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The Conversational Virgo Rooster Personality. Free Personality Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Virgo made with combination of the Chinese Astrology for Virgo born during the Rooster Year: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029

The Rooster is portrayed within ancient Chinese astrological texts as flamboyant, diverse and extremely confident and communicative. In Western astrology, Virgos are described as being perfectionists with a good eye for detail and lots of common sense. So, the Virgo Rooster usually has a colorful mixture of personality traits that make him or her quite a likable character. These personalities love to chat endlessly about anything and will often have plenty of friends. Virgo Roosters are immensely observant, very lovable, and fairly perceptive and considerate of the emotions of others. They get along well with everyone utilizing their excellent communication abilities, and are often peacemakers, organizers and motivators of others.

The Virgo Rooster individual is like a sponge when it comes to soaking up any kind of information. They assimilate knowledge easily and retain it well, which makes them good at studying. Their love of learning helps them never seem to be stuck for something to say. A Virgo Rooster does not like the sound of silence, as it makes them feel lonely. They can be annoying with their constant patter, but their bright, helpful natures often more than a makeup for this over-talkativeness. Some of these personalities will be attracted to occupations where they can utilize their conversational skills and perception to help others.

Honesty is one of the Virgo Rooster's biggest strengths, and everything they undertake or commit to will be performed with complete openness. These people are trustworthy, they are often the sort of individuals that will automatically hand in anything they find. This honest approach is much appreciated in relationships, where the Virgo Rooster is usually most successful. Their attentive and open personalities make them very understanding partners who are not afraid to show their feelings. They are demonstrative, romantic and easygoing with soulmates, but they can be a little possessive and have a tendency to get jealous easily.

A Virgo Rooster will talk a lot, but they are also good listeners, too, so they can be fantastic friends. Their habit of gathering and remembering information proves very useful when others ask for advice. Virgo Roosters get real pleasure from assisting people by conveying their array of acquired knowledge. In their homes, these Virgos prefer plain and comfortable ambiances that are functional and modern. In their wardrobes, they opt to be a little more adventurous and like clothes that are bright but stylish. These particular personalities can be a bit vain and take ages getting ready.

Weak traits in the Virgo Rooster personality all appear to be concentrated in their perfectionist streak. They tend to want to attain perfection in everything they do in life and suffer hugely from disappointments. Failure is not a word that a Virgo Rooster likes to hear, so they will try again and again. Sometimes they may need to be encouraged to cease trying. These fastidious characters can frequently wear themselves out by trying to do too much at once. They need to learn to be a bit less fussy and better prioritize their workloads.

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Comments: Virgo Rooster Horoscope

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Confused 2020-03-01 07:42:55
This makes me question things . Born 9/3/93 I wear solid black, tell it how it is, not a romantic, definitely not a people person, communication is ok, never been jealous, sometimes a bit negative when i see the reality of a familiar situation ( things never go right). But I go above and beyond to take care of my loved ones and in my work when it comes between those two that's when I think more positive. I can sit here and nit pick everything but I do realize we are all different even if we share the same horoscope. One thing I don't do is judge! Wish everyone was that way.
Emmanuel 2018-03-29 12:31:36
Everything said here is true. There may be more, but you sure don't expect all here. Can we initiate some kind of the Virgo Rooster community friendship? If you agree, do keep in touch.
Rose 2017-12-04 13:07:28
This is very like my partner! The only thing is, he is autistic and has a mood disorder, so socially he is not adept. He does talk non-stop if given half a chance, and hates being alone. However he is quite considerate and understanding of people in many ways, and has an absolute gift with children. He is so loyal and loving and has the most extraordinary memory and eye for detail, and has so many skills it's quite amazing to me.
Mariel 2018-09-27 18:39:51
Really? Almost like my partner too . how i miss him. we're just far from each other now. he is in magna utah and im here in Mid-east. he just play video games a lot at home.
Snow 2017-02-14 01:49:55
My personality is not like the Virgo Rooster even though I'm one.
Virgo Rooster 2018-11-06 10:13:16
No one can be 100% correct about anything except GOD.
Virgo Rooster 2015-05-02 19:54:01
I know the sign of the Virgo is like the sign of the Rooster
SS 2015-02-16 01:00:36
Sounds very interesting and true but incomplete :-)
Aashish 2014-08-24 10:01:26
Its still incomplete...
There is still more thing about Rooster Virgo...
The world is still unknown about it...

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