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The Polished Libran Dragon Personality

The Dragon is the only mythical creature among all the twelve animals chosen to represent personalities in Chinese Astrology. People born in the Year of the Dragon are presumed to have some of his charismatic aura within their personalities. Western Astrology describes a Libran as possessing a refined and diplomatic character. So when the personality concerned is a Libran Dragon it is one that is highly likely to be very polished. A Libran Dragon has a classy elegance woven into their personality that gives them their good looks and fine manners. The balance in Libra keeps them grounded so they are not too confident nor too loud.

A Libran Dragon is fair and unprejudiced with a good set of equalized emotions. They may be charming and stylish but they are not standoffish with it. These are genuinely nice people who take people as they find them and are rarely critical of anyone. They do not like violence or injustice of any kind and will often be seen as peace makers among groups of others. A Libran Dragon is usually well turned out as they feel more self assured when they feel smartly dressed. These personalities are inclined to be drawn towards professions where they can be of service to others.

Libran Dragon's are flexible and imaginative so they are able to turn their hand to most tasks and hobbies. When they finish working they sometimes like to socialize but usually are happy just to spend time with family and friends. The Libran Dragon also loves to shop and is always pleased to pick up a bargain. They have a good eye for colors and styles and an interest in fashion. They often adore decorating and furnishing their homes to perfection. These Libran's can be a little extravagant with money, as they tend to be impulsive buyers and may occasionally unintentionally overspend.

A personal relationship with a Libran Dragon for the most part will be harmonious as these individual's are not generally hard to live with. They have slight inconsistencies in mood but these are never long lasting. If a Libran Dragon is in a long term partnership they will be loyal and devoted. These characters believe strongly in fidelity and greatly dislike any form of deception. They can be highly protective of partners and some of them have a jealous streak. In general they are extremely loving, respectful, sensual and considerate and do not have a problem being open and honest in relationships.

The polish on the Libran Dragon personality can on rare ocassions become a little tarnished and a couple of weaknesses may show. This is probably when the Dragon's influence is dampened by the person being upset in some way. This agitation also disturbs the Libran balance and so the Libran Dragon may become sulky and ignorant. They seem to temporarily forget their usual elegant and tactful selves and inadvertently reveal one of their personality weakness. The other shortcoming in their personalities is a tendency to over exaggerate but this is not present in all these Libran's.

Koral 2015-06-17 15:04:58
this is my hubby's sign and EXACTLY to the point.

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fouad 2015-06-14 05:21:59
dragon he have fire

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Jaycee 2015-06-10 15:33:09
Dragons in general are unfaithful and arrogant.

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DragonsandScales 2015-04-08 01:20:06
I too am a Libra dragon born 1988. I definitively have the inconsistency in mood when I am unhappy with some aspects of my life work, relationships, the usual. I do hate injustice which leads me to feel a general distaste for society.

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Aman 2015-02-20 22:43:18
I'm a Libra dragon with heavily influenced by negative Venus (mental abilities of Venus) and most of the things are true except that habit of overspending. my siblings and parents often called me frugal regarding my expenditures. it may be true in later years of my life as i'm 25 years old. another thing is that i'm really ambitious as i always wanted to be at top whatever i want to do.

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Aman 2015-03-21 03:10:29
Just out of curiosity, is your name Aman and are uou a Libra Dragon? Because my name is Aman and I'm a Libra Dragon. I'm not pulling your leg. Interested in talking.

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Taurus Boy 2015-02-14 02:29:51
My sister is a Libra Dragon, but she
is not like this. She is rude, selfish,
mean, bossy, controling and moody.

But that may be, because she has Mulitiple Disabilities.

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Suzanne 2015-02-13 21:31:25
I'm a Libra Dragon born in 1964.

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Brian 2015-04-22 06:07:31
Hello, Suzanne I'm an Aries dog born in 82.

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miriam 2014-12-15 07:41:14
My husband is libra dragon. For some reason, he always has to be right.

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WILLIE J HAYNES 2014-11-21 18:33:36
i am a libra dragon for life i must control myself and the rest of my libra dragon please be at peace.

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Madsparkz 2014-11-21 14:52:33
 :D Haha so true!

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