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The Insightful Piscean Snake Personality. Free Personality Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Pisces made with combination of the Chinese Astrology for Pisces born during the Snake Year: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025

When the charming persuasive Snake from Chinese astrology is paired with a Piscean sun sign, it creates very perceptive people. The highly sensitive Western astrological traits of Pisces are well-blended with this creature's symbolic personality. Ancient Chinese astrologers believed the influence of the Snake in a birth chart would liven up their perceptiveness. In the example of the Piscean Snake, it produces very insightful personalities, who are a little more sociable and less timid than most typical Pisceans. These individuals usually have a touch of the Snake's charm and persuasion, too, making them friendly and also good communicators.

The Piscean Snake character, with its strong influence of perceptiveness, is a caring and compassionate personality. These Pisceans tend to make an impression on everyone they meet in life. They are usually graceful and stylish in their manners, and are open, honest and friendly individuals. Their acute perception skills help them quickly evaluate new people and places. A Piscean Snake finds it easy to adjust their behavior to match situations, and so can therefore get along well with most people. These personalities are some of the most outgoing of all Pisceans, and probably the ones most likely to enjoy socializing.

Getting ahead in life is one of the Piscean Snake's ambitions; they like to aim high in their wished-for achievements. They will work extremely hard to accomplish advancement in their careers, without upsetting anyone left behind. These are intelligent people who will often see and seize opportunities before anyone else. The Piscean Snake is not greedy with nor particularly driven by money, but they do like to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. They will seek partners who will be supportive of their ambitious side and who will also help them unwind in their free time.

The Piscean Snake has a determined passion for success that usually spills over into all his or her relationships. These people do not like to fail in anything they do, and will always attempt things numerous times, until all possibilities are exhausted. This, along with their excellent communication abilities, is a definite asset for successful business, and gives them great tolerance in their associations with others. These Pisceans make very agreeable and considerate mates who tend to almost always put their partners way ahead of their friends. They appreciate the stability of long-term relationships and take great care to show their appreciation by being truly loyal to their partner.

The weakness of the Piscean Snake personality is their tendency to be incredibly possessive. If they have worked hard to acquire something, they are very reluctant to give it up. They hate wasting time and can get quite angry if a promise of any kind is broken. A Piscean Snake's possessiveness, especially with partners can sometimes become a problem. These personalities have a really jealous nature bubbling under their skins that can occasionally get out of control. Temper tantrums and sulking are their usual responses as coping mechanisms. This is a weakness that these Pisceans cannot help, and will usually carry throughout their life.

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Comments: Pisces Snake Horoscope

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Scales 2021-01-20 15:00:03
This is an overall view but within this combo there are many variables. I have friend of this combo and we are very different people but we also share many similarities. Seems as though there are 2 types of snake and 2 types of Pisces
Sepi 2020-07-01 08:20:18
I relate to everything in this. I am a female Pisces Snake. I am very goal oriented, want to do better in everything. I sense people vibe and people are somehow always are drawn to me and tell me their deepest darkest secrets. I am ALWAYS cautious around people & always try not to hurt them but becUse of my ADHD I say what’s on my mind and sometimes I say things and some people might take it personally when it was never meant to offend them. I usually lose my interest in most people because I am either sensitive to what they say or do or when they put other people above me which create this THUNDER of jealousy in me. I am never jealous of people’s financial situations or their looks or relationships. I get jealous when they treat me like a “friend”. I want to be their #1 and when I am not, I walk away. I would literally give my love for people that I love and I want to be able to trust that person with all my life. I am dating a Horse Virgo for 8 years now. He treats me SO WELL & understands me in ways I don’t even understand myself and It keeps me drawn to him CONSTANTLY! He support ls my goals and ambitions and I love that he is even more ambitious than me! We make a great team.
Ryan 2019-03-26 07:29:40
Couldn’t describe all this better, I am piscis-snake
Charming, very organized, speak 3 languages, highly inteligent, and no luck on partners , I’m still waiting for my right match.
Rand 2019-02-04 18:43:20
Meh to the inferiority comments and jealousy. I'm a male of this combination, and often so focused on doing my own thing, I couldn't care less what other people were doing to be jealous/competitive. Sounds like cusp babies leaning towards Aries. Very true on the making friends easily. I find that I'm a magnet for people, even complete strangers, coming to me and telling me their life stories. I observe that people feel comfortable confiding in me, despite barely knowing me (though of course I can keep matters totally confidential) I also find myself quite forgetful, to a point that I now introduce myself by telling people I'm like Dory, and I'll forget what you tell me in 5 minutes. =D Easy to keep secrets when you can't remember them. This may go for all Pisces, but advice for coping with anything: find a creative outlet! I'm a musician, and I just unleash any darkness and negativity into my music. It's like a good spiritual puke. =D
sss 2018-12-29 03:39:46
The males for this combination are generally full of jealousy and narcissism. Have the tendency to suffer on inferiority complexities. Mark my words !
sss 2018-12-29 03:34:19
I totally agree with the jealousy part. Met one in my previous workplace. Full of narcissism and ultra competitive. He plotted to outshine me but joke is on him as I moved up the ladder 😄 . They have an tendency to suffer from inferior complexities. Warning to all females out there, never marry such men !
SSS 2021-02-12 02:09:10
Funny you say warning to all women. What is funny is that these men wouldn’t want a woman, these men want a goddess or god. We want someone who can stand above all others and any mere woman or man would never be enough.
Male Piscian Snake 2020-01-14 15:20:12
Ouch that hurts. Male Piscian Snake, so you're basically saying I should give up on love and a family!!
Lugh 2018-04-26 00:52:05
I am fighting a losing battle with my gut. Because of my ability to take things in stride, bite the bullet, and reconstitute myself accordingly, my bleeding heart in tow. I failed to take the high road, yet while still knowing it existed. In the grips of Maya. I percieved the overtones of the Allsoul, but I swam too far and too long in that cold sea. The ends of the earth are always seen when your home is the island. Everything is so blatant, yet so imperceptible. I took full responsibility for my wrecked life, only to explore how the pieces fit. It's only a grid, that daring souls ever face. The morphogenetic field, they call it. Attract, repel, balance if you can. Dont risk to prove anything. Submit, that it IS an enterprise of epic proportion.
Paddy 2016-02-06 16:56:30
I've an eight-inch trouser snake.
A.H. 2015-07-07 20:50:03
I was a little confused about the whole "Good communicator" part because, frankly, I'm really awkward with talking to people sometimes. I have a hard time putting my thoughts into words, especially under a lot of stress or pressure. Maybe that's just me, I'm not sure. When I do get more comfortable, though, I really branch out and I am more open with people. I also notice, a bit, that people seem to really like me. I have a lot of confidence in myself.
I'm a real dreamer, too! I chastise myself for getting my head stuck in the clouds sometimes... but what can I say? It's pretty up there!
I'm very intuitive and creative, but it's hard to make my plans come to fruition. That's pretty frustrating, of course, but I'm optimistic about these situations and about life in general.

All in all, I'm really impressed with the accuracy of this horoscope.

BlueFireCobra 2017-06-23 19:06:48
U R not alone. I feel like I'm on the wrong planet. Felt like an oddball when I was a youngin in the hood and as I have gotten older,I made a lot of foolish choosing friends and relationships. Everything I do for others NEVER gets respected and in essence causes me 2 do for myself only. I don't believe in love or god. I believe in reality which affects everything.
Someone else 2019-01-08 18:40:46
Yeah I absolutely agree, there is somewhere for us but its just not here. I'm constantly finding that I get lost... Well that might be inaccurate, I "love" to get "lost" in studying the possibility of potential outcomes so much that the actual outcome is often a huge let down. This place just isn't meant for us, when I'm alone I'm too alone, when I'm in groups I'm anxious. I think the only real solution I've ever had is finding meaning in these silly anecdotes we've learned as kids ( small portions, with a grain of salt, etc) good luck!
Sage 2017-03-01 13:39:59
I definitely relate to feeling more clumsy, and having a hard time communicating especially with new people. I think that's partly because we have such high expectations of ourselves. I also found that once I became more comfortable in myself I felt like a better communicator, more open with people, and more confident in what I was saying.

Perhaps it's something that you'll grow into as well.
lacey 2016-08-08 23:56:20
I am the same way. Just think majority of the time we can say what needs to be said or not be saidat the right moment. We can calm heated situations, as long as emotions dont get in the way.
AP 2015-08-09 16:43:45
You have personality from your sun sign but you can be ruled by your moon sign. Perhaps you have a more introverted moon soon. You should look up what yours is. 🙂
Hello 2015-07-26 08:33:19
Hej ho!! i actually feel the same..
Paula 2014-12-16 01:05:28
Hi, feeling like "magic" in action sometimes?
Is such a great feeling to be connected with heaven and earth and translate both, me too 3 languages (only and still learning) lived for 13 years abroad and changed country again...good luck!
JACOBIUS 2014-12-06 15:28:49
I am a snake pisces. Learnt i was a snake from the restaurant MANDARIN's placemats. Learnt i was a Pisces when my step cousin said "YOU'RE SUCH A PISCES!" Years of introspection, relationship(singular) and travel have shaped me--and now i start reading my daily horoscopes and personality descriptions...
It's all true. I'm a textbook example of your most JEDI-LIKE Pisces. I have the intellect, the emotional perception to quickly know EXACTLY what's going on around me. I know when a bum on the street is about to ask me for money, i know when they're trying to offer me something just so they can then ask me for something in return, i know when my parents are about to say something destructful to the relationship and so i take the conversation elsewhere.... Basically i feel like a JEDI for the "mind-tricks" aspect of Pisces. You see, I'm never clue-less, i always have the answer, and I'm usually perplexed at the human race when they do the things they do....as if I'm the one with all the answers. But that stems from me feeling CAPABLE to handle ANYTHING due to my perceptiveness on emotions and who i am as a man. Even the man who called me an A-hole in a public setting, on public transit, for 50 people to see and hear... even that little scenario I took in stride, without waves being created, and simultaneously instilling a fear into him with just my eyes and my actions(NO WORDS!!) The whole train could have thought i was inches from murder...but just because this poor poor soul lashed out at a total stranger, who happened to be me, it won't deter me from my path. My path in life is set by me, and anybody trying to MESS with it...CAN'T! I control life. JEDI. Walking through this life, dodging what i can, manipulating what i can...all with the future in mind, all with mankind's interests in mind...all still getting me from point A to B on my terms. Anybody else love that they're somehow a Pisces with charm(snake)? A wise man hears one word and understands two.
Michael 2017-08-04 18:49:43
So true! We need to hang!
Paula 2017-01-20 03:03:40
I am a pisces/rooster.. but a lot of these traits are mine as well. the thing i get confused with people is when they say something, and it doesnt match what they mean. really does my head in at times..lol
Lol 2014-12-18 04:09:34
I didn't read your whole comments but I think most people know a "bum" is likely to ask for money without being a Jedi lol
Olivia 2014-12-03 05:40:22
Is it strange that I am a very psychological sort of Pisces snake? I also want to know how everyone thinks of us, in what I have read it has become clear that we are a typical dreamer yet can go with our gut and make the right decision most of the time. I am a true believer in our horoscope seeing as how I have read nothing much like what we are on a mental playing field. I know we absolutely have intellect but I feel that we go off of more on our feelings. I was wondering just how much any snake Pisces feels the same quite honestly. I am also married to a man that was born on the same day in the same hospital an hour apart from me and can yet be so different from how I perceive the world. We are supposedly made for each other since I was adopted at birth and met 20 years later through my biological sister who married his step brother.....but the question remains how is it that we are so different from each other and yet so alike at the same time. Its very confusing for me since I am on the more mystical side and he is very logical and for some reason is all about making money.... he almost seems like a tarus or an Aries snake.
Andrew 2016-05-11 07:44:23
You both will have different rising signs, which means many of your planets will be in different houses. It's also possible his ascendant forms aspects with different planets than yours.
Martin 2016-01-31 01:11:18
I think that you experience those differences because he's a male piscean snake. The way it seems to revolve all around money is may be possible he wants you to be able to live the easy life like he wants it for you both. And he thinks you aren't there yet. This seems to me as a very caring characteristic of your husband, it can be frustrating for you because you may have a more dreamy approach but i think its just him trying to do good by you aswell. But if you have doubts about this you should just talk to him about this. Nine out of ten he already knows that you have these doubts.

Coming from a fellow male piscean snake.

I wish you the best of luck.

Virginia 2014-09-17 16:30:37
It's true. I am a pisces-snake, and I'm very perceptive people & highly sensitive. I'm intelligent, have excellent communication skills, (studied 7 languages), I'm not greedy and love socializing.
If I get jealous, it's only because my partner has not made me comfortable and secure in our relationship. When he has, I have not worries. :-)
Trevor 2014-11-17 19:10:39
Message from Virginia
It's true. I am a pisces-snake, and I'm very perceptive people & highly sensitive. I'm intelligent, have excellent communication skills, (studied 7 languages), I'm not greedy and love socializing.
If I get jealous, it's only because my partner has not made me comfortable and secure in our relationship. When he has, I have not worries. :-)

Yeah I know what you mean, I'm the same but in male form living in Japan, learned Japanese. Maybe go Chinese now for business purposes ^^
Good luck Virginia

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