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Scorpio - Dragon
The Assertive Scorpio Dragon Personality

The Dragon is referred to as a mythical magical creature in both Chinese and Western Astrology. It's presence in anyone's birth chart is believed to be an indication of luck and good fortune in life. It can also signify that the personality may be forceful, highly confident, sensual and apt at getting their own way. The Scorpio Dragon combination produces an assertive but very likeable character who will usually do very well for themselves in life. They tend to have magnetic personalities that attract attention and this is usually apparent at a very early age. The Scorpio Dragon is generally pleasant and positive but they can also be moody and demanding.

A Scorpio Dragon is usually full of optimism and someone who is not afraid of hard work to achieve their goals. They have quick organized minds that they like to keep busy and many will enjoy work that involves using these particular talents. These people like neat and tidy surroundings and can be critical of others who are untidy or disorganized. In their friendships or personal relationships they are drawn to people with the same preferences of order rather than chaos. Of all Scorpio's, the Scorpio Dragon's are the personalities that are most likely to be the most faithful to their partner's. They are big believers in having only one long term partner to travel through life with.

These individual's are very ambitious and they tend to set their standards and ambition time frames high. The Scorpio Dragon does not give up easily on anything as he or she seems to have a can do attitude. They take challenges and responsibilities in their stride and usually always finish everything that they start. When it comes to financial matters a Scorpio Dragon does appear to have acquired a lucky trait to his character. These Scorpio's have a gift of being in the right place at the right time to take advantage of money making opportunities. They seem to regularly win competitions and acquire in unusual opportune ways.

The Scorpio Dragon is highly observant and resourceful, they will often see things way before other people notice them. They sometimes have great ideas and solutions to problems just by taking a quick look. If they do not know how to do something the Scorpio Dragon will want to. These are effective skills ideal for work and home life. Many of these Scorpio's enjoy making their homes just as they want them with do it yourself projects. They have a keen eye for detail and a love of making, improving and transforming objects.

The assertiveness of the Scorpio Dragon personality can sometimes be a weakness as well as a strength. Occasionally these character's will become overly demanding and possessive in their mannerisms. This will most frequently be when they have taken on too much and are feeling extremely stressed out. Their normally charming nature's and controlled emotions can waver and they may display attention seeking behavior. Talking about issues with someone else is often helpful to these personalities.

LDR76 2015-05-14 13:33:34
I've always been unique. As a youth I was treated and reminded I was different and instead of embracing this (as a child/young adult) I thought I was a misfit. As I entendres my 30s I learned independently that this was a gift and not a curse. I was born with the gift of art and that's where my genius lies, as far as everything else I had/have a tough time learning simply because I see things in color, pictures and energy ... Much differently then others. Again as a child it was tough because nobody know how to nurture this, instead it was much easier for other to throw me in the "stupid" category then to try and understand. I honestly believe this was in its own way a gift from the gods.. I was forced to teach myself by doing the only thing that made sense. I had no fear, I traveled, saw things and lived many lives which taught me more then any college ever could. I've lived through so much, a lot of it was self sabotage but in the end I always found an out... With it strength! I love my freedom, my space (did not survive well in a marriage) and my children. I know my path of greatness lies in art, in today's world I'm competing with computers, something I rebelled, but as an adult I realize I need to bend to the world today and teach myself on how to use the world of technology to my benefit. I have to say it's hard but I won't quit. I'm extremely sexual and attract both sexes, not with looks alone but my energy. It's almost like my pheromones are different and people smell or feel this. I see the act of sex like everything else in life like an art. It's beautiful to me. I however have no interest in finding a partner, I do much much better alone. The only people I enjoy are my two girls.. One is a Scorpio and the other a dragon.. Talk about awesome, right? But as I may be able to relate, I'm scared because if they are anything like me then danger wether intentional or not will always be in their life. I know if I try and stop them then it'll only make them yern for it more. My biggest life challenge is to figure out a way to educate, communicate, love and except all of there differences as a friend but still maintain authority as a parent... Otherwise our tempers will clash and I'll risk putting them in more danger. Big fear! My temper is a forest fire.. It come on blazing and it's hard to put out... Seems to get more intense year after year (prob because I am juggling more then ever... All by myself!)
But as I finish I do need to say it's interesting reading about dragon/Scorpio personality traits because it couldn't be more true and has helped me understand myself more. I wish all of my stinging dragon brothers and sisters the best... You are gifted and powerful but be careful because with this power comes the ability to burn oneself and if you have any enemies... You could be your worst!! Love you sister -Lori

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Arun 2015-05-27 11:04:41
Holy shit !!!!!

the exact same story here

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Paige 2015-05-11 22:31:18
See most of this is true for me but not the organisation part. I basically live for untidyness organization means nothing to me and so far organising me pretty good. Apart from that this describes me perfectly,faults and all.

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LDR76 2015-05-14 13:54:37
I'm a fellow Scorpio/dragon, I'm a bit older and I'm only commenting through experience and personal observation. You say everything is true but the organization... Is it because you keep putting it off... Not avoiding it but you know yourself and you know if you start you can't stop till it's perfect? I know that I need order but things are still a mess.. I am a perfectionist and to start something I know it'll never be completed because nothing's perfect but to convince my brain of this is a challenge! Just because your not a perfect cut from the above description doesn't mean your not... This was just an outline but there are many things in each of our lives that mold and change these things but its because of what's listed above... Did that make sense? I guess all I'm saying is you are who you are because the bottom line you are unique because your a Scorpio/dragon and that's all you need to embrace!
Your sister! L

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Nidhoggr1988 2015-04-17 00:13:33
Scorpio Dragons are also the most powerful and intelligent of all zodiac signs. They are geniuses and very highly evolved. Also dangerous if told what to do or cornered.

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Noah bowers 2015-04-14 06:15:09
The only thing that isn't true is the org ionization, my room is not organized

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Dessi 2015-02-19 16:34:19
I am a Scorpio Fire Dragon - it's true all the way...

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Rajiv 2015-02-19 12:46:29
I love my self and it seems like we have different bodies and souls but the ruler is one.  :ups: Guys like us, they remember us as good person, if not friend. I think we can also change our outer personality as per the surroundings. I personally did my self three times.  ?) Some times we over judge us and our personality encourage us to take risk / challenge consequently becomes the reason of fall.

Some time I feel like no one understand us. some time I feel less people understand our logic. Who-cares, we are Dragons and can able to fight alone.

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RC 2015-02-05 17:42:50
The only sign I've ever met that could keep up with me mentally or physically both in and out of the bedroom.
Loving, honest, passionate, intelligent, creative, tolerant, LOYAL, COMMITTED lovers, friends and mothers.
All they expect is the same in return and truly that's not hard to give if you value them. Whatever you give openly and sincerely is returned to you 10 times more. All you have to be is honest and genuine with your feelings/actions (both good and bad).
They only roam/leave if you've betray their friendship, belittle them, disgrace them with malious, truly cheated on them (flirting is not cheating) or callously break their heart. And if they're roaming they are already have one step out the door of a dissolving relationship which they ended.
Yes to some, they may be classified as sexually deviants (clearly that's the wrong verbiage). They're in a class of sexual knowledge, understanding, experimentation and expression that's so far beyond the average narrow minded male who is unfortunately just outclassed and finds this woman intimidating.
Recommend, you just ask because they're very understanding, great teachers, and posses the patience allowing you the time needed to get you up to their speed and intensity.
I Scorpio women.
A Gemini Male Rat!

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LJLP 2014-12-30 16:18:58
this is so true!!!
*goosebumps as i read this article*

..always thinking of my goals in life and make sure im on the right path in fulfilling it.

I am good at getting what i want through hardwork and withnthe use of my skills.
really very organized at things.

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J 2014-12-19 14:58:16
My question "How many more times can Will say "I"?
Now taking all Bets. I say again, open for bets.

I bet $200, and I am pretty sure it's plenty. He must be single.

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J 2014-12-19 14:42:03
In addition, scorpios are sexually deviant. As well as selfless, always putting themselves last.

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Marti 2014-12-14 12:32:48
This is me totally no matter what anyone else things. I am proud to be a Scorpio Dragon and no one is going to tell me Im full of myself. BAH to you. if you don't like it here why did you visit?

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Nonya 2014-12-14 04:26:27
Cutie lol

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C 2014-12-08 17:04:20
I am also a Scorpio/dragon as well. After reading a story about Scorpio born in dragon year I have to agree with what they said 99% true for both positive/negative. I am proud and fortunate to be borned under Scorpio sign on the year of Dragon. I never have issue with money. I am very neat, tidy person, quick and organized mind, very generate,loyal, and friendly until cross then prepare for a deadly revenge. I am passionate person I forgive but I don't forget.

Cheer to all who born under this sign.

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Yog 2015-04-27 10:31:18
I am also proud of my Scorpio Dragon and I read the Article and it 99% is True.

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kaycee leigh 2014-10-20 09:16:30
This is me totally. Reading each sentence i ws thinking this is me all over. We are so loyal and we have a sixth sense i do beleive.

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Will 2014-06-30 15:06:40
I am a horoscope SKEPTIC, I am educated and a Scorpio Dragon and this description describes me exactly so much so I can give it to people as an insight into ME and each sentence is perfectly relevant it is quite shocking to read as though someone knows me intimately.

*I changed my name at 3 years old to the bedazzlement of family..
*not begin afraid of hard work, ambition and drive define everything about my
*quickly organised minds
*neat and tidy surroundings a MUST and self-renovated homes/cars/motorbikes/boats
*never give up
*I'm a national champion sportsman in 2 sports, was an A and scholarship student..
*run 4 businesses
*very loyal lover and partner...everything is relevant including the flaws.

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Kahl 2014-10-26 16:53:24
Wow, you are really full of yourself. I did this, I did that, geez what a douche.

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Geo 2015-01-12 10:50:15
HEY! Why are you even on this site if you are going to insult others for what they have achieved in life. "Unless you're jealous"

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