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The Autonomous Scorpio Rat Personality. Free Personality Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Scorpio made with combination of the Chinese Astrology for Scorpio born during the Rat Year: 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020

The Rat has an extremely independent streak in his character description in the ancient texts of Chinese astrology. When the Western sign of Scorpio is involved and the person is born in this animal's year, they are thought to gain some of this strong independence. A Scorpio Rat is also perceptive and difficult to fool, since these people usually have a great sense of the intentions of others. They can be quite cautious in their approach to new things, and like to take their time when making decisions. The Scorpio Rat is autonomous in his thought processes and views, and often finds conversing and debating with others lots of fun.

The Scorpio Rat personality is rather headstrong, and they like to do things their own way and at their own pace. These people are mostly inclined to choose self-employment or working alone as career paths. They get along well with others in social settings, but they prefer to keep work separate from their personal lives. When at home, a Scorpio Rat likes to truly relax. They consider their homes to be their castles, and will often spend a lot of time making them functional and comfortable, but also stylish. These individuals tend to take quite a pride in their appearance, and love to shop for new clothes, shoes and accessories.

These Scorpios are generally bright with a good memory and friendly communication skills. They often do well in work environments that are fast-paced with varied tasks, as these personalities can soon become bored. A Scorpio Rat likes variety in all things; he or she loves to have lots of choices to satisfy their curious nature. When looking for a partner, Scorpio Rats are often some of the last to settle down. They have a tendency to want to be highly selective, and completely sure before they decide to commit to another. They will search for soulmates who will respect their independent but dependable personalities.

Scorpio Rat individuals are determined characters who can be forceful in their manner, but they are not ruthless or unkind. These are for the most part fair people who do not judge, yet they will instinctively know if someone is lying to them or trying to be dishonest. The Scorpio Rat is a leader rather than a follower, and feels happier when in charge and control of situations. This includes work and personal relationships, where they can come across as sometimes a little too bossy and domineering. It is not intended; they are just a tad impatient.

All personalities contain weaknesses of character and the Scorpio Rat's is no exception. These Scorpios can be extremely blunt and critical at times, especially if they are talking to someone who will not listen. Their will alter their usual kind, friendly approach, and their voice's tone will raise. If they really lose their patience, a Scorpio Rat is prone to blurt out the other person's faults without tact. These personalities have a fiery temper, but it is usually only a verbal one.

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Comments: Scorpio Rat Horoscope

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Kat 2020-02-03 06:02:55
Definitely describing me to a T! Oh my goodness! I also agree that it should list our good traits too.... we are generous and compassionate, we bring smiles to others, we are like a rainbow just don’t stab us in the back or else you will never be in our circle again ever
karen 2019-06-27 08:09:41
very accurate thank you 🙂
Leah 2018-09-06 09:26:06
This is so accurate. I was born in November of 1996 and everything I have read is spot on.
David 2019-01-27 15:20:04
Same here, was born Nov 1996, very close to spot on. Except I wear a mask at times. Due to natal chart with Chiron in Libra
Anonymous7 2018-03-20 11:26:33
This description should be shredded so others don't see it. It is too accurate. As a Scorpio Rat we are generous to others but we can spot those that are out to take advantage of us. We are critical and sometimes people don't listen to our advise. That can be a mistake but we tried.
Aventura 2024-01-26 02:33:17
It's truly accurate. However, for me personally I don't realize how stubborn I can be. I would definitely appreciate some insight into how I can realize in the moment when I need to listen and call my Mind to allow another point of view.
One particular truth is that I love to debate,.
I seldom find others who appreciate debating as a sport (as mentioned in the very beginning).
kellz 2018-03-12 23:37:27
to accurate im a scorpio rat, take this down lol
1Anonymous 2017-10-12 11:45:16
The description is very accurate but it should also include all the good areas of the Scorpio Rat personality, such as our ability to get along with others socially and to learn to persevere. The Rat is a SURVIVOR. We manage to get along with the younger generations because we make excellent ADVISORS. Others listen to what we have to say. Our ability to SPOT TRENDS is also a very useful skill today. Younger generations learn from the old RATS. Scorpio just makes us have nerves of steel. The description is not bad but it should add these positive qualities.
1annonymous 2016-12-14 06:49:02
This description should be shredded and destroyed so that others don't see it. It is way to accurate. Just say that we are out for ourselves. Other Scorpio Rats will understand this description perfectly. Enough said.
Anonymous 2018-03-05 04:36:55
Untrue. We are quite kind and reasonable. We rarely often get to demonstrate this. But we will certainy will not suffer any who threaten our security gladly!
Dennis Fernandez 2016-11-02 21:07:13
Well now i understand,
and i know what to do.
cap dragon 2016-09-12 08:56:06
Can one you male 42 yr old scorp please come find me!!!
mike hardersen 2016-12-21 21:41:01
Goat Leo might be nicer for you. ;)
dom 2016-06-27 04:59:23
This is incredibly accurate, it totally describes me.... even the shadow aspects are true.... my biggest downfall is impatience.... I am working on this all the time.... it is a big challenge for me!!! ; )
My husband of 16 years agrees its spot on....
So nice to hear all the other scorpio rats agree too.... very validating
Yuki 2016-01-03 00:56:13
Not bad... quite accurate o_o?€?
Ani 2015-10-29 11:35:29
This is sooooo true about me

Tashi 2015-07-08 12:17:05
Strange. Most of the characteristics do describe me.
Cristo 2015-06-08 11:30:57
Yes, very good description and accurate!
Lyn 2015-02-21 12:02:36
Well done this is 100% accurate where my Scorpio/Rat partner Paul is concerned, and he was amazed and in total agreement. Sadly we both thought my Pisces/Rat personality were only about 60-70% accurate where I was concerned and I didn't fully resonate with it. Overall tho' good job.
Sid 2015-01-06 11:59:32
Amazing, sound just like me...
Suzy 2014-12-24 02:26:39
Oh gosh, i laughed a bit when it said that I'm "impatient" because that is so true haha xD I think all of it is true 🙂 I'm amazed hehe
Natz 2014-12-16 06:10:44
I am a Scorpio/rat and most of the descriptions are really describe me a lot... Thank you for the information... God bless
don't have one 2014-09-10 02:02:00
uhh i can't believe this is my real birthsign all the bugs look so detailed this has got to be my real west sign and the year one has to be real too cause im no bull more cheehe.
Ali 2014-08-25 21:57:00
I am a scorpio/rat. This was very interesting for me. Thank you.

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