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Sagittarius born in Rat year Personality Horoscope

The Realistic Sagittarian Rat Personality. Free Personality Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Sagittarius made with combination of the Chinese Astrology for Sagittarius born during the Rat Year: 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020

Individuals born in the Chinese astrological Year of the Rat are assumed to gain some of this creature's characteristics. Quick thinking and a curious nature are some of the Rat's stronger and more influential personality traits. When the person concerned is a Sagittarius, as depicted in Western astrology, they are believed to acquire the Rat's intelligence and inquiring mind. Sagittarian Rats are clever and intuitive, with an optimistic and realistic outlook. These personalities are not dreamers; they have their feet firmly on the ground. They will see and evaluate everything and everyone exactly as they are, with no fancy frills.

The Sagittarian Rat has an easygoing personality, and is cheerful and friendly most of the time. They are very level-headed and usually brilliant at working out fast solutions to problems. As they think so realistically, their suggestions will often be instantly workable and effective. These particular skills make a Sagittarian Rat an asset to any workplace or circle of friends. They will be sensible, supportive, reliable and respectful when working or socializing with others. As friends, they will sometimes be a little blunt in their responses, but you know you will always get an honest and sincere answer.

A Sagittarian Rat loves to travel, and many of these people will learn to drive at some time in their life. These characters crave freedom and space at times, and getting away from mundane routines. They are keen on changes of scenery and will try and escape the boring day-to-day things whenever they have free time. These are down-to-earth personalities who are basically home-loving, but who possess a sense of adventure. Sagittarian Rats do not like restrictions, and may grow restless when they are in need of a break. They have a real appreciation for the world and will take any opportunity to see some more of it.

In relationships, a Sagittarian Rat can be rather spontaneous and romantic, and they like to treat partners to surprises. When these people are in love, their usual rational minds are clouded over by dreaminess. They hold a special place in their hearts for soulmates, and will often completely override their common-sense sides in personal relationships. The Sagittarian Rat is lovable, attentive and perceptive to the feelings and moods of others. You will not have to tell them how you are feeling, or what you are thinking, as they will probably already intuitively know.

Aside from accommodating of partners, family and friends, the Sagittarian Rat tends to avoid too many other responsibilities. This avoidance of additional obligations is a little weakness in their personality. It may appear as laziness or irresponsibility, and will vary in degree between each Sagittarian Rat. They do not usually see it as a negative characteristic, but as part of their realistic natures, and it prevents them from getting stressed. However, those around them will sometimes be disappointed by their lack of enthusiasm for taking on extra tasks or accountability. If they say “No” to something initially, it is probably best to not pursue the matter further.

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Jonykleko 2019-03-28 03:36:33
It does match. I’m Rat (1996) and Sagittarius on my ascendent. When I want to college I felt an intense euphorial sensation where my comfort zone increased dramatically and was very positive about life, never a dull moment. I feel a lot of states of mind like being euphoric or relaxed. I’m very prospective and live in the moment. I can really intuitively feel others since I feel a lot of body sensations that each create a different state for me. I think really quickly and do believe my beliefs are more than correct. I don’t like to think of you he basic things, I think about the hidden in people and personalities, about how one is introvert or extravert, intuitive or observant, rational or emotional, judgmental or prospective and assertive or turbulent. I love to put my philosophies into action and I’m very defiant and may miss the big picture
Randy Watson 2017-02-25 16:27:41
I am a Afr-Am/ Polynesia Leo Fire Dragon from California in search of my lady
Sagittarius Earth Rat born between
22 Nov - 21 Dec,1948. If you are her, pls contact me sweetheart at 661.418.4640. Let's explore our cosmic match & see if we truly are "the One" for each other.
Christy 2020-01-05 14:15:44
It's been 2017 since you wrote this, have you found you Lady yet?
Annabella 2015-02-26 02:24:36
If you are a practising bible believer born in 1972 under the sign of Aries or Sagittarius seeking a new friend email me at i am a leo fire dragon.
... 2015-03-16 18:29:01
Wow nice you're a Leo fire reptile # 1
paulaNeed 2014-06-26 06:02:26
Need my daily sag horoscopes the rat 2014

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