Cancer Monkey horoscope

Cancer - Monkey
The Enterprising Cancerian Monkey Personality

Ancient Chinese Astrology describes the Monkey as a creature who is very versatile and has the gift of a rich and creative imagination. The Cancerian and Monkey pairing creates personalities who absorb much of this animals artistic and enterprising influence. Mixed with the good memory and organizational skills of the sun sign Cancer this Cancerian Monkey combination works well. It gives these particular personalities all the abilities they need to make a success of anything they may choose to do in life. This useful blend of talents can often be best utilized in business ventures but are also equally as valuable when applied in relationships of all kinds.

In a relationship with a Cancerian Monkey partners will benefit greatly from their kind and caring traits.

The influence of the family loving Monkey increases the already perceptively high nurturing assets of the Cancerian personality. Together these characteristics are intensified and so the Cancerian Monkey individual is believed to be exceptionally affectionate and attentive. In close personal relationships they get the opportunity to make use of their wonderful imaginations and creativity. They will aim to keep relationships they value fresh, fun and exciting with their infinite new ideas and cheery disposition.

In the work place or in self employment these personalities use their versatility to easily multi task. They like occupations with variety that challenge their abilities and make them feel they have achieved something from each day. The Cancerian Monkey is great at organizing making him or her quick to solve problems if given a little time and space to think without distraction. These personalities are sociable people but they can also insist on being alone if they need a period of contemplation. Living with them harmoniously in a domestic environment is easy if they are allowed the freedom to take their essential time out ocassionally.

The Cancerian Monkey is an imaginative and adaptable character, he uses both these traits to help him through life. His vivid imagination seems to serve as a guide that he consults when stuck for solutions. He will then use these flashes of inspiration to redirect his thoughts and adapt to suit situations. The Cancerian Monkey has a real aptitude for this way of thinking and any enterprise he participates in will greatly profit from these skills. These people often have great ideas for businesses but may require lots of support and encouragement to actually realize their visions. Here good friends and partners can help give them the encouraging supportive push they need.

Eccentricity and unpredictability are the two main weaknesses of the Cancerian Monkey personality. As these particular individuals are so highly charged with flexibility they have a tendency to be regarded as slightly eccentric in their mannerisms. This is harmless and those that know the Cancerian Monkey just grow used to it and do not really see it as a problem. Being unpredictable is different and these sign combinations are especially prone to this. It can manifest itself as spontaniety but if it appears as a temper and is troublesome it should be discouraged.

Patrick 2015-03-20 13:12:59
In the Chinese horoscope it is said that monkey and goat don't mesh well together. I'm pisces and this girl I met is cancer, from the very first moment i met her there was an instant and incredibly deep connection. My future wife will most definitely be a cancer, the question I have is. How much influence does a Chinese sign have when two sun signs match perfectly?

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