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Sixty-Year Cycle of Rebirth

Chinese Astrology Fire Horse

Chinese Astrology Personality Horoscope for Fire Heavenly Stem and Horse Earthly Branch of the Sixty-Year Cycle of energy Rebirth Calendar.

The Chinese Zodiac sign of the Horse is a pleasant one. Horses generally have no trouble making friends, and a person who is a Horse according to their Chinese horoscope is a sociable person, who doesn't feel quite right without numerous friends. Horses like to be the center of attention, and they do seek the spotlight. In fact, those born under the Chinese sign of the Horse have a tendency to be a little self centered and self absorbed.

Despite the preoccupation with themselves, Horse people are generous with their money. Money does not have a hold over them the way it does over some people. Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Horse love to spend money on themselves and others when they have it, but do not become unduly distressed when the money runs out. A Horse simply uses his or her many talents to land another job and put some more money in the bank.

Although someone who is a Horse according to Chinese Astrology has no problem getting a job, he or she often has a hard time keeping it. This is not due to a lack of intelligence, talent, or motivation. In fact, a Horse person has all of those qualities in spades. The problem is a lack of attention span. Horses are so excited by the possibility of a new opportunity that they drop everything and gallop to the newest thing that has caught their eye.

This makes them notoriously unreliable.

This short attention span that most Horses have is detrimental. They often leave chores half finished, and they hesitate to commit to a relationship because they know their romantic feelings are likely to fade quickly.

A Horse who is tempered by the element of Fire has a bit of a temper. This person loves to engage in wild adventures, and he or she sometimes ends up the worse for wear because of it. Fire Horses probably shouldn't gamble, because although some Fire Horses are extremely lucky, some suffer from the worst luck imaginable, and there is really no in between. Combined with the Fire Horse's wild penchant for taking risks, a gambling career is not worth it.

A person born as a Fire Horse according to the Chinese horoscope will be extremely passionate. This Horse is likely to see many doomed love affairs in his or her lifetime. Falling in love quickly and passionately, when combined with a lack of ability to commit, will cause a lot of drama in the Fire Horse's life. Since the Fire Horse person enjoys being in the spotlight and being the center of attention, they usually find a way to enjoy the constant conflict.

Even though any lover to a Fire Horse is likely to suffer a broken heart, the romance will be intense and pleasurable while it lasts. Horses are very romantic creatures, and wear their hearts on their sleeves. People who are born as Fire Horses under the Chinese horoscope will certainly have exciting and tumultuous lives in love and business!


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