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Virgo born in Tiger year Personality Horoscope

The Buoyant Virgo Tiger Personality. Free Personality Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Virgo made with combination of the Chinese Astrology for Virgo born during the Tiger Year: 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022

Being born in the Chinese astrological Year of the Tiger is considered most fortunate, as the personality is believed to acquire this creature's natural luck. Ancient astrologists also regarded the Tiger as a symbol of power and vitality. So, these influential traits, when coupled with the Western sign of Virgo usually equal a strong, lucky and light-in-spirit personality. A Virgo Tiger is usually lively, cheerful and very expressive, with a wonderful built-in sense of humor. Their buoyant persona from the Tiger's influence appears to liven up the usual Virgo straightforwardness. This creates fun-loving temperaments and lovely people who are not pessimistic, but compassionate, and have their hearts in the right places.

A Virgo Tiger is usually a confident, lighthearted and friendly person who is full of optimism and motivation. There is not much in life that grinds them down if they are generally happy and feeling loved. These are tolerant and patient people who, while taking a carefree outlook, still know how to be sensible when it really matters. The Virgo Tiger personality is best placed in jobs where their humorous temperament and generous patience will be an asset. People who work alongside these particular Virgos often grow to love and rely on their good-humored natures and high-spiritedness in the workplace.

These Virgos prefer to do things one at a time and are quite organized. Many seem to achieve a good balance between work and home life. The Virgo Tiger likes order, and knowing what they have to do and when. They will then book their free time around these responsibilities, and expect to be able to stick to them. So, these individuals often have a diary full of future plans, and are never stuck for something to be doing when they are not working. They may have an easy-going approach to life, but they can be inflexible and stubborn if plans they have made have to be changed.

In relationships, the Virgo Tiger is warm, loving, spirit-lifting, romantic, charming and spontaneous. These are attentive partners who are usually only jealous-natured if they are given cause to be. They tend to be open and honest with their soulmates and try to work together as much as possible toward common goals. A Virgo Tiger may be rather fussy about how the household is run and likes to keep house for family only. They value their privacy and like to reserve socializing for mostly outside the home, and just for special occasions.

Virgo Tigers are seemingly full of energy, but they do have a weakness of not being very efficient at pacing themselves. Although they are methodical personalities, these Virgos can soon feel drained and are people who really need to get enough sleep. Even if the Virgo Tiger has one hour less rest than usual, they will be snappy and have difficulty concentrating. They may be grumpy and awkward and just not their usual chirpy selves all day. As they get older and wiser, most will learn to regulate themselves to avoid this weak spot in their personalities.

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JaneofAllTrades 2022-01-06 01:09:44
Hey! I’m seriously crushing on a Virgo Tiger man (1986), and I’m a Gemini Pig (1995).
I find him fascinating, and am always drawn to him. Even when he suddenly sends a text, I feel absolutely elated. It makes me happy knowing that he’s taking a few seconds in his day to do this, especially when his schedule is always jam-packed.

Will this relationship last?
HeliosEos 2023-12-01 08:44:23
Astrology can be a fun way to get some insight into personality traits. Compatibility in relationships depends on a multitude of factors including mutual respect, effective communication, shared values, emotional connection, and effort from both parties to sustain the relationship.

Virgo (born under an Earth sign) and Gemini (born under an Air sign) are traditionally considered to be an incompatible zodiac match due to their different elemental natures and modus operandi; Virgos are often practical, detail-oriented, and methodical, while Geminis are adaptable, communicative, and crave variety. However, these differences can also complement each other, with Virgo bringing structure to Gemini's world and Gemini bringing a breath of fresh air to Virgo's routine.

As for the Chinese Zodiac, Tigers (1986) are known for their bravery and confidence, while Pigs (1995) are recognized for their generosity and good-natured personality. Both signs might find a common ground in their mutual respect for honesty and dislike of arguing.

Here are some general insights for the possible dynamics between a Virgo Tiger and a Gemini Pig:

1. Communication: Honest communication will be key. As a Gemini, your adaptability can help you to understand and accommodate your Virgo Tiger man's need for order.

2. Balance: You may find you need to find a balance between your more carefree nature as a Gemini Pig and his potentially more perfectionist Virgo Tiger tendencies.

3. Understanding: Both will need to embrace and appreciate each other's differences. You both may learn and grow from these differences as much as from the similarities you share.

4. Compromise: Any relationship requires give and take. Being mindful and respectful of each other's needs and boundaries can go a long way in nurturing your relationship.

5. Effort: Like any relationship, you both will need to put in effort to maintain and grow the relationship, keeping the romance alive and maintaining mutual support.

In conclusion, while astrological signs provide intriguing insights, they should not be the sole basis for determining relationship outcomes. Personal commitment, emotional investment, and compatibility on various practical levels are far more important indicators of whether a relationship will last. If you're both willing to work on your relationship, communicate effectively, and nurture your connection, there's potential for a strong and lasting partnership, regardless of what the stars say.
Sexy AF Virgo Tiger Female 2020-07-17 03:48:05
This description describes me! Great summary.
Am curious to date Dragon and Horse that other websites say are a good match. Concerned about the age gaps.
Although I could see Tiger and Tiger being a troubled relationship, as some men mentioned, I had a hot one! Enjoyed it thoroughly while it lasted.
Keep it clean.
EarthyDogLady 2018-02-11 04:02:34
I've noticed that Tiger/Tiger and Rooster/Rooster marriages don't last. I've had 3 relationships with 1950 Metal Tiger men and all 3 had ugly tempers. Only 1 was sorry, and the other 2 were not. They say abusers are never sorry.
Kuula 2017-08-21 09:13:57
One must not forget this system should and does incorporate feng shui elements. For example, 86 Fire Tiger, and 62 Water tiger would be very different in approaches. Not to mention There is a corresponding Element and animal sign aligned with the hour, day, month, and year you are born. IE Hour:Fire dog, Day:Earth horse Month:Metal Rabbit Year:Wood Dragon so in reality there should be 60^4 combinations. 60^5 if you include the age we are in, ie age of pisces or rabbit/cat if you prefer. 60 because 5 elements multiplied by 12 signs. one complete cycle.
adil 2017-02-16 06:14:42
No way.! I am 100% tiger. Not sure who got this sun signs crap. Look at Obama. Is he Leo by any standard? He has so much difficulty speaking one complete sentence.! He is strictly a cow and nothing else.! Donald Trump is strictly a Dog just like Bush Jr.! Sun signs always disappoints.!

Btw, my moon sign is libra-scorpio border. Though I can strictly say only Buddhist sign ie Chinese sign is supreme. I have had girls from all 12 signs and esp 6 girls from dragon. Sun signs just never mattered. It is strictly dragons for me. I had two saggi, one Scorpio, one Virgo, one capri and one Gemini dragons so I can safely say to ignore sun signs and just go by year sign.
Piscesss horse 02 2017-06-26 03:16:03
Ayy b pisces horses here and apparently this is my most compatible sign but tb honest I don't get alot well with virgos so sun signs is bs
GADS 2017-03-23 06:38:05
The Chinese sign represents your temperament and how you walk through life and deal with its curveballs. Your sun sign represents your core being. How you express your will on the world as a soul. For love and relationships you have to look at both Venus and moon signs. Look at your Venus sign as a man and it will show you what you are naturally attracted to in terms of personality characteristics and temperament. I think it will surprise you. It doesn't means its a great marriage partner though. That's your Juno sign. You should really study astrology thoroughly before dismissing what may be a great opportunity of insight into yourself and the potential of finding "the one".
VirgoTiger 2016-10-14 20:13:58
Hey, anyone got an opinion on a non-binary Virgo Tiger and a non-binary Aries Dragon being together? When people see us together they ask if we're a couple and we're not yet, bug we might eventually get together
Epitome 2016-07-01 00:12:19
I am the epitome of the Virgo Tiger, and I love it.
respond 2016-12-21 10:28:20
Stay away from anyone that is born in the summer months like June - August because that is the element of fire and your birthmonth is the element of metal. Fire melts metal. NOT GOOD. Especially another tiger. Two tigers in the house is a NO!NO!
firevirgo 2015-07-17 15:51:09
[b]Hi!! What about a marriage with sheep? I am matched with a girl of sheep year.How will it turn out? I really wanna get into it if it is worth a good and harmony life as a couple
Vitiger 2015-06-20 14:01:15
Hi, that is pretty accurate. I'm a virgo Tiger as well.
But I wanted to say that a Tiger and a Rabbit don't match well. A good match for the Tiger are the good-humoured, good-natured Pig, the free-spirited, optimistic Horse and the loyal, honest Dog.
mau 2016-10-20 15:07:59
yes I agree about tiger don't match well with rabbit.
Anna 2020-02-26 03:59:04
Yeah I am very attractive Cancer rabbit female but Virgo tigers men always look at me like something they want to eat! Offer is tempting they are hot but I am seriously afraid! Lol!
Susan 2015-07-23 03:05:14
I hate dogs. Tigers do NOT mix well with dogs regardless of all the reports to the contrary. In nature, do you see cats and dogs mixing? NO! Cats tolerate dogs, but they don't mix. I was married to one, and they are lazy. All the dogs I know are lazy, and I like hard work and lots of free time and not having to support whining dogs. They all whine. They are all too into themselves. Their constant worry and whining drains tigers' energy.
LeoVirgoHorse 2015-03-22 10:17:38
I read that horse and tiger are supposedly not meant to be but I can't help feel so attracted to this virgo tiger man. We've been friends for a year ...I feel like he just enjoys teasing me.. Taunting me that he likes me. It is obvious he does but then some days I'm not so sure. How can I be for sure? He's just so brilliant.. I can't help be attracted to him. He's funny, sweet, honest, a family guy and we share so much in common.
Sapphy 2016-10-03 23:59:47
Horse and Tiger is a very good match... though Leo and Virgo may not work out because of the ego and difference in spending habits as well. It depends though on your full natal chart synastry. A look at lifepath no's is easier
Virgo Tiger 2015-05-13 18:56:53
Well our type look for much in a person but being IF you are a leo it may not work out Leos and virgo don't get along in relationships, just try to be friends as long as posibble before you let your shell crack.
Dan 2015-03-01 02:29:12
Virgo tiger female with male ox cancer?
Rabbitgirl 2015-08-14 00:05:47
Message from Dan
Virgo tiger female with male ox cancer?

Virgo and Cancer is a good match they understand each other on an emotional level but on the other hand the expressive direct rebellious Tiger is Not good for The Shy reserved headstrong Ox!
Virgo man tiger had private ripped off. 2014-09-29 07:44:50
Two tigers are a NO-NO in the Chinese Zodiac. My ex-wife is a tiger and so am I. She was so mean to mean. She ripped off my privates!!! She is as ugly as hell also. She has taken me hell!!!!HELP ME!!!! Tiger without a penis!!!NO YIN YANG here to balance us out!!!
Tiger Virgo Male no privates on him 2014-09-29 08:47:02
I have no privates parts on me. My exwife, the tiger cancer female removed them. She will not leave alone, even after our divorce. I feel like the SWAMP THING. WARNING TO YOU MALE TIGERS!!! DO NOT MARRY TIGER WOMEN!!!! THE CHinese Zodiac is right and warning to all.HELP!!!!

Tiger man 2014-09-25 11:20:04
Hello there Virgo Tiger men whatever you do not they marry a tiger woman, tiger woman are mean. A person I know married a tiger woman and they are divorced and she literally remove his manly hood. A tiger without his manly hood is pretty much nothing. Don't mess with the Chinese zodiac when they say two tigers are a NO-NO. It also has been proven in history.

The tiger is BEST MATCH with a cat/rabbit zodiac out of the BEST MATCHES. The reason for this is that the cat has relationship to the tiger. They are both in the feline family. So, they understand each other. As, the cat is a yin, it is probably the only animal that is related to the tiger that is a yin to the tiger?€™s yang. So, whatever one lacks, the other makes up for it. So, if the tiger need moderation in his life, the cat can give that to him. If the cat needs confident, the tiger that help him or her with that. A great example of a marriage between a cat and a tiger is Victoria Beckham ?€“ Tiger ?€“ Ex Spice Girl and David Beckham ?€“ Cat ?€“ world famous UK soccer player, they are in their first marriage and they are still going strong and blessed with many kids. They have the yin yang, which is the balance and harmony. The yin yang is what makes them stay together. The cat is an aunt to the tiger, like a mother and a child, so the tiger has respect for the cat. The tiger will not devour his or her auntie, will not have arguments or conflicts with the cat. An example is, Angelina Jolie ?€“ cat and Megan Fox ?€“ tiger. Angie complained about the part of Lara Croft being offered to Ms. Fox. She disagreed that Ms. Fox can not play the part of Ms. Croft because she did not have the same class and style to play this character. Ms. Fox when offered the part, refused the role. Also, Ms. Jolie married Mr. Pitt and his Chinese Zodiac is a cat. This shows that the Chinese zodiac exist. The tiger is NOT best matched with a horse because there will be competition between the two and arguments. An example is Tom Cruise ?€“ tiger and Katie Holmes ?€“ horse, after the birth of their daughter, Katie filed for divorce. There?€™s also Demi Moore and Ashton K., also divorced. The tiger is not best matched with a pig because tigers are meat eater or pork eaters, so there will be big problems that arises in the relations, even if there is a yin yang. Also, the dog is an okay match for the tiger,but still not the best because the dog will not understand the tiger completely like the cat because they are not in the same family as the tiger. There still will be problems in the relationship, even if there is a yin yang. Also, it is a BIG NO-NO for two tiger to be together, the reason for this is that tigers have big jaws and they bite one another. Remember 2 yang don?€™t make a right. Also, if there are two tigers in the house, one must go. An example is Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimiggio, both are tigers, divorced, and Marilyn died a sudden death. Also, Angelina Jolie?€™s parents, both are tiger, divorced, and one died, her mother from cancer. All other animals can be married to their same sign. It?€™s okay, but not good because 2 yangs and 2 yins will have some conflict but it?€™s like saying a 24 hour day is like a 24 hour night. No one can sleep a 24 hour night and be balanced. It has to be a 12 hour day -YIN and a 12 hour night-YANG for a 24 hour balance and harmony. Now that is health. I guess that is why Angie has the cancer?€™s gene, but she will not die from cancer like her mother. It?€™s always best to marry an animal that is not the same zodiac from you, if you can help it. This would explain why the majority of tiger men and women are divorced or still single. An example is Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCapprio, Derek Jeter, Lindsee Lohan, and Demi Moore to name a few. Tigers for matches should be in incompatible for each other because it has been proven in history, that there has been a very, very slim chance that it will work out, but then, why take the chance, when you can take the safe road? I guess that why on the Chinese zodiac order of animals, the cat/rabbit follows right behind the tiger. Opposite attracts and like follow likes:-) I guess that why Angie has a lot of male friends compared to female friends. The reason for this is that there are more yangs then yins. She could not marry Brad Pitt right away because she could not find any woman to be her brides maid. Women were jealous at all the attention that she was getting from all the yangs. (which are mainly all men?€“including a lot of divorced and single tiger men- So Brad, watch out !) ;-)

GAD 2016-07-16 08:24:49
You should not look at just the sun sign(virgo). You have to look at her moon(her emotions), Venus(how she is in all kinds of relationships) and Mars(how she expresses that love)sign. I am a Water Tiger woman and I would never have done that. Thought of it if he cheated, but not do that.
respond 2016-12-21 10:02:59
you have to look at the month that they are born. One is born in Sept., which is the month of metal. The other is born in June, which is the month of fire. Fire melts metal. Not good. The person born in Sept. will become very sick because metal is a solid not a liquid like water and to add to that, they are both tigers. Tigers have BIG JAWS to attack each other and to eat prey. Tigers CAN NOT EAT OR ATTACK snake because they have a venous bite, dragons fly in the air and can get away from them, and cats/rabbits - related to the tiger in the feline family. They are considered the great aunt of the tiger. Watch national geographic, when two tigers battle it out, only one is left standing.

December - March = Water
March - May = Tree
June - August = Fire
September- November = Metal
dragon man 2016-07-09 23:40:39
0 a dragon and i married a tiger mother is also a tiger..does this mean they cant get along?
HAHA 2016-02-25 16:13:11
Your MANLY HOOD? Are you saying that she took your foreskin for some reason? Did you give her good reason to take it and use it as a purse? It takes two to tango buddy and I can tell that you are not Mr. Perfect yourself. Maybe if you spent a little more time in self analysis than venting your spleen you would have a better relationship. Tiger women give as good as they get. No more , no less.
Susan 2015-07-23 03:11:03
You are dead straight. Tigers do not make good marriages with horses or dogs or pigs. I can see how a rabbit could be a great match for a tiger, but it also depends on the month of the rabbit.
Virgo tigers 2014-09-22 09:09:11
Hello Virgo Tigers,

Your BEST MATCH is a cat zodiac or a rabbit as they are known in the Chinese Zodiac. Do NOT marry or be in a relationship with another tiger. 2 yang do not make a right. Two tigers only seek to control the other one and no balance of harmony. Tigers just bit each other heads off. A cat is your best match because it is related to a tiger, which makes the tiger comfortable and it helps gives balance to the tiger or moderation.(Something tigers need) IF you find your cat, treat it well because you need that yin in your life for peace and harmony. A cat zodiac is more preferred then a dog's zodiac yin because their is relationship in the feline family for both the cat and the tiger.
red sweeney 2014-09-05 05:00:10
I'm a 86 Virgo tiger and I think that is all most right on with how I feel And I'm one stubborn cat
Tom 2014-09-23 08:01:26
Hey there Big Cat,

I know of a tiger who is with a cat/rabbit zodiac. They always look for each other and they balance each other out very well. Where ever she goes, he follows her. Two tiger don't like to follow each other. which is bad, they like to go their separate ways due to power struggles. The tiger and cat always look for each other and are inseparatable, this is due to the yin yang. Two tigers usually always goes their own way because of too much YANG and no yin to balance out for harmony. You can't have balance if you have a 24 hour night. That would drive you crazy. Happiness is balance and harmony, 24 hour - 12 hour day and 12 hours night. That's the way it's meant to be. 2 Yang do not make a right.
TigerSpirit 2014-08-30 06:42:05
While I am on the cusp of leo/virgo, this description is more accurate for me. Everything is spot on!

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