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The Inquisistive Gemini Rat Personality

With their inquisitive nature the Gemini Rat personality is often renowned for their great ability to seek out knowledge. The Gemini influence makes them sociable, industrious, hard working personalities. The presence of the Rat drawn from Chinese Astrology ideology is assumed to give all it's recipients a pinch of their naturally curious personality. In the context of the Gemini Rat individual this inquisitiveness and sociability is well highlighted. As children these personalities are delightful but do not like sleeping much in case they miss something. As adults with more personal obligations they can still be rather adept at getting by on less sleep than everyone else.

The Gemini Rat character is usually overflowing with curiosity from his combined Western and Chinese birth traits and so find it difficult to stay still for long. Their Rat influence makes them want to be constantly physically active while the Western Gemini traits force them to be mentally alert. If the Gemini Rat learns to find a happy medium between to these astrological demands they are at their happiest. They will desire and search for friends and partners who help them find and maintain this balance. They also like to achieve this equilibrium when at work and are most contented in occupations that require equal measures of physical and mental activity.

Gemini Rat's find taking on responsibilities easy but they also tend to take them very seriously. When they are entrusted to do something important they will always try their best and keep working until they succeed. They are extremely motivated and often have to be reminded to take a break. The Gemini sharpness of mind and the Rat's thriftiness allow the Gemini Rat to be good with finances. They are not prone to frivolous buys or spending without first checking the cost. These individuals love to save and are always on the lookout for a bargain. The Gemini created in the Year of the Rat appreciates practical gifts and gestures of kindness on birthdays.

The intensely inquiring mind of the Gemini Rat is frequently searching for new things to do. These personalities have a tendency to get bored easily and grow tired of things quickly. With so many other interesting curiosity arousing things to investigate the Gemini Rat may suffer indecisiveness. He or she will need people around them that help direct their attentions to the positive and meaningful sides of life. Although they are fond of nice and usual objects these people do not put a great value on material wealth. They would rather be happy with no money that sad and extremely rich if they had a choice.

Weaknesses in the Gemini Rat personality mainly concern haste, they are always in a rush and this can get them into trouble. They have an annoying habit of starting tasks or conversations and not finishing them. Their barrage of ideas and bursts of energy sometimes collide and sent them in a mass of different directions. This makes them lose concentration and just leaving things unfinished or unsaid.

Jaca 2015-07-17 11:03:19
Nice people at first, but their true colors will show. I have a friend who is a Gemini rat and she's very ungrateful, spoiled, hateful, needy, cheap towards others and expects to be taken care of rather than a give and take friendship. Very negative and hard to handle. Never satisfied and self absorbed.

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Whitney 2015-04-24 22:34:56
my husband is s rat Gemini and his not what you say the character is ...his so quiet...don't go social and boring

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Jean 2015-04-09 16:25:49
Im a rat Gemini and my curiosity brought me here

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Nicola 2015-03-12 21:20:48
This is totally me but also I fall into the taurean rat to being that I'm a taurean/gemini cusp born rat too

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Yati 2015-02-02 01:38:49
Missing is that Gemini Rats are very good at figuring out people. They are a little to suspicious, don't have many friends, but those that are friendsówill have unwavering loyalty! Lets not forget possible germaphobe and very clean and organized.

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John 2015-01-22 07:53:37
Vey very true is there any fb group for rat gemini?

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Jodi 2015-01-08 20:50:18
Deadly accurate, every word is true. One thing I notice missing though, is myself and others with my sign combo also have a tendency towards anxiety and nervous habits.

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tim 2015-02-16 23:13:58
Message from Jodi
Deadly accurate, every word is true. One thing I notice missing though, is myself and others with my sign combo also have a tendency towards anxiety and nervous habits.

I feel like that are you an aries by any chance

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fidou 2014-12-18 00:45:30
i want to know if i will meet the right personne this year for marraige

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