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The Bashful Piscean Ox Personality

Being born under the influence of the Ox from Chinese Astrology usually indicates a person will acquire this animal's stability and tolerance. In a Western Astrology trait Piscean, this perseverance gained from the Ox often exhibits as a less emotional and highly strung individual. While the Piscean Ox personality will generally be quite strong emotionally it can also be rather bashful. The typical Piscean high sensitivity from the Fish is decreased by the presence of the Ox but this may increase the overall shyness of these personalities. So these people tend to be strong and sensitive in emotion, with quiet shy and reserved character's.

The Piscean Ox is naturally friendly but due to their bashfulness they tend to take time to make friends. When they do socialize they prefer the companionship of a few rather than many friends. These personalities may be a bit timid in their mannerisms but they usually possess a determined and decisive side. A Piscean Ox, with his or her good balance of mind, tends to see the world as it is without any rosy colored glasses. They are also adept at seeing the best in people and things instead of looking first for their faults. These particular Piscean's generally make great considerate and compassionate partners.

A Piscean Ox is sincere and patient in relationships with people they know well and like. With new people they are a little shyer and can sometimes appear aloof or snobbish at first meetings. The Piscean Ox takes time to choose a life long partner who they have to feel completely comfortable with and whom they trust impicitly. These individuals are romantic and passionate but they are also realistic in their view of the expectations and responsibilities of partnerships. They also find these pragmatic and loving views useful for parenting in later life.

These Piscean's are excellent at making things by hand and are often highly suited to jobs working with their hands. They are not afraid of hard work but are good at pacing themselves and organizing their priorities. In the home or workplace these are admirable personality assets and allow the Piscean Ox to turn his or her hand to the majority of tasks. They are not driven by financial gain but generally earn enough to have a comfortable lifestyle. The Piscean Ox loves the quieter things in life and usually surround themselves with things and people that help them relax. Their homes are considered extremely important as they are where a Pisces is most at ease and the Ox is at his most protective.

The shy streak running through the Piscean Ox personality is there only really weakness. It does not normally cause a problem with those close to these Piscean's. However it can prevent them from taking advantage of all life has to offer. The Piscean Ox is hesitant to grab opportunities in case it puts them in the spotlight. This can mean they sometimes miss out on reaching their full potential. With adequate encouragement these personalities can become a tad more confident.

Purple Girl 2015-07-15 23:00:34
Mostly true, except the bashful part. Don't seek the limelight, but comfortable in it.

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red 2015-06-15 18:25:45
sounds a bit of my ideal type.
im a scorpio/rat

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karen 2015-02-18 02:18:15
it also describes me, now I knew it

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Phoenixkid 2015-04-01 18:39:51
Message from karen
it also describes me, now I knew it

Then you and me are compatible, considering I'm a "Taurus/Rat" which are compatible with a "Pisces/Ox".

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MILES 2015-01-28 16:04:55

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jhem bernales 2014-12-03 15:21:49
All of it are Fact..
this article describing me

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Gayanath 2014-11-09 09:07:23

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Quentin S 2014-11-02 03:33:40
Always surprises me when these things are so accurate. Some aren't as true as others, but only because of situations and places I've been where I really couldn't be shy or timid, but by god that sh*t is still true lol. Wish I could just have people read this before they talk to me  :)

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josephine jopia 2014-09-20 14:50:30
all are correct!  :)

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