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Gemini - Pig
The Generous Gemini Pig Personality

Ancient Chinese Astrology believes the person born in the Year of the Pig will enjoy life to the full and take advantage of all it has to offer. When these people are Gemini's they seem to soak up plenty of this passion for life along with large amounts of the Pig's generosity traits. This all makes the Gemini Pig personality a very likeable inspiring individual who is positive natured and extremely generous. These particular Pig influenced personalities are considered to be laid back and loveable with a lucky aura. They often attract money but also love to spend it on others more than themselves.

A Gemini Pig tends to have a neat and comfortable home that will be warm and welcoming. They have great appreciation for comfortable surroundings and good food. These people make excellent hosts as they enjoy attending to others needs and enjoy watching people have fun. These personalities have a natural curiosity for anything that is different so they welcome unusual gifts. When looking for a partner the Gemini Pig will search for a soul mate with the same sociable communicative qualities. This will be in order to be able to engage in long interesting, meaningful and intimate conversations.

The Gemini Pig personality tends to get rather easily bored and changes of scenery and travelling are popular pastimes. These Gemini's do not like to feel too enclosed and may be a bit restless in their youth. As they mature Gemini Pig's develop a need for security and stability and naturally sense when they are ready to settle down. With their added zest for life these types normally have lots of creative hobbies and sporting activities to fill their time. These characters are very fair minded and dislike strongly any form of injustice. They will always stick up for their friends and partners in situations where they know and trust them to be right.

Reading and talking are two of the Gemini Pig's favorite avocations as they have a devotion to acquiring knowledge and sharing it. Their quick minds and effective communication skills cannot help distribute information and they adore giving advice. The Gemini Pig also has rather a wicked sense of humor and can usually cheer people up with only a few well chosen words. They seem to freely transmit their wonderful vitality for life on to others easily and with genuine feeling. These individuals are generous with their time and emotions as well as in a materialistical sense.

With all his genuine and generous traits the Gemini Pig appears to be perfect in his or her personality make up. This is never the case with anyone and especially not with the Gemini with his Western astrology traits of a supposed twin persona. Weak points in the Gemini Pig include outspokenness, stubbornness and self pity. These people are inclined to and likely to have temper tantrums and a complete reversal of their usual generous outlook. This can happen in times of stress or the collapse of an important relationship or business arrangement.

lilyn gonzaga 2014-12-15 09:55:46
100% right ..for me...

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Josh 2014-12-08 22:06:15
sounds about right

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Sarah 2014-12-02 01:10:54
The complete reversal in times of stress and or loss of an important relationship or business deal is right on the money to a T!! Everything else is very accurate.

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Riana 2014-11-12 06:33:43
The best one!

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Tina 2014-10-16 23:25:47
Me 100%

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Tom 2014-10-01 05:12:28
This couldnt be any more spot on

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Michelle 2014-07-13 20:57:36
Thats me... totally accurate. :o)

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