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The Energetic Aries Tiger Personality

The personality of the typical Aries Tiger is presumed to be extremely active and full of fun like the strong charismatic animal that influences it. In Chinese Astrology being born in the Year of the Tiger is considered very lucky. This is as the personality is believed to gain the Tiger's strength of character and good fortune in life. Aries, the Western astrological sign, is typically enthusiastic and brave. So the Aries Tiger individual is usually a bold, friendly, energetic and charming person who is astrologically destined to do well in life.

An Aries Tiger never seems to be still for a moment, they are personalities full of vitality and appear to have lots more energy than anyone else. This is only really a problem if they are not kept constantly entertained with a variety of things to do. The Aries Tiger gets bored quickly and will then become restless and irritable. These people often like to utilize their excess vigor to help others where they can. Many of these Aries will prefer work where they are frequently on the move and not sat for long periods of time. Their charisma and friendliness helps them harmonize well with other people in any kind of work environment.

As well as being intensely spirited and cheerful the Aries Tiger is an agreeable, loving and considerate personality. They tend to look for soul mates early in their lives rather than later. Many Aries Tiger's will get attached young as they crave the affection and attention gained from one to one relationships. They will seek partners with whom they can be best friends with besides lovers. These individual's usually make good solid emotional bonds and their personal relationships are generally successful. This is often regardless of the age they decide to commit fully and settle down with a special someone.

In work and play the Aries Tiger takes advantage of his endless stream of energy and labors hard and enjoys energetic pastimes. These personalities are capable of most types of job as they learn new skills fairly fast. They are versatile people who are quick to adapt, sociable and great at organizing. These particular character traits come in useful when the Aries Tiger is either socializing with friends or playing sports in their free time. They enjoy challenges even when they are supposed to be relaxing, but also occasionally love to simply watch a movie or read an interesting book.

The amiable Aries Tiger personality does have a couple of weaknesses that can interfere with their usual chirpy attitude. Their restlessness is the predominant one but generally causes little more than irritability. The other weakness is a tendency to be irresponsible and this can generate some problems on occasion. Even though they have seemingly tireless personalities the Aries Tiger can sometimes over exert themselves and become stressed as a result. They can then take on a careless outlook and do things they would not normally do. Looking at and managing stress levels is one way to keep this weakness in check.

Dana 2014-08-22 20:37:28
Aires tiger and aires rabbit are mixed up (: want aires rabbit go to aires tiger.

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David 2014-06-29 17:52:08
^^^Aries rabbit?

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