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The Impartial Cancerian Dog Personality

Like the represented Dog, a Cancerian born in their Chinese astrological year is thought to be lavished with their compassionate and naturally faithful nature. This is an especially favorable set of characteristics to acquire and compliments nicely the sensitive Cancer personality. An Cancerian Dog personality is a pleasure to have around and will often carry with them their positive friendly aura. The Cancerian Dog individual will settle well in most environments and relationships as long as he feels loved and wanted. These personalities thrive on being fair and so usually treat others how they themselves like to be treated.

Running through the Cancerian Dog character is a generous helping of fairness that relates to his gift of much compassion. The Cancerian Dog's devoted and emotionally tuned in personality can see all sides of an argument and so usually all reasons for people's grievances. This ability often gains these people a reputation for being very fair in their approach to everything. They hate unfairness and are not known to suffer it quietly often making a big fuss if they think they or their acquaintances are being unfairly behaved towards.

In relationships with other adults the influence of the Dog in these Cancerians may make them a little instinctively cautious. At the beginning of close personal courtships the Cancerian Dog is never quite relaxed. They can be a little shy at first and may need coaxing into relaxing before they start to feel comfortable and at ease. This is partly due to the Dog's always on guard stance and the underlying insecurities of the typical Cancerian. People with this combined Western and Chinese Astrology composition may take some convincing before they decide to commit. Their careful guarded attitude towards long term serious relationships sees many of them dating for quite a while before eventually settling down.

Cancerian Dogs are remarkable judges of character and appear to have a natural sense towards people that are kind. These people are good listeners who are typically non judgmental and will give you an impartial hearing and practical advice. The Cancerian Dog person's personality is ideally suited to caring or advisory careers, they also make fantastic and capable parents. Their all round versatility and great ability to do many things at once makes these personalities popular and never short of friends. Their bubbly outlook and sense of adventure is rather infectious making these personalities nice to be with. They value friendship and loyalty deeply and often this is the main thing they will search for in a potential partner.

Cancerian Dog is a wonderful character, generally happy and eager to please but he or she is not without weaknesses. These personalities can be known to be obstinate, moody and over demanding. These Cancerian Dog traits are usually only displayed during periods of anxiety and worry. If these people have something worrying them their usual cheery temperament will often suffer. They should also take care to not let others take advantage of their extremely loyal nature and fierce defense of injustice.

FR 2015-01-17 17:30:13
A friend of mine is a cancer dog. She appears friendly, cheery. Cares about her social life. I noticed she is compulsive liar-- she repeatedly tell white lies to make herself sound good with her peers. She exaggerates and makes up stories. I repeatedly claim credits that are not done by her. I realized she is a talker than a doer. I dont know if I should trust her because of her dishonesty. I don't know how she is in her love relationship, so no comment there.

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YH 2014-12-24 00:28:51
My bro in law is a cancer dog.he is very selvis,very demanding, very bosy,and like to choose a very litle as he can of any responsibilities. He doesn't want to get settling down only because he won't take any of rensposibility. In his life, nothing else matter but his social life. He is a very annoying person for his family.

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Jennifer 2014-12-13 06:14:04
I am a cancer dog and i have dated a Scorpio dragon for the last 3 years and it is the hardest relationship I have ever encountered. I worship him and he thinks I am the complete opposite of who I really am. he is severly skeptical and charming and sharp tongued. he is extremely cunning and manipulating and hard to tie down. he needs to be free to wander and be flashy and be praised and be in charge. he requires acceptance and validation from his peers because he is very insecure and jealousy rules him. money is the most important thing to this man while love is the most important thing to us. love will keep us and hold us together. he will unravel without financial reassurance. love is merely an idea for this person. for us this is necessary for our very survival. good luck. I know I need it.

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Farheen 2014-10-19 21:07:47
It is as I'm but these days having trouble with my hubby who is scorpion dragon help me out of it

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GD 2014-08-29 09:25:58
Same here  :)

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Philippa 2014-08-17 13:51:12
I can't quite believe how crazily accurate this is.

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JP 2014-08-04 21:26:39
That's me alright.  :)

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Jace 2014-07-16 14:24:46
This is bang on. This is me.  :)

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