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Aquarius - Rooster
The Extrovert Aquarian Rooster Personality

When an Aquarian is born in the cycle of the Rooster according to Chinese Astrology he is said to inherit the traits of this creature. The Rooster has a distinctive red comb like plume that is believed by the ancient Chinese to warn off bad spirits. When this astrological belief is entwined with the Aquarian sun sign it is thought to intensify the intuitiveness of the bestowed person. When this entwinement is with this particular set of birth dates it generates naturally lucky people with very sharp instinctive minds and highly sociable personalities. The flamboyant nature of the Rooster adorns these particular Aquarians with the best dress sense of any Aquarian.

Being an Aquarian Rooster makes these personalities a very confident Aquarian not at all afraid to express themselves. The originality and need to be different in these Rooster influenced Aquarius people is at its peak. They are able to easily articulate their inner identity for all to see. Aquarius is not generally noted for making good choices when it comes to dressing for the occasion. Their style is usually seen as quirky, too loud or wrong for their body shape. With the stylish Rooster in their astrological make up these characters have a helping hand.

If you ask an Aquarian Rooster for their opinion on something they will not just tell you want they think you want to hear. These personalities are honest to the point of bluntness but try to give useful advice. They are proud people prone to be boastful but their hearts are in the right place. With people that are important to them the Aquarian Rooster character will be loyal and dependable. In relationships they are one of the most romantic of Aquarians although they may be prone to be a little too flirtatious. They bring lots into a relationship and persevere to keep it fresh and exciting but are deeply wounded and unforgiving by betrayal.

The Aquarian Rooster is the perfect party host as they are at their happiest when surrounded by lots of people. Their classy ideas, presentation chic and welcoming nature are ideal attributes for socialising. However these Aquarian Roosters are often highly strung and liable to suffer from stress if they try to take on too much. Any partner will have the task of reminding them of their limits even though they think they do not have any. These Aquarians can be too proud to admit that they only have the same physical endurance as everyone else.

This extrovert personality of the Aquarian Rooster is not always the best to have around. When they are feeling positive they radiate their happiness among others but when they are feeling down their personality can change. A defect sometimes appearing in these Rooster influenced people is their bluntness and bossiness. The typical Aquarian unpredictability and aloofness may surface if they are unhappy, overtaking their usual cheery disposition. It is during these times that the Aquarian Rooster will value his or her network of friends and remember their support.

Jayne 2016-07-02 01:00:25
me to a t!

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bryan 2016-04-04 17:41:34
this is so true i am a rooster aquarian

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Jenn 2016-02-01 09:28:45
Spot on!

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Ali 2015-06-23 01:14:47
Very very accurate

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dj 2015-05-26 11:39:16
Idk man my uncle is an Aquarius rooster and he wears black t-shirts and jeans. He's very practical and does not care at all how he looks and "flamboyant" is an adjective that wouldn't dare approach him. The bluntness and trying to give good advice and heart in the right place part are all true, and I guess he was the type of teenager to have long hair in the 80's so I guess he did make some statements with his appearance...

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