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The Polished Libran Dragon Personality. Free Personality Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Libra made with combination of the Chinese Astrology for Libra born during the Dragon Year: 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024

The Dragon is the only mythical creature among all the twelve animals chosen to represent personalities in Chinese astrology. People born in the Year of the Dragon are presumed to have some of his charismatic aura within their personalities. Western astrology describes a Libran as possessing a refined and diplomatic character. So when the personality concerned is a Libran Dragon, it is one that is highly likely to be very polished. A Libran Dragon has a classy elegance woven into their personality that gives them their good looks and fine manners. The balance of Libra keeps them grounded, so they are not too confident or too loud.

A Libran Dragon is fair and unprejudiced with a good set of equalized emotions. They may be charming and stylish, but they are not standoffish with it. These are genuinely nice people who take people as they find them and are rarely critical of anyone. They do not like violence or injustice of any kind, and will often be seen as peacemakers among groups of others. A Libran Dragon is usually well turned-out, as they feel more self-assured when they feel smartly dressed. These personalities are inclined to be drawn towards professions where they can be of service to others.

Libran Dragons are flexible and imaginative, so they are able to turn their hand to most tasks and hobbies. When they finish working they sometimes like to socialize, but usually are happy just to spend time with family and friends. The Libran Dragon also loves to shop and is always pleased to pick up a bargain. They have a good eye for colors and styles, and an interest in fashion. They often adore decorating and furnishing their homes to perfection. These Librans can be a little extravagant with money, for they tend to be impulsive buyers and may occasionally unintentionally overspend.

A personal relationship with a Libran Dragon, for the most part, will be harmonious, as these individuals are not generally hard to live with. They have slight inconsistencies in their mood, but these are never long-lasting. If a Libran Dragon is in a long-term partnership they will be loyal and devoted. These characters believe strongly in fidelity and greatly dislike any form of deception. They can be highly protective of partners and some of them have a jealous streak. In general. they are extremely loving, respectful, sensual and considerate and do not have a problem being open and honest in relationships.

The polish on the Libran Dragon personality can on rare occasions become a little tarnished, and a couple of weaknesses may show. This is probably when the Dragon's influence is dampened by the person being upset in some way. This agitation also disturbs the Libran balance, and so the Libran Dragon may become sulky and ignorant. They seem to temporarily forget their usual elegant and tactful selves, and inadvertently reveal one of their personality’s weakness. The other shortcoming in their personalities is a tendency to over-exaggerate, but this is not present in all these Librans.

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Jason Mallari 2019-02-03 05:58:09

How come dragons are not real animals? Comodo Dragons I know are real.
Holly 2019-01-28 16:14:47
I am a Libra Dragon. I am with a Sagittarius Snake.
John Lennon was also a Libra Dragon.
Bunny B 2019-07-19 00:29:49

Im a sagittarian rabbit inlove with a libra dragon. Its amazing but i want to settledown and she doesn’t seem to want that.
Deepa 2018-08-22 10:28:50
M Libra fire dragon 6th October 1976....anybody my twin?
Jan 2023-04-08 07:12:40
I am your twin! Born 6th of October.1976. Libra dragon. Where are you?
Felicia 2019-04-21 18:52:25
Im a pisces dragon march 1st 1988
bear 2018-10-17 15:58:07
6th of october golden dragon 2000 😄
Mayra 2018-07-27 08:10:38
I am a Gemini-monkey and Libra Dragon is supposed yo be my perfect match. Never came across one though.
Samuel Ndungu 2019-11-08 03:12:31
I'm a Libra dragon and I have had two wrong relationships. I love Gemini women but never had a chance to date one.
Sonia 2018-06-30 03:45:10
Anyone else find they have an extremely mischievous streak?
Andrew brunner 2019-09-27 11:23:40
Yes the dark to the libra dragon is one that is very dangerous. I know that demon and he will burn villages threw out but it only occurs when I'm pain. We are either the best or completely the worst it wat is put into us we give wat we are given.
Redeyes093088 2018-05-12 14:36:48
I'm am also a Libra Dragon... I am confident in my own skin and sometimes a no care attitude spikes up when I am being provoke. Also I am a good friend but a badass enemy if u messed up with me. I sees to it that my task was done on time. I don't chase girls but I flirt with them a bit for a game.
Michael 2018-04-20 14:42:44
I am a fire dragon libran with a little bit of a magical side. 41 blond hazel blue eyes 6ft1 athletic build and I love to chat.
Sean 2018-02-12 13:20:03
I am a gold Libran dragon born on 18/10/2000 and I am not good looking.
Alan 2019-03-05 01:10:03
Libra Earth Dragon... good looks are overrated, so don't sweat it man
Dana 2017-12-03 08:00:21
Libra Earth Dragon here as well (10/10/88)
Good Looking 2017-06-13 21:04:10
I am shy at first but I love the limelight. I love being admired and being the centre of attention. I like the best of everything. I am all about appearances and saving face. Manipulative and vindictive on rare occasion should someone really try my patience. I never forget slights and will exact my revenge. I like to rescue damsels in distress especially cute ones as well as those I have a crush on. I have to be in a long term relationship to survive and fiercely protective of my partner. I enjoy looking at women as most men do. You know we do have our male time away from our partners to discuss all the women and how many we could have slept with and how they are like in bed. Some of my dragon friends are woman chasers but I am not one. I give advice about how women should dress even though I dress plainly. Who am I to give advice but I do anyway. I like to reminisce on all the women who try to chase me even though it I never mention how I am the one who initiates the flirting in the first place. Even though I am in a relationship, I am a terrible flirt and will let my partner know I have tons of admirers who cry wanting to be my partner. It makes me smile to be breaking a lot of hearts. I love mentioning this to my buddies. This reading is definitely an accurate description of the Libra Dragon.
Drifting 2017-06-09 23:38:14
My boyfriend is a libran dragon but this doesnt seem like him at all lol not elegant or refined just a slob however im a fire rat and maybe that ties in somehow 😄
Brian 2017-09-16 09:43:13
He probably still loves you.
Dragons forget nothing.
Tim 2017-04-20 09:17:11
I totally agree with this and I didn't realize that their were this many of us who care to read and compare both aspects of our zodiac signs. It amazes me. I am grateful to have read this message. I am totally like this all the time and esp with relationships. My birthday being Oct 19,1988.
Mir 2018-03-10 04:02:57
And one day older then me. Also 14 years younger then my eldest brother. Its kinda kool.
Amber 2017-08-11 22:44:23
Wow, I am just a day older that you. My birthday is 10/18/1988

Angela 2016-09-30 15:22:12
This describes me very well. I am the 4th generation dragon in my family.
Silver 2016-07-22 12:02:14
I'm not so sure. My husband is this sign. I will agree he is fair (sometimes) but he is the stubborn, moody, grouchy and paranoid. Also cold and insensitive. sorry.
Phik 2017-02-22 19:03:48
I am a Libra dragon and yes you described me perfectly
D. 2016-05-06 18:43:24
I'm a libra-dragon (born on 23-09) and the description fits me really well, though I always felt more like a libra than a dragon. I'm very loyal, can sometimes overspend and I'm friendly and rarely critical of others. I like to help people with their problems.
Only difference: fidelity is important to me, but I'm not overprotective of my partner. He wouldn't like that either, he likes his freedom and I respect that.
Kristina 2016-04-11 06:38:41
I'm a Libra Earth Dragon 1988 as well n that is soo true but u don't want too ever let the bad Dragon come out of me or u will get it that's for sure...
Dillon 2016-12-12 19:59:30
I'm a Libra earth dragon as well ! Yes the earth sign keeps us grounded and we tend to think things through as apposed to other dragons that tend rush in acting rashly and therefore we also have great temperament and equanimity. However just like you said this doesn't mean that we are passive to a fault lol. that would be going against the very grain of the dragon sign lol. Should the occasion call for it, we can act with lightning speed and I personally do find myself highly critical to those that attempt to make me look like a fool lol.
Dillon 2016-12-12 19:57:16
I'm a Libra earth dragon as well ! Yes the earth sign keeps us grounded and we tend to think things through as apposed to other dragons that tend rush in acting rashly and therefore we also have great temperament and equanimity. However just like you said this doesn't mean that we are passive to a fault lol. that would be going against the very grain of the dragon sign lol. Should the occasion call for it, we can act with lightning speed and I personally do find myself highly critical to those that attempt to make me look like a fool lol.
Queenie 2016-01-29 16:15:58
Yes loyal,quirky and for all the positives, imperfect
omasuna 2016-01-03 11:00:58
Im libra dragon october 6. wanted to mention another libra dragon for which dont need any more comments Vladimir Putin october 7 1952
Madsparkz 2015-12-16 08:47:15
Dragon Libra here. (10/20/)
Man, these are all too true! I wonder if there's some extra things to talk about because I'm also in Scorpio cusp too.
Drako Douglas 2015-11-29 23:16:37
I am a libran dragon born 10/22/88 and this fits me perfectly and my daughter is a cancer dragon born 7/4/12 and I hope she will turn out just like how it said
poorme 2015-10-08 07:33:26
He is a spoiled S.O.B., that always have to be right. Always have to be a center of attention in the room.
Michael 2015-10-05 21:06:01
I'm a libra dragon 10/06 and woah. It's like whoever wrote this peered into my soul and found all my deepest darkest corners and pulled my weaknesses out and laid them out for all to see. Crazy this zodiac and astrology stuff. It is so accurate.
Olivia 2015-09-07 21:31:35
I'm a Libra/Dragon 1988 and I approved this message. I also agree that Libra/Dragon are loyal and devoted to their partner, so please don't break their Venus heart or else you will regret to meet their Dragon.. 😝 😉
sakurawolf 2015-08-17 05:32:38
I'm a libra dragon as well my birthdate is 9/26/ and this is true i tend to keep balance among my friends and family when i need to but sometimes i do get moody but my bro and my boyfriend tend to calm me down and make me laugh and i do not socialize a lot so i don't get along with most people in this world.......
David Ferrari 2015-09-21 02:28:34
I too am a Libra Dragon born on 09/26.

Rowan Rivers 2015-08-05 08:45:21
So dragons are the only ones represented with a mythological creature and Linda's are the only ones that aren't represented with an animal- instead they are scales. That's a great combination of rarities to make us so unique! 🙂
Mary Davies 2015-07-14 21:42:06
The horoscope perfectly describes my grandson perfectly except that he is so full of energy and he has bullied his brothers from an early age. His Libran hasn't made the dragon quiet in any way. But he is delightful and very caring.
Koral 2015-06-17 15:04:58
this is my hubby's sign and EXACTLY to the point.
Jaycee 2015-06-10 15:33:09
Dragons in general are unfaithful and arrogant.
DragonsandScales 2015-04-08 01:20:06
I too am a Libra dragon born 1988. I definitively have the inconsistency in mood when I am unhappy with some aspects of my life work, relationships, the usual. I do hate injustice which leads me to feel a general distaste for society.
Aman 2015-02-20 22:43:18
I'm a Libra dragon with heavily influenced by negative Venus (mental abilities of Venus) and most of the things are true except that habit of overspending. my siblings and parents often called me frugal regarding my expenditures. it may be true in later years of my life as i'm 25 years old. another thing is that i'm really ambitious as i always wanted to be at top whatever i want to do.
Aman 2015-03-21 03:10:29
Just out of curiosity, is your name Aman and are uou a Libra Dragon? Because my name is Aman and I'm a Libra Dragon. I'm not pulling your leg. Interested in talking.

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