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The Assertive Scorpio Dragon Personality. Free Personality Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Scorpio made with combination of the Chinese Astrology for Scorpio born during the Dragon Year: 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024

The Dragon is referred to as a mythical, magical creature in both Chinese and Western astrology. Its presence in anyone's birth chart is believed to be an indication of luck and good fortune in life. It can also signify that the personality may be forceful, highly confident, sensual and apt at getting their own way. The Scorpio Dragon combination produces an assertive but very likable character, who will usually do very well for themselves in life. They tend to have magnetic personalities that attract attention, which is usually apparent at a very early age. The Scorpio Dragon is generally pleasant and positive, but they can also be moody and demanding.

A Scorpio Dragon is usually full of optimism and someone who is not afraid of hard work to achieve their goals. They have quick, organized minds that they like to keep busy, and many will enjoy work that involves using these particular talents. These people like neat and tidy surroundings, and can be critical of others who are untidy or disorganized. In their friendships or personal relationships, they are drawn to people with the same preferences of order rather than chaos. Of all Scorpios, the Scorpio Dragons are the personalities that are most likely to be the most faithful to their partners. They are big believers in having only one long-term partner to travel through life with.

These individuals are very ambitious and they tend to set their standards and expectations high. The Scorpio Dragon does not give up easily on anything, as he or she seems to have a “can-do” attitude. They take challenges and responsibilities in stride and typically finish everything that they start. When it comes to financial matters a Scorpio Dragon does appear to have acquired a lucky trait to his character. These Scorpios have a gift of being in the right place at the right time, to take advantage of money making opportunities. They seem to regularly win competitions and acquire wealth in unusual opportune ways.

The Scorpio Dragon is highly observant and resourceful, so they will often see things way before other people notice them. They sometimes come up with great ideas and solutions to problems just by taking a quick look. If they do not know how to do something, the Scorpio Dragon will want to learn. These are effective skills ideal for work and home life. Many of these Scorpios enjoy making their homes just as they want them with do-it-yourself projects. They have a keen eye for detail, and a love of making, improving and transforming objects.

The assertiveness of the Scorpio Dragon personality can sometimes be a weakness as well as a strength. Occasionally these characters will become overly demanding and possessive in their mannerisms. This will most frequently be when they have taken on too much and are feeling extremely stressed out. Their normally charming natures and controlled emotions can waver, and they may display attention-seeking behavior. Talking about issues with someone else is often helpful to these personalities.

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Colleen 2024-03-11 17:29:26
I have no answer to the question you have posed but you described me so much more clearly than I could have described myself I wondered if maybe you are I in the future or perhaps not of this Earth. Your immortal self perched in front of your laptop, a quiet city street below, dawn on the horizon. I want to say Europe but it feels so New York. And on the other side of the world, with far less adjectives at my disposal, I’m spellbound by your words. I wonder if you’re my spirit twin I labeled as Jesus through a poem I wrote a long time ago. Lamenting my mother’s lust filled immaculate conception that she had no memory of when I found her 40 years after my birth. My mysterious gifts, the knowledge, wisdom, pain and rebirth, an immortal heart, though weakened and broken, starving for but never drowning in love, sees what others do not, feels more than could ever be told, twists pain into poetry, I am more but I am so much less if they cannot see what I know, which is they know not what they do, even when they do. I thought perhaps I could be fallen from the arms of gods, a pawn to walk the earth and learn how to hate, but I only just thought of hate because all I do is love and understanding and I wish I could help them all but why can’t they help themselves like i do?. Suppose we actually came from the underworld, I’d never considered that until now. Oh what a strange and wonderful life and I do hope my new friend that you truly know how special you are and maybe we will meet one day in a quiet dusty book story we discover untraveling on a train someplace beautiful and it’s a rainy overcast day and the bookstore has large dirty windows and deep comfortable chairs with even deeper conversations and I sip on my mocha though deep down I should have ordered the hot chocolate. I open the treasure I have found in the bowels of the book store, you glance down at me as you wait to order your latte but at the last minute you order hot chocolate and a croissant and I’m trying to concentrate on my book but I wish I had ordered food and I hope in this moment your soul recognises mine and somewhere in time we know each other. Or maybe we will spend eternity chasing each other through the sky and the world will keep spinning and we’ll never know what we didn’t know until we do. Now I’d like to end it there but I’m concerned this site will delete my reply as I try to prove I’m human (moment of reckoning), and you might never see my reply. A message in a bottle floating through space. Smile my friend, I wish you a beautiful day but you don’t need me to say that because you will if that’s what you want to do.
T C 2019-02-10 07:38:12
Scorpio (wood) Dragon everything is accurate to me.
Warchief 2018-06-21 14:54:30
Does anyone happen to know the zodiak combination most likely to be compatible with our own combination? Or have address for breakdown of conpatibility percentages to make comparison online? Or anyone who know what the breakdown is and wishes to share it with me here is my new best friend....for the time it takes me to gain the knowledge while reading their response...guessing 2 minutes tops. Do we ever enjoy learning from reading by actually reading everything? Or do we all scan through, like in life, find the meat and devour it as quickly as possible to move to our next passion? Why we tend to leave messes in whatever we consider part of our personal space. We will clean that later, not only is it mine and I know where everything is in it, so don't anyone dare touch it; but it's also embarrassing and I don't want anybody to see it or have to do what they feel I couldn't do myself. I can do it perfectly fine, as soon as I find the time, i.e. finally get sick of looking at it, or grave necessity rears its ugly head during my short personal time and obligates me to do so: where time is often plenty.
What combination creates the type of person that can deal with our arrogant, righteous, stubborn, ever-patient, fiery-lusting, quickly-angered, overly-passionate, ever-faithful, non-forgetting, hardly-forgiving, over-analyzing, overly-flattering, deeply-sincere, honest, loving, fair, vengeful, honorable, value-protector, champion-of-the-unable, strong-minded, superbly-willpowered, undauntedly-justified, misunderstood, underappreciated, self-conscious, carefully-worded, bitterly-sarcastic, uncannily-intuitive, admittingly-faulted, mood-sensitive, moody, solution-finding, problem-solving, non-stop-thinking, forever-daydreaming, goal-reaching, self-doubting, overly-self-critical, sometimes-paranoid, rarely-mistaken, firm-believer, pointless-debater, highly-skeptical, mechanically-minded, self-correcting, unintentionally-self-destructing, unnecessarily-burden-taking, untraveling vacationer? We work hard 24-7, when it comes to relaxing we aren't doing much, save for illicit substances, or mind-erasing pleasures that truly give us a vacation from ourselves. Which western and eastern zodiak combo can understand this and love us for it?
Hope my impatient passion hears from you soon, though I know you'll immediately start, correct ideas, proof-read, add thoughts as they come to mind, re-read what you've written until you're satisfied with your work. Then you'll doubt yourself, scan through one last time, and if not ready to show the world how great your ideas are because you think you've fallen short in explaining, you'll be re-writing some, if not all of your temporal masterpiece. See it in about an hour, and I can tell you now it looks great, but I'm not sure you included all the information I'm seeking, so I've jumped back from the future before sending this to remind you. THANKS! We dragons with venomous stinging tails have to work together, but never in close proximity, mind you. We'd be quickest to be deadly furious if faced with our mirror-selves for a short length of time once the honeymoon phase of matching and cheering ourselves for thinking and believing the same things ended. We just can't tolerate that kind if arrogance. Only slightly less than the 100megaton nuclear explosion that would occur upon meeting our clones, would be to have to spend too much time with our own sign combo. Just like, in the long-run, a 50megaton nuke would kill off more people in a more insidious and slower, more painful death than the 100, a collection of us conversing in person would only lead us to a completely calamitous corruptive catastrophe: of the ticking time-bomb variety, with no visible readout of time left before detonation. We would all sense the palpable and inevitable meltdown fast approaching, and be stubborn and foolish enough to see it to the end, for the gamble that we may once and for all show these know-it-alls who really knows it all, and will somehow come away unscathed, while remaining in the eye of the storm we helped whip in to creation. Even as the karma cuts us to our giant souls, we will tell ourselves it's not over until I'm dead, or I say it's over. As every one fights to get the last word in, we all fall realizing we should have just kept our mouths shuts, no, we should never have thought each other in person was a great idea. Low and behold, chanced by accident, we will never choose to meet each other in real life, for we all know the one in the mirror is the best anyway, and I don't have to prove myself to anyone, especially someone who acts, thinks, speaks and claims they're just like me, when I know it's me that is the best; but i always waste good energy on the ignorant that refuse to believe the honest to goodness evidence I have ready, in order of doubt, for them to behold. They just can't handle the truth, it's all bogus anyway: all correlations without any direct proof isn't science, it's heresy. (Those of you who don't know, this is precisely the paraphrased reason Copernicus was chastised, ridiculed, brutalized, imprisoned, and sentenced for death, for stating without a doubt, that the universe did not revolve around us, the earth, but in fact it was earth and the other nearby heavenly bodies that revolved around the sun. Ironic and paralleling our self-image and beliefs? Bitterly, and wouldn't it also be something, if I had chosen Copernicus for this reason? but alas my brain tossed it out to me like it knows it's deeply more clever than my conscious thought, and further, if Copernicus had also been our winning and completely full of ourselves zodiac combination) Love you all, and love yourselves: you know it's the easiest thing anyone ever asks you to do unless it comes from that crush that shatters your hardening heart...good thing you always leave it open for others to enter, and let it bleed a little bit when passions beg.)
Jewels 2019-11-29 08:44:51
I just had an Astrology reading done. I am compatible with a Scorpio dragon. So in answer to your inquiry a pisces tiger is compatible with any Scorpio dragon. Now I have to meet one and see if we can make a go of it. I don’t know how to go about it though. Hahahahaha can you see it a stranger asking random people “Hi, are you a Scorpio dragon”. I think not soooo I will go about my Awe inspiring wonderful life. So if you happen to see a lady skipping down the sidewalk or splashing around in the rain, that might be a pisces tiger. If per chance I ever have the pleasure of being with a Scorpio dragon that it is as beautiful as predicted.
adam irfan 2023-01-19 17:01:50
scorpio snake...
richard kopasek 2021-10-24 12:19:17
hi Scorpio dragons are very passionate human beings we do everything with passion and we love to grow. i think being one the greater good of humanity is important to me who does it benefit. I was born an old soul to begin with and humanity does not realize that humans are very special. It amazes me that we do not treat each other that way or the earth that we inhabit. The habitat and other species that we have pushed into extinction there is only one earth it is a very beautiful place. Scorpio Dragons love water but I fell in love with the desert because of the open expanses as far as the eye can see. You will find me in Joshua Tree. We have a wonderful farmers marker. Peace on your journey
Earth 2021-08-15 17:54:21
I Am the embodiment of all elementsbut creatively right. But soul leads and its fustrating but u have a beautiful soul i felt it. We must find Our soul family but in this day of only fot self doesnt let us do that.
Scorp Season 2018-11-17 03:35:11
Wow to everything you said being entirely accurate! To answer your question, I am a Scorpio Dragon and my husband is a Capricorn Ox. We’ve been together for 6 years. Although it did take him some time to understand me, he is my best friend and understands and accepts me better than anyone I have ever met. We do have our differences and our problems, but we have stuck by each other through some major setbacks already and I truly believe he is my soulmate and he feels the same way about me! I have not had a connection like this with anyone else, ever!
Roselyn 2022-10-28 17:08:05
Woow 100%
Me scorpioDragon and my husband capricormMonkey..😊
breezy 2018-10-06 06:12:10
Wow. 100% me, and I agree. Cheers to you, may we keep on keepin' on...
Jenn 2018-05-22 21:33:19
My son is a Dragon Scorpio and this doesn't describe him at all. He's almost 18 years of age. His room is so nasty and dirty. It smell so bad when you enter his room. He have dishes, cups and trash all over the tables and floor. He can't seem to wake up in the morning by himself. He sleeps all day and he lies to get his way. All he do is play games all day if hes not in school. He's very unorganized. He have all his school work and even important things laying everywhere. I want to say more but this doesn't describe him at all. I dont understand why.Please explain.
Behnam Jaguar 2019-01-22 18:28:46
Maybe as a mother,u have not treated ur king son the way he expects.
Red Wan 2018-03-07 12:37:27
Scorpio Dragons 1988 I dont give up easily and Fighting is my path
Velle 2017-10-24 11:03:51
I'm a Dragon/scorpion that has had to trvel most of this journey in life without the traditional foundation of family. As a small child I was misunderstood all around the board and astrology in the homes I lived in was completely out of the question. Only through time and *opinion(debunking religion), studying and ultimately coming to grips with my own characteristics did I yield to the validity of my astrological representation. I have epitomized my sign in all realms. I as LDR am a 76Dragon which has more specific definition and characteristics that I exhibit. I have a son who too shares the same two signs and is 24yrs 3 weeks to the day of my birthday. Quite literally we are the same. I must say I have been EXTREMELY fortunate regarding employment opportunities. We're taught statistically without formal education or being born into means the likelihood of success is more challenging. There's some merit to that statement except I have to be honest that pretty much whatever I truly wanted to accomplish... I did...without the adherence to the preferred 4 year tenure. But I did have the hurdles/challenges and as stated...Our powers are too intense. I actually have OCD regarding organization and cleanliness in my personal space which I have had to become more flexible with the rest of my family(children). Ultimately the only enemy I believe that we could ever have is ourselves. . . Oh yeah today is my birthday
William 2017-09-07 08:05:44
Born nov 8 2000.....i find this nothing like me non of this bs
Will 2021-02-24 15:44:51
Try siddereal astrology. Try a reading for libra dragon.
D 2017-10-09 23:37:28
Same birthday and I also can't relate completely
Kitty 2016-12-28 11:27:35
Im a pisces goat dating scorpion dragon. I think I am falling in love. Would he feel the same way? How will our relationship be?
Lauren 2017-02-01 22:18:18
I am a Scorpio dragon and my husband is a Pisces Goat, we are happily married and have been together for almost 10years... It does take some work at times our relationship but we love each other very much..
Nyl 2017-08-06 12:43:05
IM A scorpio Dragon. i already like you by the fact that you use kitty as an identity name....
L 2016-07-29 00:41:10
Scorpio dragon (fire) here. Mostly true description oh us. Very pleased accuracy.
Does anyone know if our ambitious attitude tend to curb with time or what? I am highly achieved and still looking to do more.
Booya 2016-05-11 22:51:10
I am definitely not organised and although I always chose partners that are and really appreciate it my mind is not organised. I tend to chose to take on more and think about more and leave organisation for a time when I have downtime, which is never...
Victoria 2016-04-05 09:43:26
It's funny reading this article. Most of all of this relates. Personally I spend a lot of my time analyzing everything from my career, kids, relationships, etc. I am a perfectionist, creative, and fast on my feet. I'm a do it all and never stop running and fighting type of person. No matter what life throws at me i find a way to overcome it. And stress, yes, drives me crazy. If I don't think I'm getting where or what I want it weighs on me until I find a way through it. as for relationships, I feel like I'm cursed, I attract the wrong types even though what I want is a stable long life partner and I always become emotionally attached even when I know better yet I am overly cautious bc I'm afraid of being cheated on and lied to. And if I do find out that i can't trust someone they are wiped out of my life for good and with little emotion left. Not because I didn't care but bc I've realized that it's over for good and I need to move on. As a parent I'm am loving and protective. My life revolves around my kids and there is nothing that will stand in my way to support them or protect them. I teach them everything I g will help them as adults sometimes going the extra mile to ensure that. I'm a single mother and I've taught my girls how to drywall, fish, camp, etc.. the list goes on and on and I feel regardless of their gender they should strive to learn and experience the joys of life. Sometimes I think I grab from so many boxes its hard for me to juggle it all yet the second I take a break I become bored and need it again. My friends are made of just a few close people that I've become close to over the years and even though we are close even they don't know everything aboug me. In fact very few people ever do, my mother is one of the few people that i never hide anything from. Which is another good point, I am a people person yet I'm super careful how much I let people really get to know me. I don't like my emotions played with and so the deepest parts of me are generally hidden from everyone. In order to really know me I have to know everything aboug you first and then have years and years of closeness in order to truely trust you that much. I have an awful time expressing myself in relationships, not bc I can't say it but I worry I may chase them off by my deep feelings so I only give what I think they can handle at a time. But at the same time I am quick to read people, its a horrible habits I learned as a child. And usually even though I go against my judgements sometimes I am always right on what type of person I think they are. If I feel they are the gossip types I will avoid any interaction I can as much as possible.
Bella Lily 2017-04-02 17:15:04
Yes Victoria! I can totally relate to you on so many levels. Sometimes it feels so lonely and hard to be like this but I'm glad I'm not alone and its not just that I'm crazy 😃
Shon 2016-06-28 14:02:26
50's 'I's' I in there, yep, Sorpio
Loves76S 2016-03-07 04:48:25
Earth Horse/Aries signing in. My lover is a Fire Dragon/Scorpio. This is so elevating. I have to say this description explains more than just my lover to me. He is complicated, powerful and deep, but so am I. We only express it differently. We both have had complex, difficult life's. We were wild rebels as children and we've had to proof ourselves to others often. We were (and still are) misunderstood as children. We're also artistically gifted (although he choose a different path). He's much more "out worldly" than me. He externalizes what's internally brooding in me. We are not always aware of it, but we're always on the same page, even when we're not physically connected. We are aware of this weird tie that binds us throughout life. This means we are together, even when we're physically not together. We both need our freedom, but at the same time, we still can't be without each other (it's hard, I know). He comes and go's because of his work. He always comes back to me, especially when he needs a rest from it all or when harm has been done to him. He gets all the passion we share when he comes back to me. This brings me to another similarity trait we share. We both have a hard time to forgive and forget and express our grudges with a roaring intensity. Letting go of grudges is one of the hardest things to do for us both. We are learning though, and it seems as if we push each other forth in our learning process, because of the similarities. We have an deep respect for each other that's just beyond words to describe and which we just don't feel for anyone else. We share a love that is out of this world. We have this magical connection we just can't forget. We're Like two sides of the same coin. Having said all this brings me to the conclusion that we compliment each other but we're also similar in our ways of expression. Some of what is written above is also about me. Same goes for him in (some of) my descriptions. We are so intertwined, that we have become each other. I have always known since I was a little girl, that I would meet him somewhere in this life. The one who would be with me on this deep level. I wouldn't want to mis out on a love so big and that I'm writing a book about.
Wood Dragon 2018-03-25 04:02:39
I'm a wood dragon Scorpio and had it good with a fire horse Aries for a while but dealing with a double fire sign burned the hell out of me to a boiling point.
My wood and water elements are in harmony making me flexible to people and situations but being taken advantage of this flexibility does not sit very well with me, and that when I lost all of my passion for this cheating deceiving and constantly on the go and wanting the next best thing since slice bread fire sign, and only than the fire breathing dragon side and the venomous sting of a Scorpio came out of me so the term watch out world was an understatement of the century which ended up scaring the living life out my fearless bold and brave Aries.
So the moral of this story is I didn't know I had so much power of intellect to bash and tear down the most confident person in the world psychologically and emotionally, and that says a lot for an unemotional sign like Aries to be so shell shocked that have to go on prescription medicine after an earth shaking conversation the stripped that Iron wall around their emotion and than I also become physically so scary looking in my eyes and facial expressions that not even the bravest person with strong built physics would challenge to come at me when I'm pushed to my corner and prefers to walk away because they know they can be turned into ashes if they take a approach.

At the end that fiery Ram turned into a baby lamb and got kicked out of my life for good and now through a mutual friend that communicates with me understands she made the largest mistake of her life and can not replace me with anyone in her current life and is not happy in any parts of her life. She wants to come back and even has mentioned she will change her ways and life style. But understand this one thing don't ever cross this combination of zodiac because if you do we have long memories and once you are out of our lives, there is no room for return. Forgiving is in my nature but my mind is an accurate computer that records every wrong doing an moves.

A word of wise to cross readers "don't ever push a Scorpio Dragon to a point of no return" Because no matter how much they love you they will end up defending themselves to death and after the dust settles it will mess you up emotionally and psychologically, so basically driving yourself to masochism for life time. Therefore be good to your own well being by being truthful to this unique combination of the zodiac and if you can't stay with them in a relationship for any reasons tell the truth and the logical side of this sign will end the relationship on good terms, if you ever cheat admit that you have f ed up and apologize this sign takes sexual activity seriously and is not toy to mess with and with the acute sixth sense in us it wont take long for them to find out no matter how professional you are in keeping secrets and get the F out of their life as fast as you can after you are confronted or you confess so at least you are respected for being honest about it and if you have a long history with one they may still keep you as a friend but no more than a friend man or woman.
Loves76S 2019-01-09 17:23:33
Well, we're still together my Scorpio Dragon and I and I have to say that cheating is absolutely NOT in my (or his) nature. I'd rather be completely alone then to cheat on my partner. I've also always been honest to my former partners, the way you've explained it. There was a Scorpio Tiger I had a relationship with in my past and he thought I was cheating on him......but I really wasn't. I felt completely misunderstood by him, it got worse the longer this relationship lasted. I expected him to be able to dive deep into the well of emotions together with me, but it seemed that he wasn't as deep as he made me believe. I experienced this with several other ''so called'' friends as well and was heart struck by them. The Scorpio Tiger has no idea how much I protected him by ending our relationship and I hope he has a happy life now. One beautiful thing about him was that he could see my soul (I have a very high potential to love and he could feel that, he never saw my deep feelings as a weakness like so many others do) and he saw things in me that he couldn't encounter within himself. It was just not working out for us, so I ended the relationship. There are some astrological reasons why scorpio's from the mid of november and I (March) work well together. I'm now with the love of my life. We have a very unique relationship (for 8 years this year) I'm a very serious, somewhat fiery, but very sensitive and emotional Aries Horse because of a lot of Cancer alignments in my birth chart. We're very similar, but we also complement each other. There's so much more to astrological compatibilities then just a birth year and birth date alone. What amazes me also is that I usually don't get along with other Horses, especially those of my own year. They are mostly selfish, but even worse, they act as if they know it all, but instead they are narrow-minded, too flighty and unattentive for me. I do get along with Rats (my opposite sign) and we should not work well at all if you believe what astrology says about that. Dogs and Monkeys (as friends) go well with me too!
RamAries 2016-04-17 03:13:18
i can feel u right now. Aries and Scorpio seems
so connected but cant stay longer together. But unfortunately. Im not his long term partner 🙁

... 2016-01-13 08:34:58
Scorpio and Aries have the similarity trait.
nylecoj 2015-07-04 21:58:07
I'm a Scorpio/ dragon some of these is true of Me but the most is I really believe in karma , that when someone done something wrong against me , and bad words spelled out of my mouth ah sooner or later , karma is there! And one thing more I hate this attitude that I really can't easily forgive someone who cause me pain
Tourmaline 2016-01-20 01:52:22
I know that don't forgive easily thing I am the same I am also a Scorpio Dragon and life can be hard on us. Well I fit into the work hard and high goals thing and most of the above
SUSHIMAI 2015-09-04 22:37:14
No body cares what you think
Sushi Killer 2018-03-25 00:03:15
Message from SUSHIMAI
No body cares what you think

“Anger, resentment and jealousy doesn't change the heart of others-- it only changes yours.”
Shannon L. Alder
Fargoguy 2016-03-18 21:29:40
Message from SUSHIMAI
No body cares what you think

You should heed your own words . . . .

CLB 2015-07-04 12:17:47
Scorpio fire dragon reporting in. This is so accurate that I can not call it coincidence. Just to be sure I read about 20 other combinations and none of them were close. It's amazing that the month and year that you were born in can have such a profound effect on your personality. I'm a huge skeptic, but this description fits me to a tee so I can't deny that there's something to it. About the organization part - Ever since I was a kid, I'd let my room get messy to a point and then snap before spending all day cleaning, right down to alphabetizing my comic book collection. I'm 38 now and I'm still the same. I own my own business and am constantly working so things can pile up - once it reaches a certain point, it's like I become possessed and will clean and organize until everything is perfect. So to all of you who are thinking "That's just like me except for the organization part" - it's in you, trust me. You just need a trigger. I am still blown away after reading this. My faults and strengths all listed out on the internet. Wow.
no sting and no fire 2015-06-05 13:17:39
being a scorpio dragon is a sad burden. most are burning with issues to the core always, and everyday. it doesnt matter who loves you,. there is always some hard to expliain destined cause to our actions. its so freaking hard to have fun because we break down the laws of everything. the blessed and the sinner we are. we gravitate toward both realms. most of us just want to be in good environments. environments to protect. we just humans born on a certain day and year. we just want god to justify our worth.
LDR76 2015-05-14 13:33:34
I've always been unique. As a youth I was treated and reminded I was different and instead of embracing this (as a child/young adult) I thought I was a misfit. As I entendres my 30s I learned independently that this was a gift and not a curse. I was born with the gift of art and that's where my genius lies, as far as everything else I had/have a tough time learning simply because I see things in color, pictures and energy ... Much differently then others. Again as a child it was tough because nobody know how to nurture this, instead it was much easier for other to throw me in the "stupid" category then to try and understand. I honestly believe this was in its own way a gift from the gods.. I was forced to teach myself by doing the only thing that made sense. I had no fear, I traveled, saw things and lived many lives which taught me more then any college ever could. I've lived through so much, a lot of it was self sabotage but in the end I always found an out... With it strength! I love my freedom, my space (did not survive well in a marriage) and my children. I know my path of greatness lies in art, in today's world I'm competing with computers, something I rebelled, but as an adult I realize I need to bend to the world today and teach myself on how to use the world of technology to my benefit. I have to say it's hard but I won't quit. I'm extremely sexual and attract both sexes, not with looks alone but my energy. It's almost like my pheromones are different and people smell or feel this. I see the act of sex like everything else in life like an art. It's beautiful to me. I however have no interest in finding a partner, I do much much better alone. The only people I enjoy are my two girls.. One is a Scorpio and the other a dragon.. Talk about awesome, right? But as I may be able to relate, I'm scared because if they are anything like me then danger wether intentional or not will always be in their life. I know if I try and stop them then it'll only make them yern for it more. My biggest life challenge is to figure out a way to educate, communicate, love and except all of there differences as a friend but still maintain authority as a parent... Otherwise our tempers will clash and I'll risk putting them in more danger. Big fear! My temper is a forest fire.. It come on blazing and it's hard to put out... Seems to get more intense year after year (prob because I am juggling more then ever... All by myself!)
But as I finish I do need to say it's interesting reading about dragon/Scorpio personality traits because it couldn't be more true and has helped me understand myself more. I wish all of my stinging dragon brothers and sisters the best... You are gifted and powerful but be careful because with this power comes the ability to burn oneself and if you have any enemies... You could be your worst!! Love you sister -Lori
LEM13 2016-05-16 20:32:28
This is my story also!! This describes me perfectly! Amazing...


Arun 2015-05-27 11:04:41
Holy shit !!!!!

the exact same story here

blake 2015-09-19 23:36:57

the exact same story here

Paige 2015-05-11 22:31:18
See most of this is true for me but not the organisation part. I basically live for untidyness organization means nothing to me and so far organising me pretty good. Apart from that this describes me perfectly,faults and all.
Warchief 2018-06-21 13:12:33
You say you are not geared towards organization, but when you encounter other's attempts at organization or lack thereof, do you not immediately think they've been foolish? I'm a slob, unless I have company, then how quickly I can organize, while keeping the necessary and tossing the garbage. While it's a mess, don't you find that if someone moves or takes from your piles or attempts to organize for you that you become furious? It's a mess, but it's my mess, and I know where everything is. Move stuff, and even if organized well, if it wasn't me who organized it, or delegated the locations of items to be put away, I become a wreck by the loss of control in not knowing what I feel i should still know. How dare that thoughtful and caring person did their best to help me. It can be fun to laugh at ourselves.
Btw, the people stubbornly and without offering any evidence to the contrary that this analysis of their two signs does not fit them whatsoever, sure sounds like they're sharing the same qualities as the rest of us. Stubborn refusal to reveal and expose themselves, criticizing the analysts and the writers, and probably coming to the conclusion that the rest of are idiots to believe there's something to this stuff that's been known and believed for ages because they do not have passion in what they don't care about....they actually did prove exactly the opposite of their statements. As further evidence, read any other combination of birth signs and you will find the majority in every single one does not match you as much as this combo, but I'm sure, and it's your right, to not believe there's anything to this stuff.
serpent 2016-04-19 17:40:18
Scorpio Dragon female here. I ws told by an Asian gentleman that being a female Dragon is not a good thing. Too much strength apparently. Oh and I agree with most written except the organizational bit. I can be a mess because my interests and energies don't want to be wasted on housekeeping.
LDR76 2015-05-14 13:54:37
I'm a fellow Scorpio/dragon, I'm a bit older and I'm only commenting through experience and personal observation. You say everything is true but the organization... Is it because you keep putting it off... Not avoiding it but you know yourself and you know if you start you can't stop till it's perfect? I know that I need order but things are still a mess.. I am a perfectionist and to start something I know it'll never be completed because nothing's perfect but to convince my brain of this is a challenge! Just because your not a perfect cut from the above description doesn't mean your not... This was just an outline but there are many things in each of our lives that mold and change these things but its because of what's listed above... Did that make sense? I guess all I'm saying is you are who you are because the bottom line you are unique because your a Scorpio/dragon and that's all you need to embrace!
Your sister! L
shane 2015-10-09 10:35:56
me too im not organized when it comes to cleaning out things like for example cleaning my table or room... but it terms of serious working im really fit and strict to rules to organized all the transactions...
Nidhoggr1988 2015-04-17 00:13:33
Scorpio Dragons are also the most powerful and intelligent of all zodiac signs. They are geniuses and very highly evolved. Also dangerous if told what to do or cornered.
Noah bowers 2015-04-14 06:15:09
The only thing that isn't true is the org ionization, my room is not organized
Dessi 2015-02-19 16:34:19
I am a Scorpio Fire Dragon - it's true all the way...
Rajiv 2015-02-19 12:46:29
I love my self and it seems like we have different bodies and souls but the ruler is one. 😨 Guys like us, they remember us as good person, if not friend. I think we can also change our outer personality as per the surroundings. I personally did my self three times. 🤔 Some times we over judge us and our personality encourage us to take risk / challenge consequently becomes the reason of fall.

Some time I feel like no one understand us. some time I feel less people understand our logic. Who-cares, we are Dragons and can able to fight alone.
RC 2015-02-05 17:42:50
The only sign I've ever met that could keep up with me mentally or physically both in and out of the bedroom.
Loving, honest, passionate, intelligent, creative, tolerant, LOYAL, COMMITTED lovers, friends and mothers.
All they expect is the same in return and truly that's not hard to give if you value them. Whatever you give openly and sincerely is returned to you 10 times more. All you have to be is honest and genuine with your feelings/actions (both good and bad).
They only roam/leave if you've betray their friendship, belittle them, disgrace them with malious, truly cheated on them (flirting is not cheating) or callously break their heart. And if they're roaming they are already have one step out the door of a dissolving relationship which they ended.
Yes to some, they may be classified as sexually deviants (clearly that's the wrong verbiage). They're in a class of sexual knowledge, understanding, experimentation and expression that's so far beyond the average narrow minded male who is unfortunately just outclassed and finds this woman intimidating.
Recommend, you just ask because they're very understanding, great teachers, and posses the patience allowing you the time needed to get you up to their speed and intensity.
I Scorpio women.
A Gemini Male Rat!
Audlots 2018-11-16 18:54:44
As a Scorpio Dragon woman, thank you for understanding and appreciating us. Why is this so difficult for other people to understand? It’s nice to feel understood and it happens so rarely. We have good, pure hearts, but we get quickly hurt when other people do not and we will not stand for it at all. Plus, we are psychic in an intuitive, empathic sort of way, so we know everyone’s true thoughts and feelings. It is a blessing and a curse. Thank you for clearly seeing us for who we are, Gemini Rat.
LJLP 2014-12-30 16:18:58
this is so true!!!
*goosebumps as i read this article*

..always thinking of my goals in life and make sure im on the right path in fulfilling it.

I am good at getting what i want through hardwork and withnthe use of my skills.
really very organized at things.

J 2014-12-19 14:58:16
My question "How many more times can Will say "I"?
Now taking all Bets. I say again, open for bets.

I bet $200, and I am pretty sure it's plenty. He must be single.
J 2014-12-19 14:42:03
In addition, scorpios are sexually deviant. As well as selfless, always putting themselves last.
Domina Dracone 2015-07-07 04:07:25
Almost right, for me. I'm selfless everywhere else, just about, but I'm selfish as can be in bed.
Marti 2014-12-14 12:32:48
This is me totally no matter what anyone else things. I am proud to be a Scorpio Dragon and no one is going to tell me Im full of myself. BAH to you. if you don't like it here why did you visit?
C 2014-12-08 17:04:20
I am also a Scorpio/dragon as well. After reading a story about Scorpio born in dragon year I have to agree with what they said 99% true for both positive/negative. I am proud and fortunate to be borned under Scorpio sign on the year of Dragon. I never have issue with money. I am very neat, tidy person, quick and organized mind, very generate,loyal, and friendly until cross then prepare for a deadly revenge. I am passionate person I forgive but I don't forget.

Cheer to all who born under this sign.
Yog 2015-04-27 10:31:18
I am also proud of my Scorpio Dragon and I read the Article and it 99% is True.
kaycee leigh 2014-10-20 09:16:30
This is me totally. Reading each sentence i ws thinking this is me all over. We are so loyal and we have a sixth sense i do beleive.
Will 2014-06-30 15:06:40
I am a horoscope SKEPTIC, I am educated and a Scorpio Dragon and this description describes me exactly so much so I can give it to people as an insight into ME and each sentence is perfectly relevant it is quite shocking to read as though someone knows me intimately.

*I changed my name at 3 years old to the bedazzlement of family..
*not begin afraid of hard work, ambition and drive define everything about my
*quickly organised minds
*neat and tidy surroundings a MUST and self-renovated homes/cars/motorbikes/boats
*never give up
*I'm a national champion sportsman in 2 sports, was an A and scholarship student..
*run 4 businesses
*very loyal lover and partner...everything is relevant including the flaws.
Kahl 2014-10-26 16:53:24
Wow, you are really full of yourself. I did this, I did that, geez what a douche.
Geo 2015-01-12 10:50:15
HEY! Why are you even on this site if you are going to insult others for what they have achieved in life. "Unless you're jealous"

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