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The Conversational Gemini Sheep Personality

The personality of the Gemini Sheep is overflowing with sociability, versatility and creativity. These character traits are present as a result of those people born under the typical Gemini sun sign arriving in the Chinese astrological Year of The Sheep. This animal's imprint in a person's birth chart is believed to indicate that these individual's characters will adopt some of the Sheep's affable and creative characteristics. A Gemini Sheep is usually a highly conversational person with a good natured spirit and a versatile and imaginative quick mind. These personalities love to help others and keep busy, they are not fans of their own company or being alone for long.

The Gemini Sheep has a practical and methodical outlook on life, they like to keep organized and know exactly where things are. These Gemini's can be rather fussy and sometimes a little bossy, in their natures. At home the Gemini Sheep prefers plain and functional decor and furnishings to feel the most comfortable. These are home loving people who appreciate the security and companionship of family life and loyal friends. They tend to stick close to familiar surroundings and may sometimes suffer from homesickness if they are away too long. A Gemini Sheep is naturally drawn to artistic pastimes and will usually take up some form of arts or crafts as a hobby. They are usually thrilled to be given things that incite their arty side.

The natural nurturing characteristics of the Sheep are very evident in these Gemini's making them extra caring and considerate to others. The Gemini Sheep's keen mind and fine eye for detail usually prevents them from having their kind persona's taken advantage of. They will show kindness and give advice freely expecting nothing in return other than a thank you. The Gemini Sheep personality has an excellent memory and finely tuned communication abilities. These attributes and their intelligent warm personalities allow these characters to make extremely capable and loving parents.

In relationships the Gemini Sheep searches for a partner that will share their optimistic perspective on life and love of conversation. They require partners who are prepared to take the lead but not always have the last word. The Gemini Sheep often needs lots of emotional reassurance in a relationship and needs to feel wanted and valued. They will usually take their time to seek out compatible people insisting on getting to know then really well before considering long term commitments. After these personalities have decided to entrust another with their emotions they expect complete loyalty and devotion.

Overly high expectations within relationships is one of the sometimes troublesome weaknesses in the Gemini Sheep's personality. As these types tend to give a lot they imagine that others are the same. They can easily be disappointed if they put plenty into something or someone and do not receive the same level of appreciation back. The Gemini Sheep hates wasted time and ungenuine promises especially when it comes to personal connections. If badly let down by another the Gemini Sheep can take a long time to repair emotionally.

Jun 2015-01-20 03:58:24
Very accurate!

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Marie 2015-01-17 19:09:21
Very accurate for me in every single way except the home decor. I love interior design, and tend to buy home furnishings for their aesthetic appeal rather than for their function. I've read that Rams do enjoy home decor for the artistic appeal. Maybe Geminis are less that way...

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Piedade Rudman 2014-12-28 21:47:43
Extremely accurate in every way.

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Meowmers 2014-11-04 13:33:47
This is extremely accurate.

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Helen 2014-06-21 23:02:00
100% accurate.

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Helen 2014-06-21 00:03:55
Spot-on about my husband, especially the last paragraph!

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Gorgia 2014-06-04 18:49:30
Thanks, nice confidence booster.

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