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Aries - Monkey
The Talkative Aries Monkey Personality

Chinese Astrology's description of the Monkey is of a fun, highly sociable, clever, witty and lively personality. This creature's character influence is believed to have an effect on all the personalities of people born in their astrological years. For a Western Astrology Aries sign the Monkey presence adds humor and sociability traits to these people's character's. An Aries Monkey will have the enthusiasm and efficiency of Aries and the humorous talkativeness of the Monkey. This makes these personalities very good at expressing themselves and this really helps them achieve success in many areas of life.

An Aries Monkey is an energetic person who is for the most part usually cheerful and light in spirit. They like challenges and variety and will often choose careers that will offer this. As these are intelligent personalities with good communication skills they are capable of doing almost any job. The Aries Monkey individual is polite and helpful and has a high respect for rules and regulations. They can be trusted with big responsibilities and are often able to work long or irregular hours quite easily. This versatility is another reason why they tend to be quite successful in all they do. It makes them immensely adaptable and able to cope with a wide range of circumstances and many different types of people.

The talkative side of the Aries Monkey Personality is probably the first thing you will notice. They love communicating with everyone and if they are not talking constantly it usually means that they are asleep. Their communicative and expressive nature makes it hard to ignore the Aries Monkey. They are not intentionally attention seekers but they can come across as such. Those that know them well will be accustomed to their ways and worry about them when they go quiet. These Aries also have a great sense of humor that they incorporate into their repartee that makes others naturally feel at ease.

Aries Monkey's are cooperative and friendly and their personalities are a fine mixture of convivial and sensible. These people can get along famously with most others without a problem as they are not usually overly sensitive or particularly judgmental. In relationships the Aries Monkey can be a little demanding of your time and attention but they will give you plenty of theirs in return. It will normally be an extremely equal give and take partnership as these individual's have a generous, kind and sharing nature. They can be prone to a little jealousy but this only happens if they are unsure of the other persons level of commitment.

The only real fault with the Aries Monkey personality is that they truly loathe solitude and their own company. When alone these characters can get depressed and withdrawn rather quickly. They like and seem to need the reassurance of the closeness and sound of others around them. With all their nice characteristics this tiny weakness only affects the Aries Monkey himself. Although those that love and care for them should probably make a special effort to keep in regular contact.

JUSTINE 2015-04-09 16:41:38

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Glo Manuel 2015-01-13 01:47:34
I'm an aries-monkey myself. I'm good at expressing myself yeah. But I chose not to. Well, my INTJ personality reigns.

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Soso-death 2014-09-01 07:14:47
I am a Libra Horse and I have fallen for a Aries Monkey. He is actually amazing. For one, he has such a easy-going personality that I just adore. We are good friends... I think... I think I want to marry this man.

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Kelly 2015-02-19 05:07:17
My sis is a aires Monkey and I am a libra horse. We were very close growing up! We were like Thelma and Louise. Now we both have kids so we don't see each other as much.

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soso-death 2015-03-02 11:00:15
Aww sad you don't see each other anymore. But your comment made my day!!! We treat each other very good... I think Libra Horses and Aries Monkeys get on very well. I enjoy hearing about it...

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