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Leo - Snake
The Sincere Leo Snake Personality

Of all people born during the Chinese astrological Year of the Snake those born as Leo's are some of the most sincere. The influence of the Western Leo Lion and his straightforwardness compliment the Snake's enchanting but possessive nature. The Leo Snake personality is usually a calm placid one with a fine balance of honesty, charm and sincerity. These individuals are open and trusting but have the intelligence to not be easily deceived. A Leo Snake is very caring and forgiving but they do have limits to their patience. They tend to treat others as they themselves like to be handled.

With such candor these personalities can be easily upset if their straightforward and honest outlook is not appreciated. The Leo Snake will approach everything and everyone with the same initial openness and cannot understand others who hold things back. These Leo's are not afraid of showing their emotions and will be quick to notice when others are unhappy. A Leo Snake individual is understanding and calm and will normally be reponsive to requests for help. These people like to feel useful and make very supportive friends who sometimes neglect themselves in order to assist others.

In adult relationships the Leo Snake personality searches for a partner with whom they can be the best of friends. These people do not like to argue and will usually avoid it at all costs. A Leo Snake would always rather discuss issues calmly and come to peaceful conclusions than waste time arguing who is right and who is wrong. These individuals are quite self reliant and do not seem to need much company. They value the companionship and security of a mate but can be equally as happy living alone. These Leo's generally take great pride in their appearances and adore shopping for new clothes and wearing the latest styles and colors.

The Leo snake character enjoys fine food and lavish surroundings and can be rather frivolous with money. Their sincerity traits make them naturally generous but they are not good savers and may need to be strict with their spending habits. In their homes they opt for unusual but tasteful decor and furniture hoping to create rooms that they can relax in. The Leo Snake will only invite people to his or her home who they completely trust as they are extremely fond of their privacy. They like to be able to shut the world out for a while once they return home from work or have finished for the day.

When a Leo Snake is anxious they can become rather smothering with their mannerisms and have extra need for reassurance. These personalities have a weakness to worry about others a bit too much for their own good. This can make them seem overly fussy and on edge at times if they take on too much. The best solution for this change in the Leo Snake's behavior is often as simple as a few kind words of support or a friendly cuddle to give them a boost.

RAYMUND 2014-11-13 21:25:17

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ed 2014-11-11 07:56:28
very true

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Jen 2014-11-02 17:30:47
Wow 100% accurate

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Piper 2014-08-31 01:11:42
Yeah that last part is definetly me. Actually most of that is me XD

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Linda 2014-08-16 23:21:03
totally spot on!

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andrea 2014-06-21 06:33:40
Very true

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