34
Couldn’t agree more with Kurt . I have had recent dealings with an Aquarian / Rabbit woman , and have come to this site to try and make sense of it. Thanks Kurt you got it in a nutshell. I have to add heartless and stupid/clever into the mix also
Jane 2018-10-01 10:57:00
Thanks. You just described me. You should write a book.
bonnie1 2017-05-15 03:56:27
How would this work with a female pisces snake ?
Hahahel 2018-03-04 04:43:28
40 0ut of 50 when paired with a libra fire dragon - not bad Bonnie.
Ben 2017-12-12 18:02:23
my wife is pisces Snake so yeah not too bad
Jack 2017-05-06 09:08:11
Being a Sagittarius Water Monkey these 2 signs together would fit my personality perfectly 🙂 I hope I'm able to find a amazing women like this someday.
Jay 2017-07-09 05:45:09
Where do you get the Water part of Sagittarius Water Monkey? I'm just wondering since I'd like to know mine. 🙂 Thank you.
Marcy 2017-01-17 20:37:09
This depicts my personality traits very well.
Steve 2016-03-21 16:19:04
Although I'm Aquarius Goat I was born during the hours of the Rabbit so believe I exhibit the characteristics of Aquarius Rabbit too. My ascendant is Sagittarius so Sagittarius Goat and Rabbit are true for me too. I believe Sun, Moon and Rising signs can be paired with the animal year of someone's birth and their rising animal sign too. If you don't know how to find yours look for Theodora Lau's book. Or simply remember that the hours of the Rat are from 11pm to 1am, hours of Ox are from 1am to 3am etc so it's easy to work out without buying the book. Also bear in mind the BST / GMT considerations, if the sign that comes up for you is not correct, try the sign before or after. For example, I was born at 4:40am which is just about within the hours of the Tiger, however I know that's not right so I must be Rabbit Rising! (hours are from 5am to 7am). Hope my observations are useful 🙂
Mike 2016-02-18 21:32:43
Aquarius fire rabbit (female) is it compatible with Cancer wood ox (male)?
JD 2015-10-16 23:59:44
This is insane, I am an Aquarius Rabbit and this is the best personality description I have ever seen for myself. Not one part of this is false. I also have checked other family members and it is pretty spot on as well. What a wonderful tool to use in life.
Joy 2015-06-09 12:48:46
This describes me very well.
yohanes 2015-01-31 00:30:37
What is suitable birthstone or kinds of crystals eg: rough green phantom crystal quartz probably to increase my prosperity in money, business and health?!

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