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Chinese Astrology Earth Rooster

Chinese Astrology Personality Horoscope for Earth Heavenly Stem and Rooster Earthly Branch of the Sixty-Year Cycle of energy Rebirth Calendar.

If you see someone catching the attention of a crowd because he or she is dressed impeccably and holding court loudly by bragging about his or her accomplishments, that person was probably born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Rooster. Although Rooster do love fine clothing and attention, they do not understand that their bragging can be off putting. Roosters are very smart and talented people, and they are also honest, so in their minds, they are simply telling the truth about all they have done. If it gets them attention, that is merely a nice bonus.

Roosters are highly ambitious and motivated. They usually show their intelligence and talents at an early age, and rise to occupy high positions while still young. This can be intimidating to many people who wonder how someone barely out of childhood can have the confidence to push boundaries and strive to make the most out of himself or herself.

In truth, that is just the Rooster personality. Ambition and drive just comes with the package. Roosters do have many talents, including for organization. Roosters are able to pack an extraordinary amount of work into one day by using impeccable scheduling, multi tasking, and remaining busy every minute.

It is a good thing that those born under the Chinese sign of the Rooster have both mental and physical energy, because they need it to get through everything that they schedule for themselves! It is rare to see a Rooster bite of more than he or she can chew, because Roosters seem to be able to handle everything!

Roosters are just as good at managing money as they are at managing their time. Despite their love of fine clothing, you never see a Rooster in debt. That's because he or she keeps track of every penny, and understands that he or she cannot just spend it all on a whim. Earth Roosters demonstrate this skill particularly well, as they are deliberate and careful in thinking everything through.

The element of Earth affects the Rooster by making this Chinese horoscope sign more reserved than usual. The Earth Rooster is not quite as concerned with attention and recognition as he is with results. These Roosters take on work for nothing more than the good feelings they experience when they know that they have completed difficult projects quickly and well.

Earth Roosters may be a little choosier in the work they decide to take on, because they carefully and quietly consider all consequences before committing to a task. If they feel they cannot devote enough time or attention, they will not commit. The Earth Rooster is a steady friend to have, and is all around more pleasant to talk to than other Roosters, because he or she can find other things to talk about then himself or herself!

Earth Roosters must be careful to keep in mind that not everyone is as good at multi tasking as they are, and so they need to take it easy on coworkers. Earth Roosters have a tendency to be quite blunt when work is not up to their standards and this can strain working relationships.

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