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Aquarius - Rat
The Curious Aquarian Rat Personality

An Aquarian born under the Chinese Year of the Rat typically develops a most friendly and naturally inquisitive nature. Like the animal that represents their sign in Chinese Astrology they are industrious and sharp in their intellect. While the typical traits of Aquarius, dreamy but creative and kind, are retained, the animalistic leadership qualities of the Rat often shine through. This agreeable personality combination in a person can be very beneficial in all areas of life. The Aquarian Rat makes a loyal and honest companion or lover and is a good choice for the need of a reliable worker.

The typical Aquarius sun sign indicates that the person will be a strong individual who likes to do things their own way. In a person born during the Year of the Rat this independent trait will still be present but it will also include the Rat's natural love of the family. This will bring some calming stability to the sometimes contrary personality and produce the most balanced of individuals. As the western astrological sign for Aquarius is the water bearer this can sometimes dilute the effect of the Rat's moderating influence. In these circumstances the Aquarian Rat personality may be one that may be rather stubborn and grumpy at times.

Rat people are extremely loving in the right environments and are the best people to share your problems with. The Aquarian Rat is the ideal confidante as they really hate any kind of betrayal of confidences. If you need advice without judgment and want to be sure of it not going any further then these personalities can be perfect advisors. You will very rarely spot an Aquarian Rat not doing anything. They are always on the go and encouraging others to do the same. This can make these people great as team leaders or motivators and gives them plenty of energy for personal relationships.

Setting and achieving personal ambitions is a predominant characteristic of the Aquarian Rat. This personality type is extraordinarily hardworking and will almost always be an ample provider. As a partner, work colleague or friend, even with their ambitious streak, they tend to value people far above finances. These people are quick witted and intelligent but easily hurt by any exhibition of disloyalty, however small or insignificant it may seem to others. This is one of the few Aquarian Rat's weaknesses among his many enterprising strengths.

his stubbornness and occasional aloofness he tries his best to manage it. This tiresome weakness only often materilises when the Aquarian Rat personality is over tired, distracted or particularly stressed. Rat Aquarian's find it hard to relax so discovering effective ways to unwind usually helps. The greatest partners and friends of the Aquarian Rat will be those who can persuade them to take time out once in a while. By deciding on the best methods for optimum relaxation these personality types can reduce their weaknesses to a minimum. This resting advice will ensure that their strengths do not over power them and annoy others.

Family Sucks 2017-06-23 18:47:38
I have a insanely amount of disgust for this type of RAT! The description for this sign is way off. My mothers mother is this type but she was a whore. 12 kids including my mother and all my aunts and uncles grew up in a foster home each with different fathers and ethnicity . She to this day is about 80 some years old with HIV with no legacy or nothing.

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Deb Atkinson 2015-02-19 21:34:29
Right on with everything.

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