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Virgo - Dragon
The Persistent Virgo Dragon Personality

Dragon's are known in Chinese Astrology for their mystical, powerful, determined and lucky personalities. Ancient astrologers predicted that people born in the Year of the Dragon take on some of this creature's magnetic charm, good fortune and strong determination. When these fortunate traits are mixed with those of the sun sign of Virgo's perfectionism a persistent personality forms. Virgo Dragon's are realists with an abundance of confidence and often renowned for their steadfastness and determined nature's. They are not highly sociable people but they do enjoy companionship and the comfort of close personal relationships.

A Virgo Dragon is an intelligent, charismatic, loveable personality who usually knows exactly what he or she wants from life. They tend to look at life positively and generally judge other people just as they find them. These Virgo's are generally quite self reliant and many of them do not feel the need to set up home in the places they spent their childhoods. These Virgo's find their determined personalities, influenced by the Dragon, often drive them to venture further afield to seek their fortunes. The Virgo Dragon enjoys travel and discovering new and interesting locations, and learning about how others live. They often have a keen interest in history and the arts and this fascination gives them lots of inspiration for travelling.

Virgo Dragon's are flexible and imaginative in their work choices tending to opt for jobs that are varied and challenging. Their persistency and enthusiasm when working often sees these personalities easily and quickly achieving promotion and management positions. The Virgo Dragon is naturally thirsty for knowledge and will sometimes study well into adulthood. Their homes are often full of books of all kinds and several little reminders of the different destinations they have visited. These individual's need to keep things organized and spacious at home but they do like to make room for treasured pictures and various little mementos.

The Virgo Dragon personality tends to take his or her time to decide on the perfect partner. These normally confident personalities can be rather bashful

when it comes to affairs of the heart. They can be surprisingly hesitant in soul mate relationships unless the other person shares their ambitious streak. These particular Virgo's do best with very understanding partner's who are supportive of their goals and not too emotionally demanding. These people prefer partnerships with self reliant types that will not distract them too much from their chosen path.

Weaknesses in the Virgo Dragon individual's character are concentrated around their unduly demands on others. These personalities are extremely incessant in trying to reach their highly aimed for ambitions. They tend to let this need for success dominate all areas of their life. This makes them unintentionally be immensely demanding, emotionally and materially at times, unsociable and sometimes very hard to live with. The Virgo Dragon loathes failure and will sometimes sacrifice almost anything to avoid it. He may occasionally need reminding of the things he or she already have to be grateful for in life rather than the things they do not.

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I love you Virgo

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