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The Noble Leo Dragon Personality

Chinese astrologists centuries ago interpreted the mythical Dragon as a symbol of luck, dignity and power. This creatures good fortune and nobility are believed to be bestowed on all the people born in the Chinese Year of The Dragon. A Leo Dragon in particular seems to gain lots of the Dragon's noble persona. This makes these personalities rather dignified and refined without being aloof, moody or too over confident. The Leo Dragon is especailly regal with these two majestic creatures in his or her personality composition. These people are usually leaders rather than followers but are not too forceful with their characters.

A Leo Dragon can be a little dreamy about life, they have an upbeat positive view but are sometimes accused of not taking things seriously enough. These individuals may sometimes lack sensitivity to how their actions and words can affect others. They try to be understanding and compassionate but usually end up saying or doing the wrong thing. The Leo Dragon can be rather shy underneath their seemingly confident disposition and so often need gently coaxing into friendships and relationships. They like to take their time to get to know people and are only truely happy when with those they really trust around them.

The Leo Dragon usually has a high degree of intelligence that they frequently put to good use by planning ahead. These personalities like to have set routines and an organized lifestyle as they go through life. They will often have a better idea than most people of what they want from their lives and how they wish it to go. Potential partners of the Leo Dragon will generally have to be compromising of their ambitions, hopes and dreams. As parents these Leo's tend to encourage and pass on to their children this ambitious streak.

With his good organizational skills and intellectual personality the Leo Dragon is happier in work that is challenging mentally. These individuals are not usually keen or suited to manual work they prefer the demands of more imaginative challenges. Leo Dragon's are mostly sensible with money, like to save and rarely overspend. They have good heads for figures and quick at calculating them so they tend to always think at least twice before they buy anything. In their leisure time these Leo's are more inclined towards quiet relaxation methods and are not adverse to spending time alone. They will ask for, and appreciate, books, music or pampering products for gifts to help them relax.

In general the Leo Dragon is relatively easygoing but he does have a proneness to a quick temper and even quicker tongue. When engaged in disagreements these people are likely to fly into a rage especially if they believe that they are in the right. They are personalities that do not provoke arguments but they do like to win them and can be sore losers if they don't. This Leo Dragon's character weakness usually deteriorates with age and their tempers and tongues mellow. They become a bit more patient and usually overcome this tendency to lose control.

Tickles BahBah 2014-06-07 21:18:02
As a leo dragon, it's my responsibility to scrote 'em. OY!

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Rin 2014-06-04 06:59:06
I am a leo drgaon, i am not really good at organizing or do i like winning. I have hopes and dreams for my future. seems like It's true that leo's are dreamy about life. I do get angry or sad easily but i don't show it so i can still show my pride. i have a very lazy character so sometimes i do not care less about my studies unless it is part of my future dream.But i still manage to have a pass in my report . I really like this talk about a leo dragon's personality. i hope there is more.

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Lea 2014-07-10 18:11:15
Yes Rin, we are almost the same!!!

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