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Cancer - Dragon
The Perceptive Cancerian Dragon Personality

When the Western sun sign of Cancer combines with the Chinese astrological Dragon it is said to create very intuitive individuals. This is due to the presence of the strong perceptive traits mentioned in both translations of personality predictions. The Cancerian when born in the Year of the Dragon is believed to capture an enhanced amount of these intuition assets. It coats him with a highly observant nature that is very connected to the thoughts and feelings of others. These people think and feel in depth and because of the Dragon in the mix they keep their emotions in check. They seem to have the balance just right being neither over nor under emotional.

The Cancerian Dragon personality is idealistic but able to delve into their imaginations at the drop of a hat. They are versatile characters who love to please and assist others with their problems. They are sharp and compassionate of mind and enjoy putting their skillful foresight to good use. Having a Cancerian Dragon as a friend you will never be short of meaningful sensitive advice or a shoulder to cry on. The Cancerian Dragon as a lover is just as supportive but their devoted support of others too much of the time can cause issues. These personalities rarely commit to a mate early in life as their quests to help others leave them little free time.

In Chinese mythology the appearance of the Dragon was known to also signify the arrival of good fortune. A Cancerian Dragon person with his extra perception is well equipped to take advantage of this luck aspect. Their ability to sense lucky opportunities is excellent and these particular Cancerian's also have the confidence to grasp them. These characters are honest, responsive, attentive and direct and they have high tolerance levels. When they do enter into a close relationship or parenthood they take great pride in their responsibilities. They will be good providers who will be extremely protective of their partners, families and homes.

If a Cancerian Dragon decides he or she wants something then they will utilize their charming personality into action. These personalities use all their bodies to communicate sometimes needing no words at all. Their magnetic persona is often felt as soon as they enter a room and they never have a shortage of admirers. They are quite ambitious but do not like to be tied to only one life path. The Cancerian Dragon favors variety and soon becomes bored with not enough stimulation. Any potential close companion will need to be spontaneous in nature and still allow these Dragon's their free spiritedness.

Such a colorful and adaptable personality as the Cancerian Dragon has few weaknesses to his temperament. He may be unnecessarily stubborn, impatient or tactless sometimes but is soon forgiven as these are always behaviors of short duration. It is just the Cancerian Dragon's way of letting off steam to avoid burn out. These personalities need to learn to pace themselves better. If they achieve this they frequently are more successful in life

SlitheringTwins 2015-02-27 15:11:43
Dated a cancer dragon and now friends with one. Caring and adventurous, but too sensitive to my harsh Gemini words. Have to engage what little patience I'm capable of to continue good relations. Cancers: don't date Gemini and vice versa.

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ann 2015-02-02 09:19:29
I am too! but some people miss understand being with a dragon cancer! Coz as I noticed in my self Im so sensitive and hurt easily! Bcoz of that I easily get angry! Til now still strying to calm down my self and trying to see life to its deepest means!!

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vicki 2015-01-07 00:48:13
My boyfriend is a cancer/ dragon. Biggest as**ole on this planet. I'm leaving it.

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Sebass 2015-01-22 16:19:46
Some dragons become corrupted and their nature turns bad just forget him

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tatia 2014-12-29 20:55:47
wow  :)))

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Diego 2014-11-06 18:59:26
Wow that's amazing!! I am too and it funny how you mention how you feel about this. I agree!

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Marvin 2014-07-08 03:09:26
im a cancer dragon, but why cant i get a job ?

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Kanaka2010 2014-06-28 03:49:39
I am a cancer dragon and its crazy how accurate this is. Ive had moments in life where I just knew, didnt know how, but just knew that if I cast out one more time, or decided not to go for that drive, or pick that one lucky number, something good/bad could happen and I decide. Its also true that I get bored when im not being challanged enough or if I learn something quickly. There are times where I might be uoset with you but give me some space and ill come around. I love creativeness and smarts. I have many hobbies and could be considered a collector of hobbies.

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