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The Freespirited Cancerian Horse Personality

People born at the time of the Chinese Year of the Horse are assumed to display some of the characteristics of the animal. Their strength, cleverness and free spirit is believed to be apportioned on an individual and influence their personality. The Cancerian Horse in particular benefits from these touches of vitality to their character. Cancerians are known to be a little too sensitive so the inclusion of the more placid Horse brings some composure to these personalities. The Cancerian Horse still retains his or her dreamy imagination but without the usual sometimes hindering restraints of timidity.

The ancient Chinese regarded the Horse as a stabilizing creature in Astrological terms who delivered balance to all those arriving in their designated years. The Cancerian Horse personality is thought to consist of all the good natured qualities of the Cancer sign with some added emotional stamina. This slight reduction in sensitivity inspires the Cancerian Horse person to be far less clingy and much more self sufficient. Their underlying freesprited natures are released revealing individuals with less shyness and more sense of adventure.This gives them a slightly more demanding personality but also one that is not as reliant. A Cancerian Horse sign combination is a good mixture creating well balanced likeable people.

The Cancerian Horse is generally a cheerful optimistic personality who likes to communicate and feel part of things. He or she does not have the typical reserved Cancerian traits so they do not find it difficult to join in conversation with others. A personal relationship with the Cancerian Horse will often include lots of long intimate chats. When these people seek a soulmate they hope to find someone on the same demonstrative and intellectual wavelength as them. Such partners will keep their interest and prevent them from feeling restless. These personalities, once domesticated, love the intimacy and security of family life.

A Cancerian Horse personality is kind, considerate, honest and hard working, and is one that will get along with most others. With their good imagination and caring persona these characters will make friends easily and be able to apply themselves to a wide variety of occupations. Their freespirited disposition allows them to enjoy travelling, with their lesser degree of insecurity the Cancerian Horse is not fearful of venturing away from home from time to time. These Cancerian's enjoy the outdoors and the freedom to roam but still look forward to returning home.

If the Cancerian Horse is given enough personal space you will rarely spot a weakness in their characters. It is only when they feel restricted or backed into a corner that you may encounter their negative traits. A Cancerian Horse can become blunt and fiery tempered if he or she feels they are not being listened to. This impatience and frustration can result in sulking but these personalities soon calm down once they have vented their grievances. As Cancerian Horses adore talking it is never very long before they decide to convey their remorse for losing their temper. They are then usually happy to discuss a compromise.

Jade roper 2015-05-25 21:01:01
Yep thats me in one

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alita 2015-07-24 02:36:12
i like theb character of this combonation,an it is realy true,

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... 2015-03-21 04:05:02
That's definitely the sign of my cousin he's the cancer water horse! He was born from year 2002 which was year of the water horse.

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CancerHorse4REAL 2015-03-04 15:14:17
Described to a T! its missing the sexual part... Whoever gets in bed with a Cancer-horse will not want to get out!!!

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K? 2015-02-16 23:24:34
Whoa I thought I was just really sensitive and its annoying because as a guy sensitivity can be see as you know gay. I don't see anything wrong with that for anyone else but that's not the way my water pours. That's not my cup of tea. And the whole free spirit. I can't because I have a little brother and a little sister so I never get to be alone by myself and its frustrating but I don't want to sound like a brat so I just deal with it

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Jay 2014-12-08 11:15:57
How could I read about my (Cancer/Horse) compatibility with, say, Virgo Horse?

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Faith Whitewolf 2014-08-03 02:19:11
Completely accurate. Even the backed into the corner thing.

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Raahat 2014-08-30 18:23:40
So true  :)

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