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The Thoughtful Libran Sheep Personality

Sheep are sociable creatures who are described as cautious and mindful personalities in Chinese Astrology. People born in the Year of the Sheep are believed to acquire some of this creature's mild mannered and thoughtful nature. Western Astrology's Libran's are characterized as having balanced, fair, kind and tactful traits. So a Libran Sheep combination personality is naturally extremely caring and considerate to others. The over cautiousness of the Sheep is usually barely present in these individual's, as the Libran Sheep can often be both decisive and occasionally impulsive.

are very likeable people who tend to look at life with optimism and take a keen interest in the world around them. They are observant, intelligent, alert and sometimes a little overly sensitive. A Libran Sheep is neither sociable nor unsociable, they can take or leave company as they value their privacy and do not mind a bit of peace and quiet. They will enjoy jobs that can utilize their fine observation skills or make use of their care and consideration of others. In the home and relationships the diplomacy and respectfulness of these personalities helps them achieve harmony.

These Libran's are quite ambitious but not too much, they will work hard to obtain the things they need or want. They are not greedy and are generally good with money so they do not usually have many problems with budgeting. The Libran Sheep is a good friend and a fantastic listener. These characteristics form a strong foundation for all the Libran Sheep's friendships and personal relationships. The Libran Sheep's thoughtfulness makes them loyal friends and faithful and highly supportive soul mates. They will be devoted and protective to those that they love and care about.

A Libran Sheep is good at making decisions as they are inclined to give them a lot of thought beforehand. Their Libran traits make them weigh things up equally and so they are more likely to make good judgments. Sometimes these people can do things without thinking first but this is rare. It does not usually happen with important considerations but more with little decisions like whether to buy something expensive or not. The Libran Sheep can be an impulse buyer so is often best taking a friend when on a shopping spree. They may be good at managing their money but have been known to overspend every now and then.

Apart from their tendency to be a little impulsive on infrequent occasions the Libran Sheep has one other little weakness. This is their habit of sometimes being that aware and caring that they forget about their own needs. They tend to take other people's problems on board and worry for them. If they take on too much the Libran Sheep can quickly get stressed and their normal equilibrium becomes unbalanced. They may be short tempered if they do not regularly relieve the buildup of stress. To unwind these personalities find pampering treatments and a few quiet early nights in will often help. As they get older they learn to prioritize worries more.

Jim 2017-06-24 06:17:01
I am a libra ram and lot of what is said is true but I think that the time you were born can effect how you are because of that we're all different in some way.

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Von 2017-01-15 23:55:10
I'm a Libran Sheep and am a champion procrastinator, hate routine, am often lazy, and usually impatient. I'm also picky, will argue with logic not anger, and stay calm in a crisis ( collapse in private). However I'm not selfish, self-centred or materialistic. Good points- loyal, other-centred, great listener, optimistic, can find beauty in the the most unlikely places and live to create all forms of art. Like everyone else on the planet, a mixture of the good and the not so good.

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Guest 2015-08-04 20:29:07
That's funny. I once had a crush on a Libra Ram when I was in high school, but I'm the sign of an Ox and turns out I'm not compatible with these signs, but made a couple friends with Rams over the years and found them to be very funloving and artistic individuals. What gives Horoscopes?

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Freya 2015-07-29 03:59:11
I am a libra ram myself. after i read this it was so true! Even the comments where amazing, as if the writers were right next to me watching my life and reading my mind

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Kara 2015-07-17 10:49:08
They are very artistic and have a great eye for detail, but they are also procrastinators. To the outside world they show an easy going personality, but to people close to them they show their true colors. Judgmental, mean, negative, harsh and lazy. They are very organized and clean people. Just very thoughtless when it comes to others.

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Irene 2015-03-04 01:29:20
Is true that thei care only those whom they love. If it's not love the selfishness&self centered is so high that they want to control around those whom are -not -serving them. They not yelling but there is a saying that"the dog which bark dnt bite..."so their silence might say lot more then harmony. It can be that friends are more important then the life partner and believe it it's terrible.

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Happy new year 2015-02-16 20:34:14
I don't know how other libra Rams are but I am an anxious and over-worried person. I plan everything a step ahead. It's killing me! I'm extremely good at seeing every sides of things, and have the ability to take pieces and put them together. I'm extremely visual and I think I have an X-ray vision ( haha). I prefer being anonymous in most situation ( typical ram trait). I do appreciate arts and beauty in every form. Anyways, getting to know a person is more than what the horoscope can describe so live real and be happy!

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Dae Ma 2014-12-04 18:39:37
thoughtful only for themselves at the expense of others...

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pure libra ram 2014-11-14 03:11:35
A Libra don't pick sides either they go with their wanting or that special believe inside them.

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bbt 2014-10-28 02:54:40
My Libra Ram sister is the most self-centered self-serving quick-tempered person I know and is a terrible decision maker.

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Tim 2016-05-15 09:10:06
Libra values harmony & balance. Obviously, her scales have been tipped leaving her cometely off-balance.

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gemini-monkey 2014-10-17 21:45:43
My wife is close to these traits and I think she exhibits them to the outside world, but to me. She is not optimistic and has never been supportive of me, let alone highly supportive; however, something happened to her to cause stress, she has never relieved it and it has built up to cancer eating her away.

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dr43 2014-09-25 16:56:16
The Libra Ram tends to prefer harmonious relationships so he will avoid conflict. It is difficult for him to say "no" as another commenter has written but I would agree that the Libra Ram can be self-centered as well. Altruism is not his strong suit.

But he favors beauty and has an eye for detail, can think outside of the box, and possesses strong intuitive power. It is not that he cannot handle being confronted but more, he asks that you tell him in a kind and peaceable manner. No yelling. That does not work. And always be sure to check in with him over his feelings. If you show you care, then that means the world to him.

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libraram 2014-12-18 19:59:10
it's true libra ram don't like to hear yelling. I'm a libra ram and i see a person who needs to yell needs to attend anger management class. It's a misperception to think that you need to check with libra ram feelings before yelling... Yelling to Libra ram simply says inadequacy of communication. I would tell that person to calm the eff down and then speak to me. It usually piss him even more. lol

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GS91 2014-08-21 14:27:48
The Libra Ram I know is a big "yes-man" who can't say "no" to prevent his own ego from being hurt and as a result, he causes trouble to everyone around him. Also he can become very self-centered because of it. So "thoughtful" isn't exactly 100% correct.

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