Virgo Horse horoscope

Virgo - Horse
The Impassioned Virgo Horse Personality

The Horse is well known for it's reliability and hardworking characteristics and attitude by all cultures. In Chinese Astrology these animals are believed to be a symbol of steadfastness and honesty. The typical Western astrological sun sign of Virgo personality greatly benefits from the influence of the Horse. It creates Virgo Horse personalities that are filled with openness, trustworthiness, sensitivity and passion. These particular Virgo's appear to possess lots of vitality for life and a good sense of direction. A Virgo Horse is usually happy wherever they are made to feel appreciated, loved and respected.

The Virgo Horse is impassioned in all he or she does in life but takes great care not to hurt or upset anyone along the way. These are highly considerate individual's who express themselves well and are always eager to assist others. They may have big ambitions and be passionate about achieving them but they do not let this stand in the way of personal commitments. Family and friends are very high priority for these Virgo's and they will often drop everything they are doing for them if they are urgently needed. Many Virgo Horse's will choose to study or work not far from family and friends for this reason.

Influenced by the Horse's desire to travel these people will usually wish to learn to drive. They enjoy the freedom that this can bring and the opportunity to get a lot more done in a lot less time. Their chosen occupation could involve some form of driving. A Virgo Horse individual often loves travelling to places they have not been before. These individual's will often have loads of photographs and souvenirs from areas that they have visited. Much as the Virgo Horse adores exploring different destinations they are always happy to return to the comfort of home.

In relationships the Virgo Horse generally releases his or her emotional sensitive side of their personalities. Their animated temperament makes them warm, sensual and sentimental with partner's. A Virgo Horse tends to put their soul mate and their feelings ahead of their own. This unselfish stance helps them feel cherished in the relationship and gains them much respect and devotion from the other person. They take partnerships seriously but try to keep them fresh and exciting with romantic gestures and little surprises. These people are a bit possessive but this characteristic is just part of their overall passionate nature's.

Apart from being a little overly protective in relationships the Virgo Horse can be sometimes be melodramatic too. Their personality weaknesses are mainly focused around their behavior concerning personal unions. They may become very upset if they are in any kind of disagreement with their partner. The Virgo Horse hates any sort of quarrel or disharmony and you will certainly know how distressed he or she is. It is perhaps best to save arguments or differences of opinion for when these Virgo's are not in earshot of others. Once they have voiced their anguish they soon calm down and will talk sensibly and maybe compromise.

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