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Scorpio - Snake
The Intriguing Scorpio Snake Personality

A Scorpio Snake's astrological personality is a powerful character combination of a quick but deep thinker, with charm but also a little slyness. Scorpio's are described as typically dynamic and intuitive in Western Astrology. In ancient Chinese Astrology the Snake is represented as a clever, lively creature with excellent persuasive powers. So a person born a Scorpio Snake is believed to have all of these intriguing qualities and traits within their character's. This can make them appear a little too self assured and aloof but this is often just to mask their well hidden personal insecurities.

Outwardly the Scorpio Snake individual is usually confident and calm but underneath these personalities will sometimes lack self confidence. They have keen active minds that are capable of planning ahead and fast decisions. If you ask a Scorpio Snake a question you will always receive a prompt response. These people are good communicators and will choose their words carefully to get their own way. They are perceptive to the feelings of others but are not known for their compassion or patience. These Scorpio's tend to give out honest helpful advice in a friendly manner, but just not very tactfully.

The Scorpio Snake is usually rather attractive and they like to dress smartly in clothes they feel comfortable in. They do not seem to need the company of many friends and are given to only having a few very close companions throughout life. A Scorpio Snake personality tends to be as active in body as they are in mind. They will enjoy most physical activities and usually prefer to be outdoors rather than stuck inside. These individual's are comfortable doing most jobs as long as they are made to feel appreciated and are being well paid. They are ambitious but not overly so and can be generous with their money and time to those they love.

Scorpio Snake's are modern in their outlook and quite positive however they can feel blue from time to time. Little things often upset these personalities and they do not always show straight away that they are hurt. A Scorpio Snake likes to keep his or her personal feelings under wraps and only reval them when it is absolutely necessary. In relationships this can make them sometimes hard work at times and difficult to live with. These personalities are for the most part extremely loving but often find expressing their inner emotions a lot harder. They may have to search far and wide for partner's that will understand this emotional state and see beyond it.

Apart from an inability to adequately show or share their private feelings the Scorpio Snake only has one other weakness really worth mentioning. These personalities are often notorious for always wanting to have the last word in a discussion. Although this can be annoying it is not intentional but merely a little sign of insecurity. This Scorpio Snake trait may be one of the reasons these Scorpio's frequently appear to win debates with others and end up getting their own way.

Gemma norman 2014-12-12 22:17:33
I don't usually believe in things like this... Because horoscopes never really add up I guess. But this combination is spot on, really made me understand some things about myself, well most of it anyway.

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miriam 2014-11-06 23:36:09
I am a real stingy and sleek scorpio snake. You will not catch me. I am gone.

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Wrex0102 2014-10-16 03:11:09
Snakes , I hate snakes and I love them..... Like my little rascal children

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Ivonne 2014-10-05 15:42:13
I don't think it's me when I'm Reading this. I am a Scorpio 24 October and a Snake 1965 but lots of what I am Reading I don't see myself in it. How come?

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1318 2014-10-04 13:07:17

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hao 2014-09-11 06:14:29
i am the scorpio snake

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Danielle 2014-09-23 09:21:53
Want to argue? I am supposed to be right.

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Michelle 2014-08-04 00:11:40
Incredibly accurate, with the exception of a few tweaks here and there, but good nonetheless. I honestly think that these are the best signs, and I'm grateful to have them.
The reason I like reading these types of articles is to see whether or not they described a Scorpio Snake as we should be. This was pretty good in accuracy and detail.
Being a Scorpio Snake is pretty cool. We have two completely opposite elements, but manage to weave them into who we are.
My dad always says that I have the spirit of water, as well as fire. He saw the water when I was little. I was always exploring, changing, and had that go-with-the-flow attitude. Then as I grew, he started seeing the fire from deep within me. I was beginning to show compassion, stubbornness, and had a temper like no other. I still have those qualities. So, after the 13 years of my life, my dad came to a conclusion with my elements. He told me that my heart contained the element of water, while my spirit held the element of fire. My soul maintained both.
So we Scorpio Snakes are opposites. Fire and Water. No, that doesn't mean we're bipolar. Just that we have found harmony with both.
So, thanks again for this article.

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Richard 2014-10-14 00:49:53
I am a Scorpio Snake and can relate to the fire and water as i have a yin yang tattoo of the sun and moon done as fire and water i always say it is the two halfs of my personality fighting against each other the good and the bad .

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