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The Sensible Leo Sheep Personality. Free Personality Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Leo made with combination of the Chinese Astrology for Leo born during the Ram Year: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027

The Leo Sheep personality is an excellent mixture of sensible and sensitive personality traits. The realistic common sense of Leo blends well with the perceptive, caring qualities and characteristics of the symbolic Sheep from old Chinese astrology. The newer Western astrology of Leo's character boosts the Sheep's influence, giving Leo Sheep personalities a bit more energy and a little less aggression. This balances out to produce very reasonable and responsible people who are highly conscious of the feelings of others. These are mild-mannered Leos who are kind and generous with their time and patience.

A Leo Sheep often seems to be more mature than their years, with their astute and understanding people skills. These Leos seem to learn from an early age how to effectively interact with other people. They tend to carry these abilities into adulthood and become very adept at assessing the emotions of others. This mature perception and their sensible, straightforward natures form the basis of the Leo Sheep personality. It makes them almost always successful in attracting the right kind of partners, who complement their own personalities. When they do embark upon close personal relationships, these individuals tend to take them seriously.

As the Leo Sheep is so finely tuned to the emotions of others, they often find themselves inundated with friends. These people are popular, as they become friends who can interpret your moods and naturally sense when you may need a shoulder to cry on. Leo Sheep are generally immensely family-orientated, and if they travel they never seem to be absent for long periods. This Leos enjoy home-cooked food, the warmth of family and friends, and especially the comfort of their own bed. They are sometimes reluctant to take up work opportunities that involve traveling long distances from home.

The Leo Sheep person most often has quite a large dose of Lion-influenced pride to his or her character. Their self-esteem is high and, as they also have determined personalities, they can have difficulties with accepting rejection, disappointment, or hurt feelings. A Leo Sheep usually encourages the view that they themselves are outwardly confident and in control of their emotions. When their pride is injured, these Leos feel helpless and angry, and may be moody; their usual sensibility and maturity may shut off for a while. These individuals have typically optimistic attitudes, so they never usually take long to bounce back.

One of the main strengths of the Leo Sheep personality is their inclination to be very sensible in all they do. This particular trait asset can also be a weakness in these Leos’ characters. Sometimes they can be too sensible for their own good, and may miss out on some of the life's fun. As they also tend to be a little shy, too, the Leo Sheep frequently requires encouragement to let go every now and again. Doing something exciting or totally different to their normal routine can help them relax. Becoming a parent tends to help these personalities loosen up a little and gain a sense of humor.

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Mae Ritz D. Ebro 2024-04-09 11:01:28
Can you give me a lucky name for leo sheep?
john 2021-11-27 10:26:15
will a leo sheep forgive someone if they had been betrayed by them?
Don john 2023-04-24 07:47:36
If one proves that it will never happen again then they will forgive win their trust
Sin 2020-01-03 11:53:20
Im a leo lamb, i can be too caring and i can be too agressively rude if the situation asks me to.
Paul 2019-05-01 16:56:42
Im sag rabbit in love with a leo ram. Thnaks
Paul 2019-03-26 17:11:20
Can someone tell me about the compatibility with Leo Ram and Sagittarius Rabbit? my partner is 20 years older than me, he was born in 1979. Thanks.
Kailey 2017-10-29 02:11:39
im a Leo sheep and I find this to be very accurate 🙂
Stephanie 2016-04-16 01:09:32
Wow I'm a Leo Goat but a very late Leo (August 21st) so my wild/angry/confident traits are not as apparent as most Leo's and this is almost spot on.
Val 2016-01-17 19:47:57
I have to say most of what is written is not me... although there is a bit of the sensitive side of me that is how you describe my sheep disposition... what meanings can be derived here are two fold - it's the sun, moon and also venus - sometimes when the moon is off, the entire description doesn't feel at all correct. For example my 1967 moon was in cancer, so I am sensitive to the extreme... but not to be messed with at those times, since it is then when I have the lion pounce, but only then... not in a mean kind of angry way though...
Weirdone 2019-03-27 02:42:46
Were you born between 2/9/1967- 1/29/1968 then you are goat but if you were born between 1/21/1966- 2/8/1967 then you are horse.
Field 2015-07-27 09:00:52
The Leo-Sheep I knew was extremely sensitive but very self-centered and entitled. She had a very bad temper but easily forgot about things unless she could use it against people. She was unrelentingly fun and wild.
Amylee 2015-07-14 06:29:32
I was dubious until I read it, the funny thing is that when one is feeling out of sorts or a little lost its easy to go totally against your nature. Once found though and following your own nature things seem to fit into place much more easily.
Chris 2015-10-18 08:14:31
Hi, could you please enlighten me! As a goat leo, would you consider dating a close friend or not ? And why?
S1 2017-12-31 04:54:53
[just=center][/just]Yes, hello! I'm a Sheep-Leo, and I would consider dating a close friend, and already have considered it, though I always backed away from it. I personally am not the type of person that traight out say my feelings unless someone asks (which I'll reply truthfully, but not completely) or if they confess first. I've confessed the a close friend of mine after he confessed to me, and kept dropping hints that I liked him, though he never picked it up.. But, to answer your question, yes, I would consider it, though I most likely wouldn't go through with it.
someone 2015-06-27 08:23:49
I may be a Leo goat but when I get angry I'm no goat no more... Because I ROAR
John 2015-05-13 04:56:33
My roommate is a Leo goat. He was born in 1955. He is a prissy, high-maintenance bitch of a man. He takes everything that doesn't flatter him personally and is petty with his reprisals.
Ilya Erikson 2021-06-26 14:07:43
Zodiac signs in general have no real proof and people are the ones who build their character

selen 2015-03-16 17:44:44
I'm a leo sheep and can say that this article is really true.
.irish.. 2014-12-23 02:47:24
its true that leo personality are very sensitive.. i proved that to myself, but one thing is 4 sure leo sheep person are very caring and loving..

thanks God 4 this gift!!
noel 2016-03-06 09:52:32
Thank you .....you were the best ever

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