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Leo - Rabbit
The Calm Leo Rabbit Personality

The moody temper of the typical Western astrological birth sign of Leo is tamed by the influence of the Rabbit from Chinese Astrology. When these particular people are born they are believed to gain possession of the Rabbit's natural calmness. This generally dampens the impulsive, impatient , sulky side of Leo's. The result of the Leo Rabbit pairing is a lovely personality who is strong but sensitive and usually wonderfully calm and organized. The combined Leo Rabbit nature is destined to be mild but not meek. These individuals are gentle and nonirritating and they seem to have great control over their tempers and an non confrontational manner.

The Leo Rabbit is a charismatic personality but does not enjoy being in the spotlight. These characters are quite ambitious and usually do well in life. Their serene persona is charming and friendly without being overly loud and demanding. The Leo Rabbit has a useful ability to be able to get their own way with not much effort and fuss. These personalities are subtle, patient, hard working and persuasive in their mannerisms as well as being very good communicators. These bunch of traits are perfect for use in many areas of work so these Leo's can often choose from a variety of work options. In family life they will usually be helpful, considerate, protective and sometimes a little too house proud.

A Leo Rabbit has an intuitive sensitivity to the feelings of others but will only offer assistance if they are asked. When they give advice these Leo's do so gently and with high levels of tact. Having a Leo Rabbit as a friend is brilliant as these types greatly value friendships and are immensely loyal. They are not normally loners and tend to like having lots of friends around. These people have a responsible serious side but they do not let it stop them having fun. They enjoy communicating and working with others and are happy to share responsibilities and help others.

A wish to be liked, loved and appreciated is the main yearning within the Leo Rabbit personality. Throughout life these Leo's will search for the admiration of friends and a loving and appreciative soul mate. The Leo Rabbit is not as trusting as other Leo's as they possess a cautious trait from the presence of the Rabbit. It may take these people a little longer than most to eventually commit to someone and settle down. When they do finally enter a relationship for the long term they do so with complete commitment and permanence expectations.

Leo Rabbit's seem to need a lot of sleep, they work hard and keep themselves busy so can soon tire easily. If these individuals do not get enough resting time they can soon become grumpy. The normal calmness may turn into coolness and they may appear as detached and irritable. When the Leo Rabbit is tired their general composed personality may diminish and they may display a slight aggression. The answer to this weakness is for these Leo's to not go without adequate slumber.

Leo rab-bitt 2016-10-03 03:44:36
I'm a Leo Rabbit. I'm Gentle and Calm with tons of friends. And CAN sleep 23 and a 1/2 a day...and often do !** JT.

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HeartyZinaya 2016-08-24 16:42:16
it is really fitted on my abilities...

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Virgo woman 2016-03-22 15:03:06
I just found out my LEO RABBIT has a very secretive sexual second life. He's been trying to meet up on sex sights with CD's and TS. Lies to me about most of it when confronted and tries to charm his way out, but I'm a Virgo Snake. He's feeling my icey cold wrath now. I have had two other men in rabbit signs also try hitting on me in the past. Turns out they were both married. Rabbit men are sneaky

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DemonLeo 2015-12-25 04:02:56
describes me so well... however im different than what it says in a few ways, but thats probably cuz of how my life has gone... i suppose how we lived our life is what makes us all a bit different :3

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Rommel 2015-10-02 03:54:42
Great article. Yeah..i get grumpy when im tired but i dont show it too much if i have company. I guess the rabbit dominates more than the lion in me. Butbif im threaten, the lion will wake!

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Susan 2015-08-16 13:12:03
I have a rabbit ascendant, and I MUST sleep a lot, have always been that way, especially after an event of any grand magnitude. It must be the rabbit in me. I swear to people that rest restores, refocuses, and heals me.

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crystal 2015-06-15 18:34:36
Fits well :)

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Dragnet 2015-05-20 15:57:05
Got me down, but I am much more of a loner. I can't stand people. Now my sleep habit explains a lot and when I don't get enough I am irritable.

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Someone on the Net 2015-07-17 09:58:59
Yes I absolutely agree with you! Sleep is always a must and I don't enjoy having "a lot" of friends as this article points out haha.

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anonymous 2015-01-04 23:50:15
Wow! Have you known me all this time!!! This is amazing!

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pamela 2014-12-16 11:27:54
You have got me down to a T! quite impressed.

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