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Gemini - Tiger
The Charismatic Gemini Tiger Personality

The personality of the Gemini Tiger is believed to be an excellent astrological pairing full of dynamism. These people according to ancient Chinese astrology acquire the strong charisma of the lively Tiger. Being Gemini too with a love to communicate adds to the charm of these particular personalities. A Gemini Tiger is typically a rather boisterous, loud and fairly confident character who is sociable and charming with it. These individuals usually wear a cheery aura that is easily transferred to others and helps lift their spirits.

A Gemini Tiger loves challenges and they will enjoy competing in any kind of group situation or as part of a team. They have firm leadership skills and the charm to motivate others that they can adapt to fit most circumstances. The influence of the Western sun sign of Gemini in these people makes them naturally seek to pair up with others. They do not generally consider being on their own as much fun and seem to constantly search for companionship. In partners they will often look for people that will be happy to be constantly by their side. The Gemini Tiger may take a while to settle down with someone but once they do take the plunge they will be very committed.

These people have an adventurous nature and may want to see a bit of the world before they commit to a long term relationship. The Gemini Tiger has a passion for travel and may be guided towards occupations that require it. These personalities are very adaptable and generally cope well with changes of routine as it tends to prevent them from becoming bored. Gemini's with the Tiger personality have active quick minds that need lots of stimulation, they like variety and soon tire of repetitive or meaningless tasks. They can soon become impatient and moody if they feel unappreciated or under challenged.

The Gemini Tiger is an extremely determined, sometimes overly headstrong, personality type on the outside. On the inside emotionally they are somewhat more sensitive and thoughtful but this rarely shows outwardly. The Gemini Tiger person has great pride and only people extremely close to them, who they trust completely will be allowed to know about and share their worries. A Tiger of the Gemini variation is known to be an extremely private person underneath who insists on the upmost loyalty in friendships and personal relationships. As parents they can be a little over protective of their children and with partners they may be overly possessive.

As far as weaknesses go the Gemini Tiger character has very few in his or her personality. They usually bounce through life most of the time quite happily but are inclined to be occassionally annoyingly indecisive and temperamental. These infrequent mood swings are often noticed and put down to overtiredness or worries they are keeping to themselves. Their more positive traits of cheerfulness and optimism do not normally take long to resurface in the Gemini Tiger. They soon snap out of negative moods once they are rested or have shared their anxieties.

Aldrich 2015-02-22 12:26:08
Apparently, It's Bona fide to as Gemini Tigers.

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ANTHONY 2015-02-18 20:00:15

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Alice 2015-01-31 15:53:51
A Gemini Earth Tiger. True for me too.

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Ellie 2014-12-16 17:26:32
I am a gemini tiger and I can say that this is one of the more accurate horoscopes that I have read. Especially the bit about how we love to travel and how we keep the negative emotions to ourselves.

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Lie Chen 2014-11-28 07:48:54
i am gemini tiger and those descriptions are true  :)

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Diana 2014-07-02 20:30:57
I am a Tiger Gemini married to a Tiger Cancer. What is the compatibility of this match. So far, not an easy coupling but 20yrs now together.

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