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The Competent Capricorn Monkey Personality. Free Personality Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Capricorn made with combination of the Chinese Astrology for Capricorn born during the Monkey Year: 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028

The combined astrological influences of Western astrology's Capricorn and the Chinese symbol of the Monkey make a harmonized personality. Capricorns are traditionally associated with the sign of the Goat. The mixture of a Goat and Monkey-influenced personality is an odd combination, but it works. The Capricorn Monkey is believed to be granted a highly competent, adaptable and emotionally-balanced character. These people are typically cool and determined Capricorns, but they have the Monkey's ingenuity and a little touch of his mischievous humor. This makes them a little more lively and relaxed than most Capricorns, and as a rule more willing to mix with others and socialize.

A Capricorn Monkey usually likes to do and say things properly and in order of priority. They will always tend to plan actions and words before they carry out movement or speech. This is automatic and unnoticeable, and they are often rather good at controlling this. Careful planning helps the Capricorn Monkey personality to be very skilled in most tasks, and they are especially competent with their hands. Their dexterity from the Monkey's presence enables them to be capable of the most intricate and complicated of tasks. They are inclined to seek out jobs that will make use of this skill. These people become bored quickly and welcome work that has a purpose and lots of variety.

The Capricorn Monkey is hardworking and diligent, but he or she will always find time for their close family and friends. These particular Capricorns are usually quite family-oriented and tend to not live far away from their parents and any siblings. They will work hard to build comfortable bases around those they love. Although more sociable than most Capricorns, these individuals do like their privacy. A Capricorn Monkey considers their home to be their retreat from the fast pace of modern-day life. So, they generally enjoy making it as comfy as possible. They are quite modern in their tastes, preferring bright, cheerful decor and practical but comfortable furniture.

Capricorn Monkeys display the same degree of competence in personal relationships as they do with everything else in life. They prioritize them highly and take them seriously, and will be devoted and emotionally supportive of partners. Within long-term relationships is where a Capricorn Monkey relaxes best, and his or her sense of humor may emerge. They find that many of the simple things in a couple's daily routines are humorous. These characters also love sharing and can be extremely close and intimately involved with their other halves. They expect the same devotion from partners as they give.

Aiming for too high a standard and expecting too much can be the weak spot in the Capricorn Monkey personality. As they are so competent themselves, they sometimes anticipate that others will have equal ability. They are usually greatly disappointed when their anticipations are not realized. The Capricorn Monkey finds it difficult to lower standards to accommodate different people's capabilities. To overcome their weakness, they must learn to be a little more understanding and patient in these circumstances.

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Comments: Capricorn Monkey Horoscope

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Izzy 2019-10-07 05:57:56
Aiming for too high a standard and expecting too much can be the weak spot in the Capricorn Monkey personality. It so true even I always expected 101% more for myself before I can own the confidence
Sasha 2019-01-20 08:00:25
Mischievous, clever and getting younger as I get older. Love being a Capricorn monkey! Plus hard workers notice other hard workers...we are rare!
nori 2017-11-02 22:28:25
I am a Capricorn monkey and its true id rather work hard and stay in routine also very curious and observe things I think we wonder too much!!
Wrenchman 2017-08-01 11:56:18
Capricorn monkeys are natural born mystics with a gut feeling for enlightenment, an oracle told me to read the sacred texts.third eye is open and non-stop reader"we all are",google books has all the material you will ever need,I'm 24 books in and life has exploded for the better,we get younger as everyone else gets older,start reading,Hartmann,L.w laurence, w judge and Besant.A "feast for thought".
SMIT 2018-02-12 06:01:47
I totally agree here. I have relied on a gut feeling and never let me down. the boredom is dangerous at times. i need mental stimulation all the time
jhay7 2016-10-07 21:08:53
very accurate, im capricorn monkey very hard worker its true, sometimes I ask myself who am I ??
Bella 2016-02-08 14:36:35
"A Capricorn Monkey usually likes to do and say things properly and in order of priority. They will always tend to plan actions and words before they carry out movement or speech. This is automatic and unnoticeable and they are often rather good at controlling this." ... except when stoned as a youngin, but I've learned to be less self consciouses with age. I'm more self-confident since told my inner critic to take a seat in the back and let me enjoy just BEING !
Eric 2016-09-20 09:14:04
I'm working at being less self-conscious but it is difficult process.
Weirdo 2016-01-17 01:04:55
Proud to be a capricorn monkey🙂 it was very accurate;)
Andrew 2015-12-26 06:09:45
Well, I am a monkey Capricorn. Very accurate actually, as I love to endeavour in complex/challenging task whenever I can. Definitively very devoted to people close to me, however sometimes disappointed as not everyone reciprocate. Amazing connection with dragon Lions, Capricorns, horses and pigs. Rather complicated with snakes, cows, rabbits and sometime monkeys.. No connection at all with many tiguers and mice. Always wanted to meet up other Capticorns/monkeys but difficult. I guess we are special. Somewhere I read that we are very different from the rest of the worl, when acting sometimes like machines, perhaps with a unique operational system 🙂. All the best wishes and might all our dreams come true in this year.
Dlow 2016-01-15 19:23:01
So true....very proud to be Capricorn monkey. Do you all like myself, sometimes I feel I see things too far ahead and understanding what's going to happen next makes us abnormal?
Patience 2015-10-02 06:09:02
Loved this. Proud to be a capricorn monkey girl.(:
Erika 2015-06-12 23:51:16
Very proud to be a Capricorn Monkey or is Monkey Capricorn?
Caden 2014-09-30 10:50:34
I loved this, it matched how I've looked at my life, down to a 't'. 😄

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