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The Entertaining Gemini Monkey Personality

The personality of the person born under the Western astrological twins sign of Gemini is known to be very witty and bright. When these people are born within the 5 yearly reign of the Monkey and his character influence they are believed to be very lively individuals. As children these personalities are highly entertaining and usually carry some of these sociable bubbly traits through to adulthood. The Gemini Monkey generally has a cheerful, amusing and optimistic attitude to life and rarely seems to suffer from low moods or bad tempers. They can however still often experience the need to take time out and have a break from daily routines.

A Gemini Monkey has a friendly open personality that quickly understands new ideas and does not find it difficult to make adjustments. These are usually what you see is what you get type of personalities, who present themselves without hiding anything. They like other people to view them as exactly as they are but can be accused of not putting enough effort in their appearance. The Gemini Monkey is mostly happy with themselves inside and does not feel the need to give much thought to their atire. They often prefer comfort over style in a lot of areas of their life.

With such an entertaining chatty personality the Gemini Monkey is seldom considered boring. Their quick active minds can always be relied upon to liven up any conversation and keep relationships fresh and fun. These people can be deep thinkers who tend to enjoy expressing themseves verbally and sharing their thoughts with others. With friends it will be expressed as an understanding sociability and with lovers it will materialize as considerate passion. In their chosen career the Gemini Monkey individual frequently brings a cheery, versatile and hard working persona to the workplace. They will generally highly motivate and generate a group of people and so are some of the most suitable choices for most managerial positions.

Not much bothers the Gemini Monkey personality if they are able to find ways to utilize and express their views and opinions. They seem to thrive on communicating and have an ability to be able to be highly skilled at getting their messages across. They are not loud in their manner but they can be very persuasive with their choice of words making them effective communicators. The Gemini Monkey, with his or her cogent gift of speech, often makes an excellent spokesperson for the debating of important issues or promoting good causes. They can articulate themselves well and with some degree of confidence especially if they are passionate about the subject.

The Gemini Monkey character has an well intentioned, rounded amiable personality but it is sometimes weakened. Within these particular personalities the mischieveous and sneaky negative Monkey characteristics appear. If the Gemini Monkey suspects that they are being decieved in any way they can be known to use underhand tactics to get to the truth. Their high intelligence makes a Gemini Monkey difficult to deceive so these traits do not put in an appearance very often.

Nada 2015-10-21 05:30:06
Not feeling so smart all the time. I've had my share of disappointments and my life is not so successful. I am still struggling to find a job and a meaningful life....actually stupid compared to others often. Not so fun either...not many friends to count on.

Lost and lonely.

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Ann 2016-01-22 08:20:52
"lost and lonely" +1

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PaTToiDE 2016-01-07 05:58:21
I tottaly agree with you...
I'm still struggling with my inner me.


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Jade 2015-08-25 17:31:39
My style is incredible....everything else is accurate

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Jason 2015-01-26 07:42:02
This is true to the most degree . I find that the underhand tactics to be quit fun indeed.

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Bisu 2014-11-15 08:56:27
I find this accurate. I'd like to emphasize that these 'underhand tactics' include changing personal patterns, such as eating habits, in the event that we feel someone 'suspicious,' even unreasonably, has caught on, in any perceivable way, to such habits. Patterns changed may adhere for a lifetime with little impact on a sense of self, so long as we can maintain core interests.

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Walt 2014-08-12 17:15:38
Monkeys can be trained. I was trained to dress much nicer than I like to, but this does describe me

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JOLITO 2014-07-27 07:53:16
I am approved about monkey Gemini observation & personality

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