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The Noble Leo Dragon Personality

Chinese astrologists centuries ago interpreted the mythical Dragon as a symbol of luck, dignity and power. This creatures good fortune and nobility are believed to be bestowed on all the people born in the Chinese Year of The Dragon. A Leo Dragon in particular seems to gain lots of the Dragon's noble persona. This makes these personalities rather dignified and refined without being aloof, moody or too over confident. The Leo Dragon is especailly regal with these two majestic creatures in his or her personality composition. These people are usually leaders rather than followers but are not too forceful with their characters.

A Leo Dragon can be a little dreamy about life, they have an upbeat positive view but are sometimes accused of not taking things seriously enough. These individuals may sometimes lack sensitivity to how their actions and words can affect others. They try to be understanding and compassionate but usually end up saying or doing the wrong thing. The Leo Dragon can be rather shy underneath their seemingly confident disposition and so often need gently coaxing into friendships and relationships. They like to take their time to get to know people and are only truely happy when with those they really trust around them.

The Leo Dragon usually has a high degree of intelligence that they frequently put to good use by planning ahead. These personalities like to have set routines and an organized lifestyle as they go through life. They will often have a better idea than most people of what they want from their lives and how they wish it to go. Potential partners of the Leo Dragon will generally have to be compromising of their ambitions, hopes and dreams. As parents these Leo's tend to encourage and pass on to their children this ambitious streak.

With his good organizational skills and intellectual personality the Leo Dragon is happier in work that is challenging mentally. These individuals are not usually keen or suited to manual work they prefer the demands of more imaginative challenges. Leo Dragon's are mostly sensible with money, like to save and rarely overspend. They have good heads for figures and quick at calculating them so they tend to always think at least twice before they buy anything. In their leisure time these Leo's are more inclined towards quiet relaxation methods and are not adverse to spending time alone. They will ask for, and appreciate, books, music or pampering products for gifts to help them relax.

In general the Leo Dragon is relatively easygoing but he does have a proneness to a quick temper and even quicker tongue. When engaged in disagreements these people are likely to fly into a rage especially if they believe that they are in the right. They are personalities that do not provoke arguments but they do like to win them and can be sore losers if they don't. This Leo Dragon's character weakness usually deteriorates with age and their tempers and tongues mellow. They become a bit more patient and usually overcome this tendency to lose control.

Aim9ice 2016-07-14 11:00:35
my date is 08/08/1988 but sometimes I do have issues of misunderstanding or criticism by some close family I hold very important and this pains a lot as I don't want to have any issues with them. but I've never envy negatively for once.

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sofia 2016-06-22 21:27:23
haha GOLDEN LEO DRAGON,yeah all true...

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Shane 2016-06-11 03:46:42
8/2/88 mostly accurate, but got none of the luck that we are supposed to have, guess I'm just filled with that mush more awesome and "nobility"

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negin 2016-06-01 21:36:08
I have born in 26 july 1964. I had problem in work place in the situation that they controlled me and gave me low level task.
I lost motivation and wwere looking for another job.
Is there any way to prevent this situation or any solution.

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julymarmaid 2016-05-30 07:44:13
I am born in 27/7/76
I feel most of it fit, indeed I live in the roseyland,hhhh.
My dreams are many, i live in them, am positive and tend to be easy going if i liked the experience, and for sure turn 180 degrees if felt that i am taken advantage off!!!
taking control over things is my favourite part, yet causing many troubles in relationships, at work field it is great! Work is done on time...
Am good at figures, indeed i love Math.
Liked the idea of facebook group, lets do it.
nice chatting with you!

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ehgay 2016-05-18 09:40:40
my birthday is on august 05 1988 may i know what is traits as a leo dragon as a born on august 05 1988

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Lioness dragoness :) 2016-03-11 22:25:21
August 12 1988


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Jp 2016-03-06 07:19:54
07-08-1988 this is so true...I love the idea of a dragon leo group

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Jacob 2016-05-17 11:15:59
Is the August 7 1988? I was 15 minutes early of being 8-8-1988 lol

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GEM 2016-02-26 17:46:55
8/12/1988 EARTH Leo Dragon very true to me and insightful. We should start a group since our intelligence supersedes the rest Peace Love and Blessings to all!!!

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Randal 2016-02-15 12:27:51
It's all about CONTROL, isn't it? I like having control over my schedule, over who I accept into my life, and what I do with my time. I have been fortunate, I've been able to do some groovy things in my life. Not everyone gets to self-actualize to the extent I have. I am always grateful I was born American, in a rich country with many opportunities and a world-class educational system. My current plan is to go back to school and get a Ph.D. in anthropology. Should keep me out of trouble for a few years. Leos are supposed to be creative, and I guess I get a reasonably strong intellect from the Dragon. I am middle aged now and looking for worthwhile things to do with myself. A Ph.D. is a good first step...

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Natalie 2016-02-15 07:12:35
August 15 1988. Love it. !!!! All true.

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Kavish 2016-02-10 11:46:23
Hello Fellow comrades/nakamas etc etc..
I am a fire leo dragon
31/07/1988 .. Yep just like harry potter  :)
Good to see all of ya and wish all the best (Y)

I'll help if it is within my capability ,but you do already know that since kindness is like our main religion  :D

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Leod 2016-02-08 03:44:38
17 08 1988. Earth Dragon.
Like compliments but not too much. Can be a bit of a spender but also very generous to family and friends but if i notice you taking advantage im doing a 180 and youll probably think im a cheapskate. I can stay home all day or i can go out and party hard wake up the next day for another round.
Motivation an career wise i can get fairly comfortable, but tell me i cant do something? Ill do it 10x better then you just give me time.
Conflicts - i try to do things with diplomacy, talking and understanding. But if my buttons are pressed or friends and or family are on the line ill bite your head off. Yes things escalate quickly as a leo dragon.
Relationships - im very picky but when i find someone my type. Im getting to know you. Stranger on a packed railway? Fk it no worries. Hi there. And ill make sure im keepin her happy in the bedroom. If your not my type? Its not really going to happen - unless youre real nice then ive got a soft spot for that.

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drleogon 2016-01-09 05:24:30
Dragon/ Leo 01 08 2000 mwehehe

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Basel 2016-01-07 05:49:12
Im an earth dragon/leo 1988/27/7 i have very big and unlimited dreams and goals and i never will accept failure.. I'm a dentist and soon to be an orthodontist.. & if god wills i will keep acquiring knowledge and powerful positions and occupation in this life..
I love being rich too and thats the readon that made me study orthodontics lol..
I suggest that we create a group on facebook and have all leo/dragon members join it to discuss and witness their goals and achievements..

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Pheonix27 2016-06-21 02:56:22
And we have same birthday, month and year

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