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Taurus - Snake
The Receptive Taurus Snake Personality

The Snake in Chinese Astrology is thought to represent an intelligent, intuitive and elegant personality. Taurus in Western Astrology is represented by the Bull and these individuals are believed to be calm, practical and dependable. The mix of Snake and Bull in a Taurus Snake works well and creates responsive and reliable personalities. They are immensely receptive to the world around them and to the needs and feelings of others. A Taurus Snake usually has a high level of perception and plenty of patience. They are generally kind and considerate and fairly open in displaying their emotions.

The Taurus Snake as a rule is hardworking and thorough, he will take his time with tasks but they will be perfectly completed. These characters are very conscientious, adaptable and accommodating and tend to enjoy working with likeminded people. Their interest in new ideas makes a Taurus Snake rather interesting to converse with. These are not particularly sociable or outgoing individuals but they do love to chat. They often prefer a couple of really close friends to lots of casual ones. In friendships they will be supportive and can be relied upon to not discuss your business with anyone else.

A Taurus Snake is often quite intellectual and their receptive natures make them inquisitive too. They love learning and will often use some of their free time to improve their knowledge or skills. As they are also patient and understanding many of these personalities make good teachers or managers. They take pleasure in sharing information and explaining things to others. At home the Taurus Snake usually expresses his or her tasteful side and will display it in their choice of decor. They enjoy making things for their living environment and can be rather creative as well as realistic in their planning. These people also have a love of nature and can be keen on gardening. They are also often fascinated by animals and will like and possibly keep pets.

As the Taurus Snake is so receptive and alert he or she is also very attentive in personal relationships. These personalities are often excellent at reading body language and so it is extremely rare for them to not recognize a partner's mood. They can be wonderfully warm and affectionate and brilliant at saying the right things to lighten the atmosphere. The Taurus Snake tends to have a firm grip on his or her emotions but can suffer from a little insecurity. They need soul mates who will be capable of boosting their confidence when they are feeling self conscious.

Weaknesses in a Taurus Snake personality are focused on their insecurities, most likely due to their over receptiveness. As they are such experts at deciphering other peoples probable thoughts it can sometimes make them a little too conscious of themselves. They can occasionally be filled with self doubt and need a bit of reassurance from family, friends or partners. As they mature most Taurus Snake's learn to cope with this weak spot in their personalities, they appear to grow more confident with age.

Anonymous 2015-04-22 08:22:54
sounds pretty accurate

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VENKATESH BABU.B.A. 2015-01-13 10:38:52
Dear Sir/ Madam,
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Mileth 2015-01-07 06:14:12
So very true, this is me

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shay 2014-12-28 04:03:03
This is me all the way!

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Paige 2014-12-18 04:12:12
So true! Really accurate.

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Vernie 2014-12-08 02:25:44
This is true

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kat 2014-11-21 21:20:06
Almost 100% true...

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Hazel 2014-10-21 06:46:18
Im a 22 in my chart name deeply truly true about every aspic of taurus

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