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Taurus - Dragon
The Contemplative Taurus Dragon Personality

In Chinese Astrology the Dragon is illustrated as charismatic with a touch of eccentricity and a wonderful imagination. These charming characteristics and this creatures luck are believed to be granted to those born in their year. Western Astrology explains a typical Taurus personality as being practical, focused and a deep thinker. So a Taurus individual arriving in the Year of the Dragon is usually nicely balanced in his or her character traits. The Taurus Dragon is calm and collected and sometimes excitable but not impulsive. The influence of the imaginative Dragon helps these Taurus personalities to be contemplative in their thoughts and ideas.

A Taurus Dragon almost always thinks before he speaks and this alongside their friendliness can be quite refreshing. These are positive and forward thinking people who tend to take life seriously but like to have fun. The Taurus Dragon has a seemingly natural ability to devote his time and energy cleverly and in accordance with circumstances. This is a useful talent that allows them to pace themselves excellently and so be more likely to avoid stress. These personalities do well in jobs where there may be deadlines to achieve or multi tasking work. They are often considerate work colleagues whose practicality, endurance and patience is inspiring.

Taurus Dragon's tend to possess a slightly eccentric and creative side to their characters and this varies in strength. It can appear as anything from a love of art or unusual things to little bursts of spontaneity. The Taurus Dragon's home is often the best place to see these idiosyncrasies displayed. They are homely people who like to spend time making their living spaces reflect their tastes. As they plan their time wisely they like to have everything in some kind of order. Their homes will be organized but also full of interesting little touches of unique creativity. They are not overly fussy but will expect everyone in the household to contribute to tidying up their own clutter.

In personal relationships the Taurus Dragon is usually highly affectionate, with responsive and adventurous emotions. They can be quite dreamy when it comes to romance and will utilize their colorful imaginations frequently to spice things up. These are attentive partners who are eager to please and not particularly selfish. A Taurus Dragon is very sensual and thoughtful and understands the importance of putting enough time and effort into a relationship. When they contemplate commitment these individual's will not be hasty but they will be completely sure.

As they are so reflective in their thought patterns the Taurus Dragon can sometimes take too long over decisions. This is the only major weakness within these particular personalities but it can hinder their progress in life occasionally. It is not that they are indecisive it is just that they prefer to be certain and definite on things. If after thinking about something for a while the Taurus Dragon is still not sure they will probably dismiss the idea. This over lengthy contemplation every now and then means that they may miss out on opportunities.

abe 2015-03-27 03:24:30
Wow taurus dragon is mighty fine and too sexy

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Tammy Barjarow 2015-02-22 00:39:23
I have to say it really does fit missing a few things but very well put. I have pondered the thought, of course, that it is being what i am that has so much to do with who i truely am inside and how i see the world.

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Allan 2015-01-18 22:27:09
I know this may sound conceded... but then again I am a Taurean Dragon... but I love being all of those things.

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JMR 2015-01-04 17:25:14
Yup. This fits.

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Fabs 2014-09-02 16:28:28
That's me,I love to be at home.I am too close to the comments, my husband so lucky to have me.

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Kooper Herndon 2014-08-09 07:25:07
I feel very close to what's there. Thanks.

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